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ToonApp MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2.6.43

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The trend of creating images like cartoons is becoming hotter and hotter, if you don’t know which applications support doing these things, let ToonApp help you. This application will help you to create an interesting image.

About ToonApp

ToonApp is an application that helps users have interesting cartoon images with just a few simple steps. The AI ​​engine that this editing tool provides helps to recognize your face quickly to create impressive images. This tool also changes the user’s image into an anime or cartoon according to his/her preference. For anime enthusiasts, the passion of being a favorite character becomes even closer. You can also create simple photo layouts for multiple animated collages. If you love sketching photos, it also provides maximum support for you to complete with beautiful and high-quality photo filters. Within a few short seconds, your animated selfie will be created and when posted will receive a lot of love from everyone.

ToonApp is currently the best cartoon maker app available on Android. It has reached over 100 million downloads on the Play Store and received 2 million positive user reviews. Most people like it because of its built-in smart photo editing toolset and many other useful features.


Get started with ToonApp

ToonApp is definitely one of the simplest photo editing apps we’ve ever used. After you successfully install the mod application we provide, open it. The application also does not require login to use. However, if you want to sync your data within the app, sign up for an account.

First, choose a selfie photo to prepare for editing. ToonApp automatically scans all the selfie images available in your device to display them. In case you don’t find a photo you like, you can take a new one with the camera. After you select the photo, the app will automatically process it. It only takes a few seconds to see results. Your photo will be turned into a cartoon. Now, you can continue to edit it in the built-in editor or save it to the device memory.

Features of ToonApp: AI Cartoon Photo Editor, Cartoon Yourself

ToonApp turns your photos into cartoon style with just one tap. Not only that, there are many unique features that this application brings. Let’s explore it now!

AI Cartoon Photo Editor

This AI animation editor will make your images more interesting than ever. To start creating a cartoon image, you have two choices: take a quick photo with ToonApp’s cartoon camera or choose a photo of your front face from the device. You do not need to cut to any size because this editing tool will automatically cut to fit the available mold. Besides, in the advanced version, it is ready to collect the facial expressions of the photo for you to create the most perfect copy of your image. Thanks to this smart AI technology, you don’t need to draw or do anything, it will find your face and help you do the post-production.

Big-head effect

We often see a feature of animated films that the characters always have big heads. It looks unrealistic but is very funny. ToonApp of course cannot ignore this trend. It has a built-in feature that allows you to turn your image into a cartoon with a funny big head.

The steps are extremely simple. First, you just need to choose any selfie photo in the available library or take a new one from the camera. Soon, the editor in ToonApp will analyze and apply various steps to turn it into an animated image. Now you just need to click on BigHeadChallenge option to apply this feature.

Another interesting point is that you can easily adjust the size of the head. Just tap two fingers on it to zoom in or out. If in the past you had to spend tens of dollars for animated pictures made in Photoshop by professional designers, now that is not the case anymore. With just a few simple steps, ToonApp instantly creates an extremely unique and fun cartoon-style picture for you.

Besides the Big-head effect, there are many other interesting tools that you can explore in TooApp. Let’s see!

Digital art filters

To make your images stand out more, it provides digital filters to insert into images. These filters are designed for you to add realism to your images from classic, monochrome filters to modern and full-color filters. You are allowed to adjust the brightness and saturation of the image to create the most suitable color for your image. As for the filters, just choose the color you need, it will create for you right away. Choosing the right filter will make your photos more special than ever. More specifically, the anime color filter gives users an artistic image.

Once ToonApp has finished creating your animated face image, you can add the background to your liking. The background collection it provides has a lot of backgrounds with different aesthetic layouts. It is not difficult for you to find background frames such as geometric spirals, circles, hearts, or backgrounds with photo effects with different colors. Each different wallpaper background will make your cartoon image a different shade. In addition, Colorful Brushes and splash effects look great on profile pictures.


As for the comic creator, it’s not difficult for you to create your own story without pre-writing any scripts. If you want to add more interest to the story, it even allows you to add speech bubbles to your avatar. These speech bubbles contain text that makes the story come alive and make more sense. Thanks to this tool, your dream of becoming an animator will not be far away.

Cool trickle and brush effects

There’s nothing better than being able to unleash your creativity with drip effects that beautify your animated face. In a few short seconds, you can easily blur the background and apply aesthetic drip effects to make the color of the image more beautiful than ever. If you choose portrait mode while creating your cartoon image, don’t forget to use a brush effect to enhance the appeal of your avatar. This feature is the simplest way to help you make your animated profile look more interesting than ever. Once you’ve finished creating the animation, the magic brush tool lets you add stars, glowing hearts, and attractive colors. Just draw as you like on your images and you can create interesting lines on your images.

Selfie camera effects

The selfie camera is also a prominent feature that this editing tool provides to users. If you haven’t found the right image yet, let ToonApp’s selfie camera help you find the perfect face for your cartoon image. This is a snapshot camera, which saves time adjusting faces. This camera avatar maker makes your face brighter and fits easily into the required size. As a result, images are created faster and are most like your copy.

The other cartoon maker app we’ve recommended is Avatoon

MOD APK of ToonApp

Pro ToonApp

The Pro version will bring you more premium features and unlock more existing features. The entire collection of effects will be unlocked for you to add to your images from all the unique backgrounds, all the textures on the magic brush, the facial emotion detector will also be added to you get the cartoon copy that most resembles you. Story creation features have also been added for you to create interesting stories with colorful conversation bubbles. The downloaded and exported images are also of high quality for you to post on your favorite social networking sites.

3 days free trial available. When the trial expires, you need to pay to continue using these PRO features.

MOD info

At our blog, you can download the latest mod version of ToonApp. Here is the information about this mod:

  • PRO Unlocked: You can use all the resources and features in the PRO package for free.
  • Adss (disabled)
  • All ads links (removed)
  • Watermark (disabled)
  • Unwanted Services / Receivers / Providers (removed)
  • Ads Activities / Services and Providers (removed)
  • All Trackers (From manifest removed)
  • Most of Analytics (disabled)
  • AOSP Compatible (No Google)
  • Google billing (disabled)
  • Supported CPUs: arm, arm64, and x86


Don’t look for complicated animation applications, let ToonApp and these amazing tools help you complete your work. Download now and enjoy the fun that this application offers.

Download ToonApp MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2.6.43

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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