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Time Zero MOD APK (Damage Multiplier, Unlimited Gem) 1.001.23122002

Time Zero MOD APK – Defeat all ghosts before time’s up!

App NameTime Zero
Publisher 3F FACTORY
MOD InfoDamage Multiplier, Unlimited Gem
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About Time Zero

Shinbi Apt invites you into the exciting world of “Time Zero,” a horizontal scroll-shooting RPG. This intriguing game puts players in an intense conflict against ghostly foes. Players of all ages may enjoy the thrill of conquering virtual ghosts with various tools. In this game, fast-paced action and otherworldly encounters coexist naturally and excitingly.

Focus on Ghost-killing While the Game Takes Care of the Shooting

For Time Zero, ease of use is essential. Without the distraction of having to fire manually, players can focus only on the ghost-busting action. The controls for firing are handled automatically, so players may focus on eliminating ghostly foes. Due to its laid-back nature, the game may be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. Because of the game’s user-friendly interface, players may easily control their characters by gliding their fingers across the screen. This game has no restrictions and may be played by anybody.

Unleash Your Ghost-Busting Skills: Encounter Diverse and Unpredictable Supernatural Enemies

Get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure through the alphabet with the ghosts of the Shinbi Apartments. Each spirit has its personality and set of skills, making for a fascinating and varied gameplay experience. You’ll be enthralled by the wide range of ghostly opponents you’ll face, from playful poltergeists to ethereal apparitions to evil specters. Get ready for an out-of-this-world journey complete with surprises at every turn.

Kill Multiple Ghosts with Ease with These Powerful Weapons

Players of Time Zero will have access to a vast collection of powerful weaponry perfect for destroying ghostly foes. These potent weapons allow players to swing the tide of combat by eliminating many ghosts with a single shot. Upgrading your weaponry is crucial later in the game since it will enable you to use them to their full destructive potential against spirits. See your armament alter before your eyes and feel the surge of strength as you quickly dispose of hordes of ghostly enemies.

Winning against gigantic foes will get you some very impressive loot

Be on the lookout for terrifying encounters with enormous spirits that may have ties to the otherworldly. These formidable foes will test your mettle and resolve. The ominous threat these specters pose every week strains the limits of the game players. Don’t worry; you’ll be rewarded handsomely if you can beat these massive foes. If you defeat a giant ghost, you will receive valuable reward keys to open the mysterious Mystery Box. As players unravel its secrets, they will have access to a wide range of exciting and helpful artifacts that will assist in their continuous fight against ghosts.

MOD APK version of Time Zero

MOD feature

ㆍMenu Mod
ㆍUnlimited Gems
ㆍCritical Chance 100%
ㆍCrit Multiplier (with slider)


Experience the thrill of racing against the clock in a battle against ghosts on Time Zero. Players of all skill levels are guaranteed a blast in this game thanks to its straightforward gameplay principles, a wide variety of supernatural foes, potent arsenal, and epic boss battles. Get ready for an exciting adventure into the strange world, where you may earn big prizes and prove yourself the best ghost hunter of all time if you succeed. Is your soul prepared to face the ghost world? Time is running out in Time Zero.

Download Time Zero MOD APK (Damage Multiplier, Unlimited Gem) 1.001.23122002

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