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Super Goal - Soccer Stickman MOD APK (Free Rewards, Money) 0.1.30

A fun soccer game! Control the stickman to pass, shoot and score super goals!

App NameSuper Goal - Soccer Stickman
Publisher Gamegou Limited
MOD InfoFree Rewards, Money
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About Super Goal

Super Goal is a fun and original soccer game where the players are stick figures. Players use their wits to solve problems and make spectacular goals using a line they draw to influence the ball’s trajectory. If you’re looking for a quick and easy game to play anywhere, anytime, this 3D soccer game is a great option. It’s also a game that may be played without an active internet connection.

Stick Figure Football Gameplay

The game provides a football game where players control stick figures. Players can use their heads, feet, or backs to make contact with the ball, and offside and tackle fouls are part of the action. Players are permitted to kick each other as they fight for the victory. Thanks to its innovative gameplay structure, the game is more than just eleven-a-side football. You’ll square off against other league players, overcome challenges throughout training, and unlock extra levels to collect gold coins.

Gain Access to New Ball Skins and Characters by Collecting Gold Coins and Keys

Gold coins and keys are essential in Super Goal since they allow players to access locked ball skins and personalities. Amassing as many as possible is crucial; players can utilize whatever means necessary. Enjoyment levels are over the roof thanks to the game’s basic yet adaptable Gameplay and stunning visuals. It’s the ideal option for passing the time and is enjoyable for everyone in the household.

Unique 3D Gameplay with an AI-Controlled Environment

The game provides a 3D world managed by AI, and its multiplayer modes feature human-controlled AI players. The game’s innovative mechanics and challenging objectives create a fun and exciting experience. Players may guide their stickman to the Goal with only a few taps, swipes, and finger flicks. In addition, the game includes several challenges meant to keep players on their toes and push them to improve their abilities over time.

Most lavish Goal Celebrations and Famous Stadiums

Super Goal shows soccer matches across various venues, from the beach to the city to the street to the mountain. Players may also kick basketballs, volleyballs, golf balls, billiard balls, rugby balls, fruit balls, candy balls, and even stuffed animals. Players can show off their arrogance by dancing arrogantly around their opponents after scoring a Super Goal or working together to execute wild celebration movements.

Character and Setting Swaps

The game has a fantastic customization option that lets you tweak many widgets to your preference. A wide range of heroes, villains, royalty, commoners, and administrators are available to players. Football grounds may be swiftly transformed from one type to another, from standard football fields to impromptu street football arenas or icy winter soccer stadiums.

MOD APK version of Super Goal

MOD feature

Free Rewards, Money


Stickman soccer has never been more fun than Super Goal, a unique and exciting game that may be played in one’s spare time. The game’s strategy and difficulties are unlike anything else, allowing players to hone their abilities constantly. An incentive to play is the game’s awards system, which can be used to get new ball skins and characters. Because of its many playable characters and environments, this game may be tailored to suit every player’s preferences. If you’re a football fan, you must get your hands on Super Goal.

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