Slayer Legend
Slayer Legend

Slayer Legend MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 420.6.6

PLAY the full idle RPG game experience offline and on the go.

App NameSlayer Legend
Publisher GEAR2
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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About this MOD

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Slayer Legend is a great idle RPG game from the developer GEAR2. It features an interesting story, intuitive gameplay, and great visual effects. Besides, it provides you with various activities and features that make your game experience more attractive. In this article, we give you the MOD APK file of the game with an exclusive feature: Unlimited money. Join us now!


Slayer Legend is an exciting role-playing game. Its story is also very unique, different from other games of the same type. Specifically, the magic beasts began to run wild due to an unidentified crack. Since then, the world has been thrown into chaos by increasingly powerful and violent beasts. They destroy and attack humans. The situation is extremely dangerous right now. Humanity is in dire need of a hero with extraordinary strength to hunt down these beasts. You will join this game and become a slayer to protect the world.


Slayer Legend has an idle strategy style. To develop a super hunter, you may have to work very hard, but you can also do nothing by getting experience and gold even if you are not logged in. This is an interesting point about idle gameplay. The idle-type system grows at high speed even when not connected. Just 10 minutes a day are enough to explore the wonderland. With strategic gameplay, you can become stronger and more effective in a short time.

Besides, the RPG gameplay is also clearly shown. For players to be able to build up their super hunters as quickly as possible and have the best stats, they have to learn about a lot of different parts and features. After having a superhero in hand, players will confidently fight any enemy. In each match, you’re rewarded with first-rate dot action that stimulates your desire for adventure and growth. Great companions like beautiful elves and wandering swordsmen are waiting for you on the adventure.

Key features

High-quality graphics

The game’s stunning and intricate visuals will enhance your gameplay experience. The characters, monsters, and environments are all polished and well-designed. Hence, you will feel as though you are in a real fantasy world. Besides, the game’s sound effects are excellent, enhancing its realism and enjoyment. You will hear the noises of spellcasting and the growling of demons when they attack.

Endless Idle Gameplay

The gameplay of the idle RPG is highly original, providing constant fun and excitement. It continues even if you’re offline, therefore your game progress is unaffected. You only need 10 minutes per day to maintain your success.

Excellent Storytelling

The game’s narrative is highly engaging and contains numerous plot twists. You will be eager to learn the following chapter and keen to discover the conclusion. Frequently, evil powers present you with a formidable challenge.

Diverse heroes

This game allows you to gather and train dozens of heroes, each with their own set of skills and powers. You will encounter numerous characters, including Elves, Swordsmen, and Berserkers. They are all formidable and lethal on the battlefield.

Regular update

If you wish to become stronger, you must equip your heroes with the most potent abilities and weapons. Otherwise, you will find yourself in future conflicts with opponents.

Diverse skills and items

In addition, the game includes a range of magic abilities, such as Fire, Ice, and Light. You can learn more potent combos to deliver massive damage to enemies and win more rewards.

Online communication

Slayer Legend offers in-game chat, allowing you to speak with other players and create new friends. You will never feel lonely when playing this game in this manner. In addition, you can learn strategies from them to become stronger.


This game provides numerous rewards and incentives for continued play. By completing tasks and challenges, you will obtain gold coins, diamonds, souls, or other materials. With so many rewards, you may quickly upgrade your heroes to make them stronger.

Simple Controls

Slayer Legend’s controls are basic and easy to understand. It lets you focus on the gameplay without worrying about complex commands or gestures. Whether you’re a casual gamer or an expert, this game is for you.

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