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RUSTY : Island Survival Games MOD APK (Free Shopping, Mega Menu) 1.4.1

RUSTY: Island Survival MOD APK – ARK OFFLINE SURVIVAL SIMULATOR. Explore green hell wild islands & ocean on raft!

App NameRUSTY : Island Survival Games
Publisher No Fund Games
MOD InfoFree Shopping, Mega Menu
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RUSTY is a first-person survival game set in the wild, uninhabited islands of the tropics, and it will take you on an adventure you’ll never forget. Learn the truth about this lost paradise by constructing rafts, forging weapons, and venturing across huge oceans. RUSTY provides an unrivaled hyper-survival experience, whether you wish to face difficulties offline or test your abilities online.

Origins on a Jungle Island Are a Mystery

How did you get on this deserted island in the jungle? In RUSTY, your first objective is to build a raft and set off towards uncharted islands and wild seas in search of clues to the mysterious secrets of this lonely world. Be aware of the animals that call the green hell forest their home as you venture out. Could there be more survivors out on an expedition or just zombies? Time and your ingenuity are the only things that can disclose the truth.

Make, Protect, and Hold On

You’ll need to put your making skills to good use to make it through the tough times in this barren area. Make the tools, weapons, and armor to face the arduous battles ahead. Your capacity to adapt and prosper will determine whether you can do anything from forage for food to build shelters to protect yourself from the dangerous beasts. Is it more likely that you’ll fall victim to the hazards of your surroundings or that you’ll become the last one standing?

Rules of Thumb for Keeping Your Head

Food scarcity is a persistent danger in the RUSTY universe. Survival often requires scavenging for food in the woods and preparing it over a campfire. Construct a pole and reel in tasty catches from the ocean’s depths. Gather plants and berries from the dangerous green hell forest, or build a garden bed on solid ground to cultivate your food and ensure a constant diet. In this dynamic predator-versus-prey universe, starvation is a continual threat that follows you in real-time and forces you to make tough decisions.

The Relentless Enemy That is Thirst

Dehydration is a significant threat in the world of island survival. Search far and wide across the tropical jungle for clean water. Construct a bucket to boil seawater or an oven to distill medicinal oils away from civilization. To survive another day in this challenging environment, you must stock up on fresh water and tropical fruits in your chests and stay away from muddy water at all costs.

Your Basecamp, Your Protected Haven

You’ll need to set up a sturdy camp to survive the long, dangerous nights in the wilderness. In the next world, you’ll need an impregnable ark to keep out the savage lions, wolf groups, hippopotamus families, and unknown ocean nomad creatures. It is up to you to build a stronghold on your piece of the island in the style of the fabled Bermuda Triangle. You can only make it through the endless night that covers this long-lost paradise.

Evolution’s Winding Road

There can be no mental complacency for a survivor. Studying new recipes, building fine workbenches, and improving your weapons, armor, and buildings are all great ways to increase your expertise. Instead of using dull stone axes and spears, make arrows out of bone, bows out of solid wood, and machetes out of iron. A fireplace alone will not help you survive. You may improve your odds of making it through this harsh wilderness by upgrading to an oven and gaining access to new food preparations. In this challenging survival game, every second counts.

Uncharted Territories Await

RUSTY is a challenging simulation that tests your grit and resourcefulness. Learn to adapt to your environment and thrive as a genuine ocean nomad as you explore the unknown depths of the ocean, islands, jungles, and forests. Build a raft and an ark, domesticate animals to help you on your trip, and become an expert survivalist to realize your goals. Are there additional survivors out there who have yet to be found? Keep pursuing your steady dream; instead, adopt the attitude of an ocean nomad and defy convention.

Dangers in the Darkness of the Night Forest

When dusk comes in the tropical bush, the risk multiplies exponentially. Make a blazing fire in the fireplace or a torch out of scrap materials to keep the shadows at bay. The RUSTY islands change, bringing longer, darker evenings that make camping more difficult. Get your spear in fighting shape; the fights ahead will define your existence. As you begin building a raft and ark amid the brutal wilderness of the green hell, remember that each day might be your last.

Into the Great Unknown

To make it through this game, you must be bold enough to venture into unexplored territory and brave enough to face your fears. The ocean’s depths, deserted islands, and dark woodlands are all places where mysteries lie dormant. Follow your curiosities and your spirit of adventure to explore uncharted lands and broaden your horizons. The game continually throws new obstacles, so you’ll always be energized. Explore unknown territories, discover the secrets they conceal, and check every box in your quest for survival.

A Zoo Full of Dangerous Creatures

RUSTY’s varied ecosystems are home to an abundance of animal species. The fierce creatures that inhabit this area should be avoided at all costs. Fight these powerful monsters in exciting battles, and do all it takes to stay alive. However, fighting your way to safety isn’t the only option. Rarely can wild creatures be tamed and used as traveling companions, but it is possible with your newfound power. With forethought and preparation, these animals can become valuable friends. Your ability to tame is a direct reflection of your resilience.

Conquering a Wide Range of Obstacles

The game presents many challenging obstacles, from the first of its hundreds of levels to the last. Take on the game’s many challenges and complete its many quests to unlock its many prizes. Build a roaring fire at night to ward off the many dangers after dark. Keep any malevolent energies from entering your safe space. Explore the islands at your leisure by building your ships and rafts and using a detailed mapping system.

MOD APK version of RUSTY

MOD feature

  • Free Shopping
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Speed
  • No Thirst & Hunger
  • Max Durability

*You can get unlimited resources with Free Shopping.


The call of RUSTY heralds an epic journey where your only hope is to stay alive. Discover the secrets of the deserted islands by navigating enormous waters and defeating dangerous animals. Improve your defenses, acquire new weapons, and sharpen your abilities daily. Take in the sights and sounds of the wilderness and experience the peace of the wild and the thrill of the hunt. Will you give in to the hardships, or will you prove to be the unstoppable hero of this barren paradise? Your survival depends on your decision, which is in your hands.

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