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Stray Cat Game MOD APK (NO) 1.0

App NameStray Cat Game
Publisher Atlas Entertainment Studio
Require6.0 and up

Download the latest Stray Cat Game APK for Android and accompany the cute cat on an adventure in Cybercity. There are tons of challenges to overcome, fun puzzles to solve, and generous rewards.

About Stray APK

Stray is a platform game published by Atlas Entertainment Studio. It is a perfect game for the cat lover. You play as a lost cat in the game on his journey back home.

Many challenges need you to conquer. In the form of a cat, you will move through different locations in the city, solving puzzles, hiding from enemies, and uncovering secrets.

Stray is a simple yet addictive game, thanks to the great atmosphere it creates. Once you start, you will immerse yourself in this game’s cyberpunk world. It is lightweight (about 80Mb) and works smoothly on Android devices running OS 4.0 and above.

Stray APK Download

Stray’s plot

Stray tells the story of an adorable cat’s journey back to his family. During a walk, the cat accidentally made a jump and fell into an underground drain. This incident takes it to a mysterious underground world called Cybercity. The exciting thing is that this city has no human existence. All the inhabitants here are robots.

You have a new companion, the B-12, a cute drone in your adventure. To return home safely, the cat must discover the mysteries hidden under this city and not forget to hide from dangerous enemies.

It is a fun and challenging adventure where you have to solve many puzzles to speed up your journey. Not only puzzles, but you will also face a lot of traps and dangerous enemies. Use the skills of a cat and the powerful support from B12 to overcome them all. The B12 is a flying device that attaches to your cat’s back. It can connect to the power grid, hack devices, translate the languages of city dwellers, and unlock memory cards called Memoirs.

Is the cat safe to return home? What brutal truth makes Cybercity so dilapidated and corrupted? Download Stray APK now and find the answer.

Stray APK Story

The gameplay is simple but attractive.

In Stray, the main character is a cat. The great thing is that the game has learned and accurately simulated all the behaviors of real-life cats. It allows you to play as a cat in an exciting adventure in the underground world. Because it is an adventure game that combines puzzle exploration, Stray’s gameplay is not too complicated. It is suitable for everyone, especially cat lovers.

B12 is your support in the game. It is a drone mounted on the back of a cat. It helps you interact more effectively with the NPCs in the game when acting as a translator. In addition, B12 can hack into networks, connect to power sources to activate doors, and do many other valuable functions.

Progress in the game is entirely up to the player. You can quickly figure out how to solve puzzles to move on to the next quest Or let your cat roam the city freely and discover secret spots. Stray’s attraction comes from the pace of the game. It makes you feel relaxed. Who could resist taking control of a cat roaming around in an epic city?

The graphics are too beautiful for an indie game.

Stray’s graphics are stunning. It surpasses the graphics standards of an indie game, which is usually low-budget. We can even compare its graphics to blockbuster AAA games that cost millions. Light effects and shadows are designed in detail and natural. The gloom and darkness of the city without people appeared very clearly. The developer has successfully created a cyberpunk-style city with ruined buildings and robots everywhere.

Our main character is the highlight of this game. It is a cute cat. The developer allows players to easily customize this character with every detail, including coat color, eyes, ear style, nose, etc. It is crazy that you can create a character in the game that resembles your real-life cat!

Stray APK features

Outstanding functions of Stray Cat Game

  • Unique Characters: Have you ever thought of playing as a cat? Stray gives you this feeling. The main character of the game is a stray cat. Your mission is to bring him back to his world.
  • An exciting and insightful story: By completing quests, you unlock story progressions. It explains the existence of CyberCity. Besides, other stories revolve around the characters you will meet and connect with in the game.
  • Interesting puzzle system: Stray is a typical platform game with a diverse puzzle system. It keeps you constantly busy in the game. Your main task is to solve puzzles to complete a level and progress to more complex challenges.
  • A Fantasy Open World: Stray is set in a fantasy city called CyberCity. It was once home to millions of people. A mysterious disaster occurred that caused the people to disappear completely. The current inhabitants of the city are all robots.
  • Confront the Enemy: Your biggest enemies in the game are weird creatures called Zurks. They are fearsome genetically modified creatures, ready to eat anything. There is no way to fight Zurk. The only way to keep you safe is to get away from them as quickly as possible.
  • Hiding from the Patrols: Stray takes you into a cyberpunk world full of dangers. The city is always on alert. Patrol planes are everywhere. You must be as agile as a cat to hide from prying eyes. One wrong action will bring significant consequences. When you are spotted by the patrol planes, the game is over.
  • Flexible Control Mechanism: It is straightforward to control your character to move and act in the game world. A flexible control mechanism helps you have a pleasant game experience. The game makes you think like a cat. You must find spots to cling to or jump to overcome obstacles. As you get close to the object, there is an option for you to interact with it.

How to Download Stray APK for Android

Stray is an exciting adventure game that you cannot ignore. Even so, the official mobile version has not been released yet. The developer confirmed that they are working on bringing Stray to other platforms, including Android and iOS operating systems. We will update the Stray APK download link as soon as it is available.


Stray is a perfect game for cat lovers. It has received thousands of positive reviews from reputable gaming magazines. The gameplay is simply excellent for entertainment. You will enjoy an exciting adventure with the cute cat in a unique Cyberpunk world.

The game also has a flexible and responsive control mechanism. The playing experience is enjoyable. It also brings a puzzle system on many levels to challenge your thinking. Now download Stray APK and start your adventure.

Download Stray Cat Game MOD APK (NO) 1.0

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