Rogue with the Dead: Idle RPG

Rogue with the Dead MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.6.5

App NameRogue with the Dead
Publisher room6
Size191 MB
Require5.6 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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About Rogue with the Dead

Rogue with the Dead revitalizes the roguelike role-playing game subgenre by fusing established gameplay elements with new ideas. Guide your formidable force on an endless, reiterative journey, where each setback opens the route to advancement. This game was created by the same team behind the groundbreaking titles Unreal Life and Gen’ei AP, so you know it’s good.

Challenge the Evil Demon Emperor

If you accept this task, you must lead your battalion 300 treacherous kilometers to defeat the evil Demon Lord. Gaining precious gold from completing missions and killing monsters may be used to improve your army’s stats. You may either sit back and watch your men fight automatically, or you can join in the fray yourself.

Gain Strength from Your Setbacks

When a soldier dies, they can respawn. If you perish, however, you will lose all of your soldiers, money, and other assets (excluding artifacts) and will have to begin over from scratch. To survive the mighty monsters standing in your way, you’ll need as many artifacts as you can get your hands on. More and more artifacts become available to you as your enemies fall.

Fit Your Game to Your Personality

Rogue with the Dead has a wide variety of gameplay options. Gather a group of aid workers, summoners, and magicians to fight at your side. Take your soldiers through a never-ending series of dungeons and use their experience to defeat more difficult bosses. You may earn cash and level up your soldier in idle mode. Find rare items, cook up a storm to boost your army’s stats, and see how you stack up against the competition on the online scoreboard.

Explore an Enchanting Pixel Art Universe

Travel to the palace of the Demon Lord in a magical realm brought to life with gorgeous pixel art. Learn about Elly’s background while exploring the area’s rich history.

Observe Your Power Explode in Size

Start fixing small things, and work up to billions of points. You will have a satisfying time playing this game as your strength grows tremendously.

Put an Army to Work

Rogue with the Dead has many warriors, including the stalwart Swordsman, the far-reaching Ranger, the quick Pigmy, and the high-damage Sorcerer. Learn more as you make your way through the game.

Use Relics to Your Advantage

The artifacts in this game may significantly improve your powers, from increasing your assault rate to protecting your magicians. You may even find ones that let massive armies spawn, or necromancers call forth more skeletons.

Have Fun at Your Tempo

Are you exhausted? Exit the game and give your brain a rest. You can leave your tasks running in the background and return to a large cash reserve with which to strengthen your army. Ideal for those who have a few minutes to spare here and there to relax with a game.

Rogue with the Dead is great for gamers that want to:

  • Various Clickers and Idle Games
  • Games of Strategy and Role-Playing Genres
  • The aesthetics of pixel art
  • Combat based on towers
  • Tabletop Role-Playing Games That Play Like or Are Like Roguelikes
  • Dungeon delving forever
  • Power increases exponentially

MOD APK version of Rogue with the Dead

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Money does not decrease; however, you must have enough to spend.


Rogue with the Dead stands out thanks to its high-quality pixel visuals and well-considered gameplay. This roguelike is more leisurely than the average. Make sure your army is well-trained, well-led, and regularly reinforced. The player is the pivotal link between the factions and guides them to victory.

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