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Story Maker (PRO Unlocked) makes it easy to edit and create unique videos and images to share on Instagram Stories. Download the latest mod of this app for free at our blog.

Introducing Story Maker

In late 2014, Snapchat launched a unique feature that allowed users to share their stories on newsfeed using short pictures or videos. Unlike the statuses you post in the newsfeed, stories only show for 24 hours before disappearing forever.

Now, this feature is available on most popular social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp and even Youtube. Every day, millions of stories are shared on social networks, most of them coming from Facebook and Instagram. The developers also understand that more people prefer using Stories than sharing regular Newsfeed posts. As a result, there have been various enhancements on the platforms to make it easier for users to create and share their stories.

However, one problem is that most of the default story editors on social networks do not meet the needs of users. They often have very few options to work with. So if you are creative and want to create unique stories, you need a good enough 3rd party app to do this. inStory (Story Maker) is a brilliant name that you cannot ignore.

Story Maker (inStory) is developed and published by Inshot. It is currently only available on the Android platform. You must have heard of this developer, who is the creator of Inshot, one of the best video editors on Android right now with over 100 million downloads on Play Store.

Story Maker works as a photo and video editor on Android. However, its main features aim towards the sole task of creating and editing social media Stories. This application allows you to create a story easily with some pictures available in the library or taken directly from the camera. The strength of the application is that it has all the necessary features for users to easily edit and create images or videos at will.

StoryMaker Features

Main features of Story Maker

Coming from developer of Inshot PRO, it’s no surprise that Story Maker has a lot of unique features for editing photos and short videos. Join us to explore its outstanding features right below.

Easy to create and edit Stories

As we mentioned, Story Maker works similarly to a mobile photo editor. However, its features point to one important task: editing short photos and videos to share on Stories. To start creating a new Story, tap the plus icon in the center of the navigation bar. You can then choose a template from the app’s existing collection, and start editing them. The special thing is that everything is easy to do. You just need to select the available photos from the gallery then the app will place them in the right place. Of course, you can change the position and size of the image as you like.

For a good story, use high quality images and videos.

Besides, the content of the image should be matched with the selected template. Story Maker allows you to select multiple images at the same time to insert into frames, then the application can stitch them together and create a complete story. Story Maker also allows you to add additives to your Stories like Text, stickers, effects, and more.

Story Maker supports most photo and video formats. So you can rest assured that everything can work smoothly. Of course, the uniqueness of Story not only depends on the tools the application provides, it mainly comes from the user’s creativity. Choosing an interesting topic combined with the right images will definitely make your story shine in everyone’s feed.

Over 1000 Templates and Text

Templates help you create an existing story by topic without spending too much time. They provide built-in layouts so your only task is to choose the right photos to fit into the layouts. Instead of spending time stitching or editing photos, you only need a few seconds to do it with inStory.

One of the most important points to judge a story editor application is the collection of templates. Story Maker is the largest collection of Templates in any of these apps that you can find from the Play Store. Here you can use more than 1000 different templates from the collection of the application. They are divided into many topics. Do you like minimalism? Try choosing a model from the Classic category. Want to create a Story to celebrate your friends’ birthday? Story Maker also has over 100 templates available for this theme. The app also has lots of templates for vacations or festivals. So no matter what topic you want to create, this app will delight you.

inStory updates new models about every 2 weeks. Therefore, you can discover many other interesting things. On holidays or vacations, suitable templates are also added and automatically suggested for you. All the templates on the application are built into the application so you can use them even without a network connection.

Add unique text and lovely stickers

Sometimes it is not enough to create a beautiful story. You need a few more elements.

A story will be more interesting if there is more text to convey emotions or a good quote. Story Maker allows you to easily add any text to your images. You can also customize text elements such as font style, color, size, position … It’s a bit unfortunate that Story Maker doesn’t allow you to import fonts from external sources. Therefore, you can only use the styles available in the application. However, they are still very diverse.

While the text still can’t convey your emotions in Story, try the stickers that the app provides. Story Maker’s sticker collection is quite diverse with more than 200 different icons. They are also divided into topics.

Most of the stickers in the app are completely free. Some of them require PRO permissions to use them. New sticker packs are also regularly updated by developers. Similar to fonts, you cannot import new stickers from external sources.

User-friendly interface

Story Maker makes it easy to create and create unique stories with your own style. The app offers tons of templates and editing tools are also varied. Many people often think that a feature-rich application will be difficult to use. However, with Story Maker that doesn’t happen. The application has a simple and easy-to-use interface. It has the ability to reach all different subjects. Whether you are an expert in photo editing or just a beginner, you can easily master the features in the app after only a short time of use.

You do not need to spend time learning how to master the tools in the application because they are really easy to use. Story Maker also doesn’t require you to take too many steps to create a story. Just open the app, choose a template you want, add your images and finally do a little bit of editing with text or stickers then you’re done.

No account require, high quality photo export.

Story Maker does not require an account to use. Once it’s installed, you can simply open it up and run it without any registration required. It is really convenient for those who like simplicity and fastness. However, this means you cannot back up and synchronize your data to cloud services. As a result, you cannot move your existing projects onto a new device.

After creating a complete Story, you can quickly share it on social networks like Facebook, IG, WhatsApp. No need to open social networking apps, just one touch on Story Maker, and your Story will be published quickly. The app also allows you to save or share stories in original quality. Besides, it also has no watermark.

Update frequently

There’s nothing to complain about Story Maker. It is definitely one of the best story creation and editing tools on Android. However, that doesn’t mean that everything stops. The developer pledges that they will continue to develop new features for the app, and they will come in the next updates. Here are some of the new features revealed by developers:

  • Preset filters & effects like Polaroid & Retro to perfect your stories.
  • Video Support: Now you can create videos to share on Stories. The app allows you to crop, rotate, adjust speed, add music, add filters and more.
  • Add lots of new stickers on all themes. It helps you create an IG Story easily even on a blank canva.
inStory PRO features

About inStory (Story Maker) Pro and mod version

There is a lot of exclusive content in Story Maker that you need to upgrade to a PRO account to use. Join us to find out about the benefits of becoming a PRO member right below.

What’s in the Pro package?

To enjoy all features in inStory (Story Maker), you must upgrade to PRO membership. 7-day free trial option available. After the trial expires, you’ll need to pay $ 5.99 per year to continue using. Below are the benefits of upgrading to PRO members:

  • Free access to and use all premium resources like Templates, stickers, filters. Advanced tools are also unlocked such as highlight cover, change background, selected text styles …
  • No advertisements

Mod feature

At APkmazon, you can download and use inSta (Story Maker) PRO for free. Here is the mod information:

  • Unlock all filters
  • Unlock Pro version
  • Unlock all premium models
  • No advertisements
  • Configuration optimization


Story Maker is really a feature-rich photo editor that makes it easy to create unique stories to share on social networks. This app gives you a complete set of tools and templates to create a story in seconds. Don’t forget to download the latest inStory mod (Story Maker) on our blog to enjoy all PRO features for free. You can also check out another Story maker app we introduced, Unfold Plus.

Download Story Maker MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 1.192.32

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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