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The Walking Zombie 2: Shooter MOD APK (Mega Menu, Free Shopping) 3.11.0

Zombie singleplayer offline shooter in polygon graphics with RPG elements.

App NameThe Walking Zombie 2: Shooter
Publisher Alda Games
MOD InfoMega Menu, Free Shopping
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About this MOD

MOD V1 Info?

  • Free purchases for real money (do not buy too much gold and silver so as not to get banned. Internet and authorization in Google services are required to work)
  • Menu Mod:
  1. Immortality
  2. High damage
  3. Endless ammo.
  4. infinite skill points and abilities

MOD V1 Info?

  • Unlimited Money



About The Walking Zombie 2

Zombies have taken over the world, and the future looks bleak for humanity. The Walking Zombie 2, a classic first-person shooter (FPS) game, plunges players into this grim world where they must fight to survive. The game offers a combination of RPG and FPS gameplay elements, with dozens of story quests and many side quests. Players must level up their skills and perks in this game, sell and buy equipment, and communicate with survivors to survive.

FPS Gameplay with Zombies

The game is a classic FPS game with zombies as the main enemies. Players must use guns with different ammo, grenades, or melee weapons to finish off the zombies that are everywhere, in many different kinds and – most importantly – in great numbers. Meanwhile, players can heal themselves with medkits and food. Completing more and more quests helps players become more muscular, with better equipment, enhanced skills, and gained perks.

Features of the Game

The Walking Zombie 2 features classic single-player post-apocalyptic FPS gameplay with attractive modern polygon graphics. The game also includes a karma system, where good and bad deeds create new options and encounters. The game offers dozens of stories and side quests, with many weapons, protective gear, and other equipment, allowing players to become their survival squad. The game can be played offline, and there is optional crafting and building in the open-world part. The game includes weapon skins, a variety of enemies such as zombie walkers, bandits, giant boss mutants, traders in settlements, and funny mini-games.

Story of the Chosen One with a Tragic Past

Players are the Chosen One in this game, with a tragic past. Players are immune to the virus that turns people and animals into zombies, making them a perfect weapon against the undead masters of the planet and a symbol of hope for a better tomorrow. Players must find out the truth about their origin, search for a way to create a cure, and fight against the dangers lurking behind every corner. The player must save the world with friends made along the way.

Expanding Gameplay

The game continues to expand, with new content being added regularly. Players can craft things for their survival, like gas and ammo, on preparing tables in the houses they purchase. Additionally, players must be careful not to trigger hatred in some survivors – bandits, corrupted politicians, cultists, gangs, etc.

Unlocking Interesting Quests

The Walking Zombie 2 offers players new levels and new types of quests. Players must collect miniatures and put them in a machine, eventually building enough collections to have statues of different rarities.

Journey Against Zombies in a Post-Apocalyptic World

The story of the game begins with players caring for a mother who is giving birth and has altered appearances. The child is successfully born, but the mother becomes a zombie and attacks most characters. Players must control a character with gun skills and defeat the zombies to save the child. The setting moves to Woodland, a small town surrounded by a protective wall, where players must complete a series of quests to gather resources and new weapons.

Perform Quests in Different Places

Players receive quests in The Walking Zombie 2 and move to different areas on the map. Players control their character with two hands, get used to this control, and pass the tutorial and mission screen. Players must focus on taking down enemies and go to the designated area. Navigation elements help players find the target. Players encounter various enemies, including zombies, humans equipped with guns, and strangely mutated zombie bosses.

MOD APK version of The Walking Zombie 2

MOD feature

Mega Menu, Free Shopping


The Walking Zombie 2 is a survival RPG and FPS game that offers an immersive experience in a post-apocalyptic world of dangers. Players can enjoy hours of engaging gameplay with its attractive modern polygon graphics and dozens of quests. The game offers a variety of weapons, protective gear, and other equipment that players can use to become their survival squad.

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