Via Browser – Fast & Light
Via Browser – Fast & Light

Via Browser - Fast & Light MOD APK (Optimized) 5.3.0

Make hard things simple. Lite Browser with Lightning Speed & Mini usage.

App NameVia Browser - Fast & Light
Publisher Tu Yafeng
MOD InfoOptimized
Get it onGoogle Play
About this MOD
  • Removed the license agreement dialog when opening the browser for the first time.
  • Disabled/removed:
    – logging;
    – analytics;
    – Wakelock;
    – debug information.
  • Built-in search suggestions on the homepage, if in the settings -> Appearance -> Advanced search bar is enabled.
  • Possible rare bug:
  • Who, after introducing a search in the search box, has a problem with returning to the home page, just tap on the empty space below.
  • Signatures under the icons on the home page in two lines.
  • Languages ​​Russian, Ukrainian, English.
  • Disabled audio/video player ‘sleep’ when the screen turns off.
  • Changed Chinese hosts to 1Hosts in the assets folder
  • Accepts user certificates.
  • Optimization/ZipAlign applied.
  • Painted toolbar black (Night mode).
  • Name changed to Браузер Via.
  • After the exit (button ‘Exit’) does not hang in either active or background processes.

About Via Browser – Fast & Light

People desire a web browser that is quick, dependable, and secure when they are browsing the internet. One program offering its customers a flawless online browsing experience is Through Browser. Thanks to its distinctive features and upgrades, the program has established itself as a preferred option among users who value ease and information security.

Rapid and Ad-Free Web Surfing

Users using Via Browser may browse quickly and without being interrupted by ads. Users may more easily watch movies and play games without interruption thanks to the application’s complete ad-blocking capabilities. The browser is speed-optimized, making it a great option for those who value quick surfing.

In the New Version, New Features

In order to improve user experience, Via Browser is often updated with fresh features. A freshly redesigned bookmarks bar, the ability to erase either the whole history or specific items, and error reports that prompt users to fix mistakes before sending are just a few of the enhancements included in the latest edition. Users benefit from these features, which make browsing easier and more fun.

Excellent Browser Low Data

Via Browser is a small, efficient program that uses very little data so that it won’t slow down your device’s performance. The program is a great option for users who want to conserve storage space on their smartphones without sacrificing the quality of the browser because it is just under 0.5m in size.

Make the Most of Your Device’s Space

Several features that Via Browser offers allow users to download documents faster and with less effort. Depending on the image quality, users may touch on the photographs they’re interested in and save them in any format. Program users can also store web pages or papers they want to read later. The program also alerts users when they unintentionally download programs from garbage advertisements, protecting their devices.

Create and Modify the Homepage to Your Taste

Users of Via Browser may alter the browser’s homepage to suit their tastes. Users may design their own themes, alter the browser’s appearance or activities, and remove any pictures or features they find objectionable. Users appreciate using the browser more as a result of this functionality.

Blocking advertising-related websites and ensuring data security

Using Via Browser, users may protect their devices against unwanted websites and advertising. By prohibiting users from tracing their surfing history, the program maintains the security of their data. Users may use the internet uninterrupted and with confidence that their information is secure.

Use Via Browser with a third-party ad blocker for the best surfing experience. We recommend Adguard Premium.

Personalized, Small, and Silent Browser

Via Browser is a minimal, discrete browser that does not force users to see news or other pointless material. The program consumes relatively minimal memory for Android smartphones, resulting in quick and effective performance. The browser’s lightweight UI always delivers users a new experience, making it a favorite among geek users who value productivity.

Other features

Data storing, customization, ad-blocking, privacy protection, bookmarks, add-ons, night mode, computer mode, translation, find on the page, search engine switch, web page save, intelligent image display, and free homepage design are just a few of the features that Via Browser provides. With these features, Via Browser is a flexible and user-friendly web browser that satisfies users’ demands for a quick, secure, personalized surfing experience.


Via Browser is a quick, lightweight, and secure web browser that provides its users with various features and functionalities. The browser offers a smooth and comfortable surfing experience with its ad-blocking function, data-saving choices, and personalization capabilities. Via Browser is unquestionably a browser to consider if you’re seeking one that is trustworthy and effective.

Download Via Browser - Fast & Light MOD APK (Optimized) 5.3.0

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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