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Survival Game Master MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No ADS) 4.5.6

Survival Game Master MOD APK – Host the 456 Survival Game and earn money from VIPs!

App NameSurvival Game Master
Publisher ZPLAY HC Games
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, No ADS
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About Survival Game Master

Survival Game Master encourages users to immerse themselves in a game that draws directly from the exciting Squid Game film. However, unlike in real life, players in this game are not at risk of losing anything. They play the part of the game’s owner instead. They are the masterminds behind these daring challenges, and their goal is to enlist and organize a group of homeless people to participate in them in exchange for lucrative sponsorship from excited celebrities.

Get started on your way to success and influence

New game users begin their adventures with a predetermined amount of money. This funding is critical for hiring recruiters who canvass neighborhoods searching for potential volunteers. In addition, hiring guards, easily identifiable by their bright red uniforms, becomes crucial for keeping an eye on players and keeping the peace during each survival game. Once participants have made their preparations, they may begin the high-stakes struggle for survival and watch as contestants are pitted against one another. Players must pay a fee to enter a toll area before they may play, with the owner’s coffers filling up with more cash with each successful entry.

Build and Enlarge Fascinating Play Areas

Through each participant’s participation in the killer games, Survival Game Master allows owners to amass cash. Earnings can be re-invested in pivotal projects. The construction and improvement of gaming zone infrastructure is one such effort, with the dual goals of attracting a more extensive player base and improving the guards’ abilities. Moreover, proprietors can unlock and launch new activities, such as the classic squid game, the adrenaline-pumping tug of war, the problematic glass bridges, or the seductive sugar candy challenges. Profits for business owners increase significantly when they upgrade to more cutting-edge infrastructure.

Player Recruitment and Retention

Attracting contestants from all walks of life, the game thrives on the thrill of its life-or-death trials. Players are enticed to join the fun by the promise of a thrilling adventure they won’t find anywhere else. As the owner, you are responsible for designing an atmosphere that attracts and encourages them to engage in risky activities. The owner’s prospects of making a significant profit increase with each successful recruitment, and the game benefits from the owner’s increased intensity and competition. Players are drawn to this risky endeavor by the promise of a thrilling survival experience and monetary gain.

Get Lost in a Cold, Hard Reality

Players of Survival Game Master are thrust into a hostile environment where they must fight to stay alive. As the owner, they can control and set the rules for these potentially lethal games. However, finding a middle ground between material success and people’s safety is critical. The game prompts deep reflection on the moral implications of such interactive encounters, making the player rethink the limits of amusement and the worth of human life.

MOD APK version of Survival Game Master

MOD feature

Unlimited Money
No Ads Purchased


In Survival Game Master, players take on the role of creators of a terrifying game of survival. Based on the film The Squid Game, this thrilling video game gives players a taste of the action without any risks. The owners may immerse themselves in a world where danger lurks around every corner by recruiting a team of homeless people, building attractive gaming zones, and enticing players with the promise of money. But as they get richer, business owners need more clarity about the ethics and value of their work. Within the constraints of this dangerous game, will they give in to the temptation of power and wealth, or will they learn the true worth of human life? In Survival Game Master, they get to make the call.

Download Survival Game Master MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No ADS) 4.5.6

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