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App NameThe Apprentice 
Publisher Yanniao Studio
Require9.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlocked
Get it onGoogle Play
How to install The Apprentice

While the beta version is available in China, you can download it via Tap Tap. Players may be required to log in via WeChat or QQ; in the worst case, login using Chinese data or phone number.

About The Apprentice 

The Apprentice is a new mobile game that has recently reached the market for fans of martial arts games. The game, a rip-off of The Sifu, features three-dimensional visuals and manual control. Players in The Apprentice battle Asian bandits, utilizing their kung-fu abilities to beat them. While the battle system isn’t as good as The Sifu’s, it does appear like an open world.

Players may explore different areas and look for special goods that can be added to their inventory or grant them benefits. It should be noted. However, that character model can pass through textures, and the shadows on the “ladders” may be inaccurate.

Plot: “Underground Gangs” meets “Traditional Martial Arts”

The Apprentice tries to establish a world where “underground gangs” and “traditional martial arts” coexist. After the “Dragon Head War,” a series of tiny fishing villages in the south evolved into a rather stable coastal metropolis named K-city. The main character, martial arts expert Hu Zhen, receives a mysterious letter and goes to K-city, where he learns that his long-lost brother, Hu Jia, is active. Players assume the role of Hu Zhen and recruit apprentices to train while on the hunt for Hu Jia. As the game progresses, they will discover a great conspiracy concealed beneath K-city and complete their task.

Characteristics of the Game

The Apprentice has several fascinating elements to keep players interested. Attribute development, a challenge system, an apprentice system, a narrative mission system, and a technique and weapon system are among them.

  • Attribute Development: Standard RPG game traits like as strength, agility, endurance, intellect, and dexterity are included. Players can improve these characteristics through practicing and accumulating experience points.
  • The game covers six main martial arts schools and numerous difficulty levels. gamers in the game can challenge other schools and compete against other gamers.
  • As players rise, they may take on additional apprentices, teach them, and send them out to combat other players or challenge other schools. Players may improve the traits and talents of their trainees to help them become stronger warriors.
  • Plot Mission System: The game has a standard narrative with twists and brief climaxes to keep players interested. Players will learn more about the plot and find hidden mysteries through the game.
  • Technique and Weapon System: The game has approximately 50 methods that players may mix. In addition, players can combat their foes using weapons such as knives, sticks, swords, daggers, firearms, and so on. The usage of weaponry adds a new level of excitement to the game.

To summarize

The Apprentice is a thrilling mobile game for fans of martial arts. While not as detailed as The Sifu, the game has a compelling narrative and engaging playing aspects to keep players focused. The Apprentice, with its mix of classical martial arts and subterranean gangs, is a game guaranteed to appeal to aficionados of the genre.

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