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With the task of being a powerful warrior, what will you do to fight the raging evil forces? Join the challenging world of action and adventure in Tap Titans 2 to complete this mission.

About Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 is an action-adventure game with extremely engaging continuous combat gameplay. The world in the game is where giant ancient titans rule and intend to attack all humans. The destruction of these Titans is enormous. If humans do nothing against them, humans will perish.

You will play the role of a young warrior named Sword Master, carrying on the task of gathering other heroes to fight against the titans. You are the only hope to protect human life. Join your teammates to try your best to destroy the giant Titans and protect life. There are a lot of heroes who are like you but they have not been discovered yet. So find them and make them your teammates. What will this journey be like? What difficulties do you need to overcome? Find answers to your questions in this game right away.

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Gameplay Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 has simple but addictive gameplay. As the name implies, you just need to continuously tap the screen to control your character to attack the monsters that appear on the screen. With each tap, your hero performs an attack.

Giant Titans will appear continuously on your battle journey. They will come in many different shapes and sizes. To destroy them, the player needs to click anywhere on the screen. You need to watch your click speed and try to tap continuously. Each of your taps deals damage to their body. Besides, if you want to optimize the amount of damage you can deal, try to tap as many times in one turn as possible. These titans will sometimes appear out of nowhere and quickly attack you. Therefore, you must stay focused to accomplish your goals.

Magical skill system

Tap Titans 2 provides players with an extremely diverse skill set. There are many skills for you to learn, upgrade and use to defeat the monsters. Besides basic attacks, some other special skills that help you quickly destroy titans are:

  • The Prestige skills group is the most special skill of the game. When applying this skill, you will immediately be reincarnated and regenerated. All attributes, skills, and heroes will regenerate with you.
  • The Active Skills skill sets include six different skills This group focuses on active attacks. Just tap them and you can use them right away. When using these skills, your strength will increase significantly. Besides, the opponent’s damage is also higher.
  • The Perks group consists of seven different skills with a large increase in player’s attack power and effects. This is an auxiliary skill group and has a limited time to use. It helps you to destroy and destroy the titan on a single note.
  • The Passive Skills group includes six different skills. With these passive skills, you don’t need to work to use them. It will add directly to the character’s attributes. Thanks to this, your strength will be enhanced.

In addition, Tap Titans 2 also gives players skill tables according to different systems. Depending on the system you choose, these skill boards will have different functions. The main skill groups are Knight, Sovereign, Sorcerer, and Forgery. To be able to activate and unlock these skills, you need to reach certain levels. At this point, they will be unlocked for you to use as you want.

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Powerful assistants

You will not be alone on this journey to destroy the titan. There will be heroes waiting for you to unlock to fight with you. By using the gold you earn in the game, you can unlock these helpers. The greater the amount of gold you use for the opponents, the more power they possess. Besides, when unlocking these characters, you also know more about their story.

Don’t forget to upgrade the assistants to enhance their competitive power. When upgraded, the level of damage of the assistants to the titan is also higher. Moreover, the upgrade also helps the assistants learn their skills. You will discover their special skills when you upgrade to a certain level.

In particular, the attack of the assistants is completely automatic. So, if you are busy, let the assistants fight for you. You do not need to do any manipulation to control them to fight.

Fight nonstop in different matches

In Tap Titans 2, players can be asked to fight nonstop. You need to fight nonstop because the levels are designed in succession. Each match will bring a different titan for players to fight. After a series of matches, you will meet a giant boss with high difficulty. If you overcome this boss, you will continue to other levels. You also never fight in one location. Gamers will be taken to different locations at each level. The fight will now become more interesting, so you will never cease to be surprised.

Increase power with equipment

Are you wondering how to make your character stronger without upgrading? Equipment will be indispensable items to help increase the strength of the character. The equipment has different attributes, helping to increase strength and certain stats. By killing Titans, you can get random equipment. If you want to use the equipment right away, buy it from the game’s store. Moreover, your assistant is also equipped with pets to enhance the strength of the competition. This pet system is very diverse and you can own them by activating the eggs received during battle.

MOD APK of Tap Titans 2

MOD info

Unlimited coins: With the Tap Titans 2 mod, your coins increase when you spend them. So you can comfortably shop in the store and upgrade the equipment.


Attacks with Titans in special locations will make your leisure time special. Equip the necessary skills and keep tapping the screen to win in Tap Titans 2. Download the game now and enjoy the exciting battles.

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