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Tone Generator PRO MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.66

Professional Frequency Generator for the sound engineer, musician or enthusiast

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About Tone Generator PRO

Tone Generator PRO is a powerful sound instrument quickly becoming a favorite option among audio experts and enthusiasts. The application has many functions, such as a tone generator, a sweep generator, a multitone generator, a pink noise generator, a white noise generator, a function generator, a program generator, an audio file generator, and even an ultrasonic generator. It is simple to use for anyone because of its intuitive design and its capability to operate in the background. In the following paragraphs, we shall delve more into the capabilities and advantages Tone Generator PRO offers.

Generators of a Wide Variety of Tone, Sweep, Multitone, and Even Ultrasonic Sounds, Complete with Samples

The tone generator featured in Tone Generator PRO is one of the app’s most compelling selling points. Because users can generate a wide range of audio frequencies with pinpoint accuracy, this function is an excellent device for fine-tuning instruments or performing professional sound quality checks. Another noteworthy component that enables the production of audio signals that may span a range of frequencies in an adaptable manner is known as a sweep generator. Due to the significance of testing equipment and locating issues, experts working in the audio business stand to gain a great deal from this.

Multitone Generators and Noise Generators

In addition, the app comes equipped with a multitone generator with a remarkable sixteen channels of functionality. Because it allows users to synthesize 16-channel audio signals in real time, this function is excellent for audio professionals who must put their gear through various tests. White noise and pink noise generators are also included for your convenience, making this an ideal instrument for a wide variety of applications because users can quickly generate noise signals inclusion of these generators.

Generators of Applications and Functions

The app and function generators are particularly noteworthy since they facilitate users’ easy production of complex audio signals and sequences. These capabilities allow sound engineers to create their one-of-a-kind auditions and arrangements. It is also quite good at creating audio files with a multi-channel mode that supports up to 5.1 channels, making it a fantastic instrument for audio professionals who need to test surround sound systems.

Ultrasonic Generator

One of the Tone Generator PRO’s most prominent aspects is its ultrasonic generator. Because users can generate inaudible sounds to the human ear, this capability is perfect for users in the audio industry who need to test devices that operate at high frequencies.

Friendly to the User Experience While Also Functioning in the Background

Because of its uncomplicated and intuitive user interface, the app is an excellent choice for individuals without experience working with audio testing software. While the software performs its tasks in the background, users can continue working on other projects.

Features, Presets, and the Capability to Regulate the Volume Have Been Enhanced

Another essential feature of Tone Generator PRO is that it comes with many pre-made examples. Users can quickly and easily construct audio signals for a wide variety of app applications by making use of these samples. Its power is increased thanks to a collection of extra features that improve the functionality of its core components. For instance, the sweep tone generator can produce linear or logarithmic sweep signals that can be utilized in music. It is also important to note that clients can make fine-tuned alterations using the manual frequency increment or decrement option that runs in real-time. These modifications will not result in any pops or clicks.

Saving User Settings as Presets

Another advantage of this app is that it allows users to save their settings as presets. This is perfect for audio engineers who need to recall previous settings quickly and produce consistent audio signals. The left and right channel volumes can be controlled independently, and the fade-in and fade-out times can be customized. Because these features enable extremely accurate audio signal tuning, they are perfect for audio professionals who need to construct one-of-a-kind audio tests and sequences.


Tone Generator PRO is a robust audio testing application that provides artists, sound engineers, and audiophiles with diverse functions. It is possible to do listening tests, fine-tune audio systems, create sounds for relaxation and meditation, generate noise masks or pink noise that induces sleep, or even remove water and dust from phone speakers with this app. The possibilities of what can be achieved with Tone Generator PRO are unlimited. Both experienced audio engineers, and amateurs will find it a beneficial tool.

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