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Touch Macro Pro - Auto Clicker MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2.8.7

Automate routine tasks

App NameTouch Macro Pro - Auto Clicker
Publisher jake77
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About Touch Macro Pro

Time is of the essence in the modern world, and automating everyday operations can help us save time and be more productive. In this fast-paced world, time is of the body. Touch Macro Pro is an application for touch automation that enables users to create routine operations that can be carried out automatically without further user intervention. It is a versatile piece of software that is capable of performing complicated tasks, rapid clicking, as well as locating and selecting photos that are presented on the screen. In this post, we will discuss the features of Touch Macro Pro and how it can make doing ordinary chores easier.

Provision for Accessibility

The initial step in using Touch Macro Pro is to provide the application with the necessary access rights to respond to touches and gestures. The software makes use of the many accessibility features to provide support for communication and motion. Users will be required to enter the ROOT system settings if their version of Android is lower than 7.0 because earlier versions of Android do not include accessibility capabilities. Users can automate touchscreen functionality and ease everyday activities by granting accessibility permissions to the application.

Basic Macro Editor

Modifying macros may be accomplished more quickly and easily thanks to the basic macro editor included in this app. The software functions by capturing a screenshot of the active window on the screen, then analyzing the screenshot to determine the movements of the mouse, and then replicating the steps taken. After locating and duplicating the coordinates, the software will be able to carry out the acts on your behalf unlimited times. Users can create automatic clicks using the basic macro editor. They can also select the target and specify how long the mouse button is held down.

Flexible and Versatile

The software known as Touch Macro Pro is adaptable and versatile. It can carry out various activities, such as group repetition, comparing photographs, and finding specific data. The software can be utilized for various activities, including browsing websites, participating in online voting, playing a game, processing hundreds of files with a mouse, and participating in online balloting. Users can have more time for other activities when standard procedures are automated.

Tool for Clicking

Thanks to the helpful clicking tool, the app users can click nearly anywhere on the screen or in any window. The software can perform rapid clicking, and users can select how quickly or slowly they want their mouse input completed. Because of this versatility, users can find the most appropriate period for the activity and automate touch screen capabilities to make topical chores easier.

Emulator Compatibility

Because Touch Macro Pro is compatible with software developed for virtual machines, it is simple to automate actions that are often performed on a computer emulator. Users can automate the functionality of touch screens on their computers by using the software on an emulator and running it on their computers.


Touch Macro Pro is an application for touch automation that streamlines routine operations by automating the functionality of touch screens. The software is adaptable and versatile, enabling users to program automated clicks, select the target, and decide how long the mouse button should be held down. Users can take advantage of touch and gesture controls and automate touch screen capabilities after accessibility permissions have been granted. The standard macro editor makes it simple to make changes to macros, and the clicking tool enables users to click nearly anywhere on the screen or in any window they choose. Users can reduce their time commitments and gain additional free time using Touch Macro Pro.

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