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Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor MOD APK (Many MOD)

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App NameSuper Sus -Who Is The Impostor
Publisher PIProductions
MOD InfoMany MOD
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About Super Sus

What sets Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor apart from its predecessor? Well, if you found the design of Among Us monotonous and the 2D graphics unsuitable, then you’ll love the stunning 3D experience that Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor offers. This game maintains the same gameplay mechanics as Among Us, but in a more minimalist and visually appealing manner.

Per the developer’s statement, Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor draws inspiration from games such as Werewolf and Squid Games, along with Among Us. While you may recognize some similarities with these games, the developer has skillfully combined them freshly and innovatively to create a challenging puzzle game that’s perfect for mobile devices.

So why wait? Download Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor now and experience the excitement of this cleverly crafted game.

Game Background

The action in Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor takes place on a colossal spacecraft populated by friendly crew members and villainous impostors.

The crew must ensure the spaceship is in good working order and avoid an accident at all costs. They consistently do what has to be done to keep the ship running smoothly, day in and day out.

But behind the scenes are a group of impostors who have disguised themselves as crew members and whose only goal is to destroy the ship and her crew. Whatever it takes, taking control of the ship is their ultimate goal.

A contingent of passengers has taken no side in the ongoing conflict and are simply riding out the storm. With these three factions at play, there is constant suspense, distrust, and bloodshed.

As you progress through Super Sus- Who Is The Impostor, you’ll be thrust into a high-stakes war for the spaceship’s future. Who will come out on top, and where will the ship’s journey take them in the end? Nothing but time shall tell.

Among Us Gameplay

In Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor, players can take on one of three distinct roles: Crew, Impostor, or Neutral.

As a Crew members, players must remain vigilant as there are killers among them, disguised as crew members. However, their identities remain unknown, and they strike at random intervals. In addition to this, the Crew must also perform critical tasks related to operating the spaceship machinery. When a victim is discovered, the Crew gathers to observe the scene and engage in a duel to vote on the most suspicious person. The person with the most votes is expelled from the ship, regardless of whether they are guilty or not. The Crew wins if they successfully detect and eliminate all the impostors.

If you take on the role of Impostor, your mission is clear: eliminate all Crew members without being detected until the very end. You’ll have to carefully observe the situation, strike at the most opportune moment, and ensure you don’t reveal anything suspicious during the duel sessions. The Impostor wins if they successfully kill all the Crew members.

As a Neutral player, your role is to remain silent during discussions and only vote when you clearly understand the situation. The Neutral’s primary job is to perform tasks around the ship. Although the role may seem easy, the risk of being selected as a suspect is much higher than for the other two groups.

The distinct objectives, tasks, and conditions to win each role lead to unique actions and reactions. Amid a life-and-death situation, each person will fight to protect their reason or identity when faced with the choice between darkness and light.

Match up with friends worldwide

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor is the chance to play with gamers worldwide. This updated 3D version of Among Us allows you to compete against gamers from all around the world.

Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor delivers hours of intense gaming with interesting game types such as Classic Play and Challenge Play in the Leaderboards.

Furthermore, the game enables real-time visual chat between players, which allows you to discuss and strategize with your friends while playing. You may also make new friends with people in your region, creating1 a more customized and friendlier gaming experience.

So, why delay? Join the Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor community today and compete in spectacular bouts of strategy and deceit against people worldwide.

MOD APK of Super Sus

MOD Info


  • Wall Hack (Pass Through Walls)
  • Hide Mod
  • Can Move Always
  • Vote Out
  • Drone View


  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Money
  • Skin Unlock
  • Wall Hack


Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor may not feature new gameplay elements, but it makes several important enhancements. For example, instead of the normal two roles featured in Among Us games, the game has three separate roles. Furthermore, the magnificent 3D visuals bring the game to a new level of aesthetic appeal, making it a must-play.

So, what are you holding out for? Download Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor right now to feel the thrill of this game for yourself.

Download Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor MOD APK (Many MOD)

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