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App NameVikingard
Publisher Exptional Global
Size2 GB
Require6.7 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About Vikingard

Plunge into a setting where Norse myths are brought to life. Based on actual Viking warriors ‘ lives, you’ll be wholly engrossed in the strategic Android game Vikingard. This game will bring out your inner Norseman with its captivating mix of top-notch animation, fully realized characters and exciting plots. Discover why everyone who likes strategy and exploration should play Vikingard!

The Game of Viking Leadership: Embrace the Art

You’re not simply a player in this game; you’re the chief of an actual tribe! Your mission goes much beyond what players usually encounter in games. The true Viking spirit flows through every move, whether you’re restoring territories or brawling with the greatest warriors. The game’s varied mechanics and events guarantee that every day in Vikingard will always be different. Get ready for your Viking adventure!

The Game Unlocks Extra Functionality

  1. Prove That You Have a Real Command of Strategy with “Hersirs” Vikingard has a plethora of Viking and Valkyrie cartoons for your viewing pleasure. With the ability to tweak their statistics, you may train your Hersirs to become formidable commanders.
  2. Start Exploration Trips to Find Uncharted Areas – The game isn’t just popular in Scandinavian countries. Beginning in Scandinavia, your journey through Europe will reveal epic experiences and present critical difficulties that will build your Viking narrative.
  3. Create Friendships and Win Battles – With Ice or Fire? Pick a Nordic deity to rally around and create alliances around. Fight in alliance wars, rallying your soldiers and friends to defeat your opponents.
  4. This game remembers the romance while you’re crafting your Viking love story. Discover the world, make new friends, and experience the thrill of true love in your video game.
  5. Raise Pets and Get Ready for Battle: Pets are essential to your Viking clan, from cuddly playmates to fearsome guardians. When the time comes, your pets will protect your tribe since you care for and train them.

Gameplay Enhancing Permissions

The game needs the following to provide an immersive game experience:

  1. To keep app data handy for use.
  2. Microphone: Capturing sound for online sharing.
  3. Capturing images and movies for online sharing requires a camera.

An Exploration of Norse History and Culture

Vikingard casts you in the role of mayor of a small Scandinavian town. You have to deal with natural calamities, invasions, and the constant threat of starvation. But have no dread! Your goal is to provide for your people by cultivating land, developing strong soldiers, and shielding them from danger.

The action combines elements of role-playing games with those of turn-based strategy. You are to recruit and educate Viking heroes or Hersirs. The unique abilities and combat styles of each Hersir provide a wealth of strategic options.

The game also provides access to a massive map covering much of Europe and the Nordic countries. Learn the truth and leave your imprint as a famous leader whose legacy will be felt across the continent.

The Game’s Dynamic Alliance System and the Preservation of Traditions

On your Viking adventure, you will not be alone. Construct formidable coalitions with human and computer-controlled players equally. Help each other out in war, engage in resource trading, and build an imperial powerhouse. Keep your guard up at all times because friendships come and go, and betrayals can come out of the blue.

This game also unexpectedly implements marriage proposals. Be charming, kind, and generous with your presents if you want to secure the continued success of your empire. Instruct your heirs in the ways of your legacy so they may carry on your work when stepping down as leaders.

High-Definition Visuals with Enveloping Sound Design

Even though it’s a turn-based strategy game, Vikingard has stunning visuals. The authentic feel of the Vikings is brought forth by the meticulous design of the characters, armor, weaponry, and scenery depicted on the map. It graphically portrays brave and ferocious fights, illustrating the development from prehistoric to modern times.

The music and sound effects are well-balanced and add to the game’s atmosphere. The ambient music adapts to the context of each scene, taking on a variety of moods from tender to sorrowful as it immerses you further in the old Nordic culture.

MOD APK version of Vikingard

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked


The goal of creating a prosperous nation is always complex, but with Vikingard MOD APK for Android, you may transform this problem into an exciting adventure. You, as a Viking leader, have the opportunity to guide your people to success and fulfillment.

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