TouchRetouch MOD APK (PAID/Patched) 5.0

Photo retouch app for removing unwanted objects from images with just one tap.

App NameTouchRetouch
Publisher ADVA Soft
MOD InfoPAID/Patched
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About TouchRetouch

The days are long gone when altering photographs needed a time-consuming and expensive procedure that required the services of a professional photographer. Everyone carnage images into immaculate masterpieces using the photo editing tool known as TouchRhich only requires a few clicks. This premium picture editing toolbox features various retouching techniques, allowing users to eliminate unsightly blemishes, meshes, and background objects from their photographs.

Item Removal Like Magic

TouchRetouch includes various tools for single-touch retouching, one of which is a blemish remover that makes it simple to eliminate skin blemishes such as wrinkles, acne, and other types of skin imperfections. The artificial intelligence technology included in the software makes it possible for anybody to do facial skin retouching with only one touch.

The blemish removal tool will take care of everything for you; all you have to do is touch on the areas that need to be mended or highlight the areas that should be changed. Several tools available for photo retouching can be used to select unwanted objects. Some of these tools include the eraser, the lasso, and the brush. These tools are ideal for marking small things, setting large areas of a photograph, and unmarking overmarked regions in the background. The minute an item is picked, it disappears instantly, making it far more straightforward than ever to eliminate unwanted objects.

Flexible Line Removal

With TouchRetouch, you may quickly remove lines from your photographs that you do not require. The best way to get rid of thick lines is to trace over them, and the best way to obtain rid of tiny lines is to tap them. You may either delete them manually or use a specialized mode to do it automatically. A few taps on this line eraser tool can eliminate those unsightly power lines flowing across the clear blue sky.

Identification and Elimination of Mesh on an Automated Basis

The Meshes tool is an excellent retouching tool that may remove the appearance of fences from the street or animal photos. The eraser in the picture editor may be used to remove meshes from the images.

The clever recognition and removal technique of the picture eraser makes the procedure as straightforward and quick as possible. They collaborate to locate and remove any mesh that may be present in your image automatically. There is no longer a requirement to pick and draw each mesh line manually. This program for retouching photos accomplishes that for you automatically. Getting rid of things this way is much less complicated and takes less time.

Miscellaneous Corrector

This highly effective retouching tool enables recreating of different parts of an image. It is a very effective method for cloning several items and then pasting them across a picture. In addition to that, it is an effective method for eliminating artifacts or correcting distortions in the backdrop.

Corrector of Many Other Things

With the help of our program, removing watermarks from the backdrop is much simpler. The brush retouch tool is required to get the job done. Keep in mind, however, that you will get the most outstanding results if you remove logos or insignia from a backdrop that is consistent throughout.

Processing Images in 360 Degrees

This photo extractor is ideal for photography enthusiasts who shoot 360-degree photos frequently. With assistance, users can remove distracting elements from their photographs, such as tripods or people.

Useful Tutorials

TouchRetouch, despite its user-friendly design that features menus that are easy to understand and navigate, makes many pop-ups and tooltips available to the user. In addition, if you ever find yourself disoriented, you may consult the app’s detailed user guide to get your bearings. The process of editing photographs is made significantly more straightforward and streamlined by the presence of all of these tools.


Compared to other picture editing apps, TouchRetouch has several distinct advantages. It does not need any memberships, in-app purchases, or advertising, and there is no loss of quality or EXIF data. Because of its excellent picture editing capabilities and automated photo healing features, it is a dependable option for anybody who wants to alter their images quickly and seamlessly.

Keeping Pace with the Demands Placed by Young People

Taking pictures to preserve memories has grown in popularity in recent years, enormous thanks to the proliferation of social media. Yet, many otherwise stunning photographs can be spoiled by the presence of unwelcome subjects or things. Because of this desire, TouchRetouch was developed; it provides users with one-of-a-kind and specialized features that assist them in quickly producing images free from flaws. The app is gaining in popularity, and as a result, an ever-increasing number of individuals are opting to use it.

Advantages for Customers or End-Users

Not only can TouchRetouch aid with improving photographs, but it also presents contemporary art. These masterpieces came into existence to fulfill the need of users for delight, which resulted in the creation of a significant number of unique experiences. TouchRetouch is the product that encapsulates all of these wonders. The program is easy to use, completely free, and up to date with the most recent technological developments. Users of this incredible program will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of wondrous and enchanted experiences.

Use of Today’s Technology

TouchRetouch is even capable of helping the individual look more attractive to others. Acne and other skin flaws may be removed with this app, allowing users to feel more confident about the photographs they share. In addition, the application provides natural and unobtrusive enhancement techniques that may be utilized to improve the image’s overall aesthetic. The things in the surrounding area are also brought to the user’s attention. Rather than eliminating them, they may use the program to transform those things into a distinctive feature, relocate them so that they are near the shot, and make the photo seem even better.

Excellent Application for the Alteration of the Layout

In addition to the editing tools, TouchRetouch provides users with access to an extensive picture library, which can help them arrange their photographs appropriately. Getting advice from the app’s resident artists is a great way to produce masterpieces of the highest caliber. Those who own the program are granted the ability to magically remove the elements of their photographs that they dislike the most.

TouchRetouch has provided its users with a sense of satisfaction because of the uniqueness of its creative capabilities and the sophistication of its features. Its greatness is maintained, harnessed, and developed in the most efficient way possible. Users can unravel the mysteries concealed within the program and bring them to life to experience delicacy and precision.


In conclusion, TouchRetouch is the best photo editor available to everyone who wants to improve their photographs’ appearance quickly. Its unique photo removal object toolset provides users with various retouching choices, including the ability to get rid of unsightly blemishes, meshes, and background objects. In addition to line removal, automated mesh recognition and reduction, pixel-to-pixel cloning, and various other correction tools, this software also has flexible line removal.

TouchRetouch has provided its users with a sense of satisfaction because to the uniqueness of its creative capabilities and the sophistication of its features. Anybody who wants to turn their ordinary images into immaculate masterpieces may do so with the help of this dependable program.

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