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Tracklia: GPX, KML, KMZ & maps MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.17.0

View, edit, create, import, export, navigate, merge, record GPX, KML, KMZ files

App NameTracklia: GPX, KML, KMZ & maps
Publisher Tracklia Inc.
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About Tracklia

The Tracklia app is a powerful tool that makes it simple for users to manipulate GPX, KML, and KMZ files that contain mapping data. Users can import, edit, and share their tracks, routes, and waypoints without any difficulty, thanks to the interface’s user-friendliness. In this post, we will go deeper into the features of Tracklia, emphasizing its capabilities in maintaining GPX data, using a variety of maps, navigating your trip, and customizing your rides, among other things.

Simple GPX, KML, and KMZ File Importing and Editing Capabilities

The user interface of Tracklia makes it simple for users to import tracks, routes, and waypoints from GPX, KML, and KMZ files. Users can choose what parts of their files they want to import, making it easier for them to deal with certain document sections. Additionally, users can record their GPS tracks using the application, and the program presents an elevation graph along with the distance, ascent, and descent of imported tracks and routes.

Users of Strava, Endomondo, and other sports trackers will find the interactive merging feature of Tracklia to be beneficial. This feature enables users to combine various tracks into a single route. Users also can reverse a way, break a significant way into many sections, and immediately share tracks and waypoints with other apps such as Google Maps and other navigation apps.

The software also offers editing features, which allow users to add, update, delete, and insert points into tracks and routes. These capabilities are accessible through the program’s main menu. From within GPX, KML, and KMZ files, users can rename, alter the description of, or delete tracks and waypoints. In addition, users can amend the position, name, and description of waypoints and change the icons associated with waypoints. Users cannot only create or edit GPX and KML files but also export freshly created or updated tracks, routes, and waypoints to GPX or KML files and export track or route data to a CSV file. Last, users can use their fingertips to draw on the map and then send the resulting image.

GPX Data Can Be Managed Using the My Maps List Function

The My Maps list option is undoubtedly one of the fascinating aspects of the Tracklia platform. It allows users to organize their GPX, KML, and KMZ data in the app memory and keep it there. Users can import several GPX, KML, or KMZ files into a single map, update it, and save it for use on a subsequent journey. In addition, customers can export their newly made trips as GPX or KML files and send them to their friends.

A Diverse Offering of Maps for Everyone to Use

Users of this app have access to a variety of maps, including both offline maps (like Open Street Map) and online maps (like Google Maps – Normal, Terrain, and Satellite), from which they can select the one that best suits their needs. In addition to Open Topo Map, other maps included in the app include Hike & Bike, Wikimedia, CyclOSM, Stamen-Terrain, Toner, and Esri – Aerial.

The App Is Here To Help You Navigate Your Trip

Users can navigate their journey without any hitches when using Tracklia. Users can display their current GPS position on the map, continually follow their GPS position by modifying its position, rotate the map by the bearing provided by their GPS device, and view GPS position details such as coordinates, accuracy, altitude, and speed. During navigation, users also have the option to use offline maps. Due to these features, the app can be utilized as a straightforward navigational tool.

Make Your Vacation Fit Your Personal Preferences

Users of Tracklia can personalize their rides according to their preferences. Users can change the course of their travel to make it more entertaining and well-coordinated. The app straightforwardly displays the GPS location on the map, which enables users to discover the app’s precise location. In addition, viewers can view specific details like the exact coordinates, height, and speed of those locations. Make creative use of this application to attain the result you’re looking for.

User interface that is Clear, Uncomplicated, and Comprehensive

The app features a user interface that is uncomplicated and easy to understand, and it gives users all of the essential information about the map that they require to use it. The layout and design of the software are both quite exquisite, which causes each user to be highly impressed and like using it. The application is simple, making it suitable for even inexperienced users.

Additionally, this App Features and Benefits

Tracklia is an app that does it all and has several features that set it apart from its competitors. Users are given the ability to make any necessary changes to the routes they have selected, as well as remove any unneeded points from the course. In addition, users canal routes and alter the descriptions of those routes to make term to their preferences. Thanks to its user-friendly UI, users can efficiently accomplish their objectives without any hitches.


Tracklia is an excellent program for anyone who has to work with mapping files such as GPX, KML, or KMZ. Users can effortlessly import, edit, and share their tracks, routes, and waypoints due to the application’s extensive capabilities. The program also enables users to use a variety of maps, control their journeys, and customize their rides according to their individual preferences. Users can manage their GPX data with the My Maps list function. Overall, Tracklia is an app that should be on the device of everyone who enjoys traveling to different locations or keeping track of their health activities.

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