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Enjoy adventures full of fun and challenges in Terraria. Download the latest game mod to boost your gaming progress now!

Introducing Terraria Game

Games related to the sandbox genre are getting more and more ubiquitous these days. It is quite easy to find someone who is playing with thousand of blocks in Minecraft or hanging around with online friends on Roblox, etc. The reason why this type of game is so famous you asked? Freedom. Yes, you can do almost anything, without any boundaries. As we are mentioning the sandbox genre, it is impossible not to bring up Terraria by developer 505 Games Srl. The game quickly gained recognition from everywhere around the globe and has been some famous streamer’s favorite app! Let’s find out more about this 5-star masterpiece in the article below.

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Prepare for your biggest adventure

The game welcomes you with a vibrant background with a quite straightforward world setting up. If you are a newbie to the game, it is advised that you should choose the small map size since it will be much easier to explore and less dangerous. However, to walk every structure, biomes, caves even on a small map is still quite a long journey, so you don’t have to worry about the game running out of content.

The next step before rolling into the game is selecting your character’s look. The hair, outfit, eyes, and skin are all customizable in terms of colors and styles. There are more than 30 hairstyles to choose from, a bunch of clothes mixes. The real fun comes as you choose the colors as the game allows you to use an RGB value selecting system. The possibilities are truly endless.

Now, as you have finished setting up everything, let’s head to our own world!

What to do in Terraria

As you are dropped into the game, it is easy for you to be confused, not knowing what to do. Well, that is quite the case of literally every sandbox game – there is no specific task for you to do! There will be a joystick for you to move the character to the left and right, a bag of tools to choose which one you want to use, and an interacting button to make actions with your selected tool, and that’s all. Everything, later on, is up to you to discover and conquer. But, believe us, the magical world of Terraria will make you addicted, wanting to find out what will happened next. This is also the game’s strategy to attract players – strike right into the human’s weak spot: the urge of adventuring of the unknown.

In the first minutes of the game, there will be a helper NPC wandering around, giving you random pieces of advice. Sometimes his words are worth considering, but you don’t have to always listen to him since Terraria emphasizes the “freedom” aspect after all. The only mandatory thing you need to achieve is having a base to rest and store your loots. After that, go and do whatever you like! That is the gist of the game.

After a few hours of playing this game, we realized that Terraria and Minecraft have a lot in common as they both have unique gameplay and classic 8-bit graphics. Gameplay is a good combination of survival, adventure, action role-playing, and sandbox elements. Your character levels up by fighting and gaining experience points. Every time you level up, your character’s stats are increased. You also need to enhance the character’s equipment to face stronger monsters and especially bosses.

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Alternate everything to your interests

Spending some time with Terraria and you will quickly find out that everything is literally destructible and also buildable. From woods on the trees, dirt on the ground to clouds in the sky and shooting stars! Yes, you didn’t hear us wrong, stars falling from above waiting for you to collect.

Common materials are easy to find as it is scattered everywhere in the open. Rare materials, on the other hand, is quite tricky to find and collect. You either have to dig deep into the ground, walk the longest cave to find some diamond ores, or fight the deadliest mobs to gather some specific loots. However, just as they said: “Hard work pays off”, those can be used to make some epic if not legendary gears that will provide you with massive help on the path of exploration later on.

Pay attention to the events in game

Terraria does not just give you boring day-night cycles with some specific new features. Sometimes, a random event will happen and bring about extraordinary mobs, effects, loots, etc. to the game! It can be as simple as rain, big winds to weird ones such as slime rain and dangerous like the blood moon rising.

Different events will bring different, various game-changing features. For example, just a simple rain can enhance your fishing power by 20%, increase the chance of finding seeds in the jungle biome, etc. It is advised that you should learn about the events and their benefit to make discovering Terraria easier.

Travel different biomes

No matter how complicated the world is, it is quite easy for the player to get bored if they can just travel on the plain, flat green grass. We are so excited to tell you that in Terraria, there are more than 5 different biomes for you to walk and adventure on. This minute you are on the yellow, soft sand of the beach, take a few steps and voilà, you have arrived at the jungle! Of course, there are a lot of new things to find at different biomes. The loots and creatures also vary according to this factor, some are hostile, some are peaceful. You should be careful in the beginning and let your guard down after their behavior has been learned to avoid getting slain.


8-bit graphics

The mobile version of Terraria retains the same classic 8-bit graphic style as the original. In general, the game’s graphics are at an acceptable level. If you’re a fan of blockbuster games with high-quality graphics, it’s hard for it to please you. However, if you are a fan of the 8-bit games of your childhood, you will definitely like it at first sight.

The music in the game is quite monotonous. There are a few different tracks that are changed by day/night cycle and by depth/high of the map. The main sounds that players will hear are the clash of weapons, the sound of you digging into the ground, and the screams of monsters.

Build your base

Besides fighting monsters, building a base is also an important task for you. The world in Terraria is extremely large with countless traps, you need a base to avoid the dangers. Every time the night comes, the monsters become much stronger, so you should not fight them. Stay safe in your base. In the game, the architectures are built entirely according to your creativity without any limitations. You can completely build an invincible fortress.

When you have the necessary resources, you can build an entire village with different buildings. When you have enough space, you attract new residents to your village. They bring some special offers to upgrade the equipment.

MOD APK of Terraria

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Terraria is absolutely worth a try! The game is filled with mysterious waiting for the player to explore and conquer. If you are tired of playing alone, you can invite friends to co-op too! Adventuring is much more fun with companions, isn’t it? Now, what are you waiting for without downloading and trying it out right away?

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