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SOULVARS is the first of its kind, a deck-building Japanese role-playing game that immerses players in a world of dynamic pixel animations, intense battles, and rich character-building choices. Gameplay is estimated to last between 15 and 20 hours, but it will take at least 50 hours to explore all the game fully has to offer.

SOULVARS is different from other games since it requires no further purchases during play. Aimed towards vertical smartphone controls, the game features exciting yet strategic fights, dungeon exploration, and a quest to amass magical artifacts.

A Captivating Story from the Game

A compelling story in which the soul can be measured numerically is a boon to this game. This causes congenital disabilities to appear, endangering the lives of those affected suddenly. The heroes set out to rectify this issue by converting souls into data using the Soul Driver.

The game’s heroes are tasked with bringing peace and security to a strange village. It takes about 14–20 hours to get through the game’s riveting tale and another 50–100+ hours to beat all the post-clearance obstacles.

Explore the One-of-a-Kind Playstyle

SOULVARS is noticeable because of its unique qualities. Equipment containing soul power, or “soul bits,” may be used cleverly to perform devastating special moves. Thanks to the game’s cutting-edge design, these characters can finally show off their one-of-a-kind skills in combat.

The intelligent combination of primary weapons, secondary weapons, armor, and support items determines the game’s strategy. In battle, the player’s tactical understanding is tested while choosing soul pieces in response to their opponent’s vulnerabilities, defensive methods, and other factors.

Full Galaxy

The game depicts a fantastical universe in which “souls” are bits of information. When strange alien things threaten humanity, the SOUL BEARERS, armed with SOUL DRIVER, step in to eliminate the danger.

Why Go with the Game?

With a nod to traditional Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs), SOULVARS combines these elements with an exciting deck-building card collection and retro pixel art visuals. The game deviates from the norm with its story of the soul carrier and its fast-paced, highly customizable gameplay.

Furthermore, the vertical control buttons are laid out to make it easy for even novice players to pick up and play. Continuous dungeon exploration, item acquisition, and speedy advancement toward your perfect soul deck are all possible in this free-to-play game.

The Game Invites You to Join the Fight

Each card in the game represents a soul bit created by the Soul Driver machine. Soul Bearers can amass and combine various Soul cards, unleashing devastating particular strikes, and combinations. The Soul Driver is a fortunate gacha machine where souls are transformed into data bits and added to your deck.

Strategic Depth: An Experience

The more you play, the more you’ll see the game’s strategic depth. One soul chunk must be chosen on the first turn. However, you can pick more soul pieces once you level up and upgrade your Soul Driver. When building your deck for a fight, you should consider your opponent’s weaknesses, strengths, and any available power-ups.

Your strategic insight and gaming expertise shines through when you combine numerous soul pieces to trigger a unique talent known as ARTs. Consequently, the meat of SOULVARS is in the strategy the player develops to use soul parts and cutting-edge weaponry and equipment.

Combining the Best of the Past with the Future

The game has created a unique mobile card game by fusing pixel art visuals with engaging card role-playing, compelling narrative, and substantial strategic complexity. The game brings a new viewpoint to Android gaming with its artful fusion of traditional and cutting-edge gameplay.


MOD feature

Premium Unlocked


Downloading the SOULVARS MOD APK will allow you to experience the game’s excitement and strategic complexity. Jump into this deep, detailed universe and begin your quest to redeem humanity by fighting abnormalities and collecting soul bits. SOULVARS guarantees a game and a story that will keep you interested throughout.

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