Solar Master -Solar Energy app
Solar Master -Solar Energy app

Solar Master MOD APK (AD-Free, Many Features) 3.9.22 b104

A simple tool for Electricity and Solar Energy – PV Calculations in your hand

App NameSolar Master
Version3.9.22 b104
Publisher Afeef Inc.
Require7.0 and up
MOD InfoAD-Free, Many Features
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About Solar Master

Solar Master is a specialized piece of software that was developed to make the process of developing and estimating the needs of solar energy systems more straightforward. Even if they don’t have the necessary background knowledge, regular users may become solar energy system design specialists with the help of this program. Users of Solar Mascane determine the amount of solar energy that their house or place of business requires, in addition to the electrical system, needs to power their equipment.

Solar Energy Calculator

Users can determine the amount of energy needed for their homes or businesses using the solar energy calculator in Solar Master. The user inputs their location, the size of their solar panel array, and the quantity of energy they use, and the calculator gives them the information they need to know.

Electrical System Calculator

In addition to estimating the amount of solar energy needed, Solar Master also provides customers with an electrical system calculator. With this tool, we animate the size of the battery bank and inverter third to power their electrical equipment.

3D System Design

Users have a central picture of how their solar power setup would look thanks to the 3D system design capability in Solar Master. Users will be able to see the arrangement of their solar panels, batteries, and other components thanks to this feature, which will assist them in ensuring that their system is tailored to meet their specific requirements.

Cost Estimation

In addition, Solar Master provides customers with the ability to estimate the costs associated with the design of their solar energy systems through its cost-estimating function. This function provides customers with an accurate estimation of the total cost of their system by factoring in the prices of solar panels, batteries, inverters, and any other components they choose to include.

No Prior Knowledge Required

The use of Solar Master does away with the requirement of having a prior understanding of the design of solar energy systems. Because of its intuitive design and extensive feature set, it makes the process of designing and calculating the needs of a solar energy sysstraightforwardmple for anybody to undertake.

Simplified Design Process

Using the 3D system design function that is available in Solar Master, customers can create their solar energy systems. Because of this feature, arranging solar panels, batteries, and other components is simplified. This helps users ensure that their design is optimized to meet their requirements.

Accurate Calculations

The solar energy and electrical system calculators offered by Solar Master have a very high level of accuracy, which enables customers to obtain trustworthy information on the requirements of their systems.

Cost Optimization

Users can design their solar energy systems to better fit within their financial constraints when they make the fussiest estimating function that Solar Master provides. Because this fund considers the individual components’ presents, it enables users to create a system that caters their requirements their financial constraints.


Solar Master is a specialized program that makes creating and calculating solar energy systems more straightforward. Because of its intuitive interface and extensive feature set, Solar Master makes it possible for anybody to become an expert in the design of solar energy systems, even if they have no previous experience in this field. The 3D system design tool, the solar energy and electrical system calculators, and the cost estimating function all collaborate to make the process of design and computation bricompellingtive and precise. Should you be interested in

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