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Traffic Racer MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 3.7

App NameTraffic Racer
Publisher Soner Kara
Require4.1 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Traffic Racer is an Android game inspired by endless racing and running. In the game, you are an experienced driver who controls your car on the highway and conquers the milestones.

About Traffic Racer

Speed ​​has always been something that contains a strange appeal to humans. That is why many game companies have dug deep into this field and reaped amazing results. We can’t help but mention the popular racing games like Need For Speed ​​Heat by EA Gothenburg, Dirt Rally 2.0 by Codemasters,…. Today, we would like to introduce to you a game that is also attractive with the same theme: Traffic Racer. Released by Soner Kara, up to now, the game has owned more than 100 million downloads and a nearly 5 stars rating at Google Play. Let’s find out more about this game in the following article.

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What’s in the game?

As its name suggests, in the game, you will transform into a highly skilled driver, passing, avoiding the cars blocking the way to reach the finish line. You will start with a red car, through the levels, you will earn money to buy new cars or upgrade your existing cars.

The game offers you 4 different modes to change the atmosphere:


The roads have no end, you will only have to stop when you intentionally exit the game or have an accident. Later, the traffic will get denser, making it more difficult to avoid other vehicles blocking the road. This requires you to have a very quick reflex to achieve a very high score. In this mode, you can choose between traveling on a one-way or two-way street. More points will be earned on the two-way street – more on this later in the article.

Time limited

In this mode, you will try to get the highest score within the 100 seconds limit. The traffic density here will be pretty high from start to finish, which can bring many difficulties for you. In contrast, the amount received at the end of the game screen is quite a lot. So if you are planning to buy more or upgrade a car, this is the perfect mode for you.

Police chase

If driving through dense traffic isn’t thrilling enough for you, this mode is meant to increase that. You will transform into a police member chasing after the crazy drivers on the roads. Your task is to create collisions with those cars until they are no longer functional. Your time limit is 100 seconds, after defeating 1 vehicle, there will be another target right after that for you to continue chasing and you will be added 15 seconds to your time limit.

Free run

With this mode, you are free to choose the density of traffic on the road you are going to travel in. Without a time or destination, as the name suggests, you are completely in control of the roads. Of course, there will be no bonuses in this mode.

Traffic Racer-car-unlocked

The variety of game resources

With more than 40 different cars with different parameters for you to choose from, you will easily find the car that best suits your gameplay. Not only that, after finding your favorite car, you can also upgrade them, making the car more perfect to be able to easily conquer the roads.

Not only a boring familiar scene, but Traffic Racer also gives players 5 different regions of their choice, bringing a new experience. Besides, day and night will also cycle, helping the game to have a new color.

Number of points

When you increase the vehicle’s speed to over 100km / h and pass other vehicles, you will receive points depending on how close your vehicle is to that vehicle. When traveling on a 2-way street, you will also get a lot of points when entering the opposite lane.

The points after completing a level will be converted to money – which you can use to upgrade your favorite car or buy a new car.

MOD APK of Traffic Racer

MOD Info

Unlimited Money: There are more than 40 unique cars in the game but they are not available when you start. You need to earn enough money to buy them from the store. It is a fact that the price of the cars in the game is very expensive. So it will take you a long time to unlock all of them. Don’t worry because the mod version of Traffic Racer will help you solve this problem. The mod feature allows you to use unlimited in-game money to buy and upgrade vehicles.


The controls are simple, the sound and graphics are pretty good, but Traffic Racer will definitely make you unable to let go of your phone thanks to the dramatic, attractive racing. Download and test now!

Download Traffic Racer MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 3.7

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