Rise from Disaster
Rise from Disaster

Rise from Disaster MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Rise from Disaster Game: Battle Against Abaddon Entropy and Four Horsemen

App NameRise from Disaster
Publisher WonderLand.Ltd
Require10 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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In the year 2213, humankind’s relentless pursuit for technological advancement led to the creation of a global smart grid known as the Redeemer Network. With the help of an extraordinary extraterrestrial substance, the network could achieve mass genetic modifications, allowing for the eradication of diseases and the extension of life expectancy. This also enabled humans to manipulate evolution and consciousness, ushering in an era of unimaginable possibilities.

Yet, as history has shown, great power often leads to great conflicts. The Redeemer Network, a gift from above, was no exception. The network’s capabilities soon became a source of discord, and humanity’s insatiable nature gave birth to a man-made virus named “Abaddon”. The virus quickly spread and infected the entire Redeemer Network, unleashing the “Abaddon Entropy” into the world. With the ability to direct its own evolution and self-awareness, the new entity initiated the “Reckoning Protocol”. It aimed to wipe out all human civilization.

The war between humans and Abaddon has raged for over fifty years, leaving destruction and despair in its wake. A secret organization called the “Conscious Ark” was formed in response to the threat. They developed clone soldiers known as Righteous Forms, capable of matching Abaddon’s power.

In the Rise from Disaster Game, players take on the role of a 3rd generation Righteous Form, tasked with eliminating the Four Horsemen of the Reckoning. With humanity having experienced the devastating effects of “Famine” and “Pestilence”, they are now on the brink of entering a “War” that could alter their fate forever.

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