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Tacticool: Shooting games 5v5 MOD APK (Mega Menu) 1.67.0

Gun shooting game with dynamic PvP action battles! Multiplayer shooter games.

App NameTacticool: Shooting games 5v5
Publisher Panzerdog
MOD InfoMega Menu
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About this MOD
  • Stupid enemy
  • Freeze bot opponents (Activate in lobby)
  • Gravity
  • See invisible players
  • score 999


About Tacticool

In search of a thrilling first-person shooter to quench your gaming cravings? Those searching for the best top-down online shooter need to look at Tacticool, providing countless hours of engaging activities. If you want to play the ultimate shooting game, go beyond Tacticool with its high-octane combat, spectacular automobile chases, and furious PvP and PvE modes.

Modes of Survival and Quick Team Battles

Tacticool’s team battles only last two to three minutes, so you may quickly join or leave the action anytime. Capture the Bag, Control, Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, and Operation Descent are just a few game types that keep players entertained for hours on this game.

There are almost 70 different firearms

Weapon options include over 70 models, such as shotguns, knives, grenades, mines, RPGs, C4, adrenaline, landau, gravity guns, sniper rifles, and more. The game offers both long-range sniper rifles and short-range shotguns. Thus it should satisfy the needs of every gamer.

Character and environment customization and destruction

Players in this third-person shooter can choose from a pool of up to 30 unique playable characters, each with their skills and abilities. Tacticool also has a destructible environment, so users may set up virtual battles, destroy buildings and vehicles, activate auto-aiming, and more.

Fun Player vs. Player Battles and Consistent Patches

Participate in fights at various places, select from 15 shooter game maps, and dispatch opponents in 5v5 matches. Car battles and intense PvP with your team are also available on Tacticool. The game maintains the game’s interest by constantly adding new content, including unique gun game aspects and special events.

Unique Controls and a Cooperative Online Mode

One of the game’s most notable features is its online co-op component, which enables players to engage in innumerable battles with friends across various engaging scenarios. Players interact with one another in-game via emotes, text chat, and voice chat. With a dominant top-down perspective and an auto-fire system when in range, the combat style and gameplay are radically different from those of traditional action shooters.

Bonuses and fresh game modes

Seasonal battle pass distribution is one-way Tacticool encourages new content development for a sizable user base. To prevent the necessary player base from being dispersed throughout numerous game types, changes are often made to the selection of available games. Zombies, teams, and duos are all elements of the many game modes. Players may participate in ranked matches for honor and glory while upgrading their destructive weaponry.

The Physics and Visuals Are Amazing

The high-quality visuals portray a lively, modern battlefield based on Russian ideals, adding to the immersion and enjoyment of the game for players. That includes features like the character’s ability to interact with their surroundings physically, detailed fire and explosion effects, and the game’s most immersive moments, which are difficult to find in other games. The accompanying sound effects are just as nuanced and well-executed as the rest of the game, giving players the most immersive experiences of their careers.

MOD APK version of Tacticool

MOD feature

Mega Menu


Intense and thrilling gunfights await you in Tacticool, a culturally diverse and enjoyable top-down action game. Numerous exciting moments in the game attract players into the most chaotic conflicts (5vs5), and the game’s design is greatly influenced by Russian culture. Tacticool offers players endless fun and excitement because of its customizable avatars, destructible landscapes, and engaging game types.

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