Timestamp Camera Pro
Timestamp Camera Pro

Timestamp Camera Pro MOD APK (Patched) 1.218

Add date and time watermark to photos and videos

App NameTimestamp Camera Pro
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About Timestamp Camera Pro

Timestamp Camera Pro is an excellent program that lets you put time-stamped watermarks on your films and photographs in real-time. The app’s various features set it apart and make it so worthwhile. Some of the most crucial aspects of the Timestamp Camera Pro will be covered in this essay.

Integrated Camera Improvements

The camera on the Timestamp Camera Pro has been upgraded so that users may capture the most lifelike and detailed images possible. The AI modifies the hue and saturation according to the user’s preferences, inspiring new approaches to existing works of art. The camera improvement system is highly adaptable, giving customers complete control over how they want to improve their photography.

Amazing Video Capture

The Timestamp Camera Pro’s built-in presets, which alter the hue of the interior in real time, are also used by the video recorder to generate unique outcomes. The flexibility of the video recorder opens up a world of possibilities for creating high-quality films.

Snapshot During While Recording

Timestamp Camera Pro features a screenshot button that activates during recording, allowing users to capture and save crucial moments swiftly. Instead of converting back and forth, the function immediately pulls the picture from the video, allowing the recording to continue uninterrupted. There is no blurring or degradation of quality because the photographs have the same style or essence as the ones used in the video.

Make the Recording More Delightful by Including

Users may customize their recordings in real time by adding text, emojis, and other fun embellishments. The ability to easily add or remove elements while filming makes for more engaging and entertaining video material. Presets and other content may be modified and added by the user during post-production editing and polishing.

Media Date/Time Stamps in a Variety of Formats

The content of a photograph or video can be annotated with a timestamp to indicate when and where it was taken. The Timestamp Camera Pro may be fully customized so that users can choose whether or not to get optional updates that allow them to submit photographs and videos. This app will support all common types of location data, allowing users to utilize a broad range of formats for their content.

Specialized, Totally Immersive Recording Mode

All of the application’s modes for recording or capturing are applied automatically and in real-time when the user takes pictures. Portrait or landscape mode, shutter speed, resolution, and quality may all be adjusted. Photos and videos, for example, rely heavily on such characteristics to determine their quality, so users must always make the most of them.

Features Beyond That

In addition, the Timestamp Camera Pro app supports 61 different time stamp forms, so users may quickly switch between their favorite time format and others. The program is revolutionary because it allows users to capture video with a time stamp precise to the millisecond (0.001 seconds).

The software allows you to customize the appearance of the timestamp by altering its transparency and backdrop color. Users can show unique text and emoticons in addition to altitude and speed on the camera. Users may also use the camera to see the map and adjust its visibility, size, location, transparency, and display of a user-supplied logo.

Users can record silent videos, switch to “Battery saver mode,” and disable the shutter sound. You may apply any temporal effects in real time when shooting a picture or recording a video. The application may be used in portrait and landscape orientations, and the resolution can be altered.


Timestamp Camera Pro is a great program to use if you want to add timestamps to your photographs and videos. The app’s numerous valuable and exciting features set it apart from others. It has a built-in camera enhancer for taking stunningly realistic photos and a video recorder for making professional recordings.

Look no further if you’re searching for an easy-to-use and flexible program to add timestamps to your images and videos. The Timestamp Camera Pro is essential software for everyone who needs to add timestamps to their material because of its extensive features and functionalities.

The Timestamp Camera Pro is an excellent piece of software that you should check out. This functionality is novel and valuable for anyone wishing to embed timestamps into their media files. Everyone can get their hands on the software because it can be downloaded on Android and iOS smartphones. Thus, give the Timestamp Camera Pro a shot if you need a method to embed timestamps into your media files.

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