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Replika: My AI Friend MOD APK (MOD Premium/Paid/All Unlocked) 11.10.1

App NameReplika: My AI Friend
Require8.0 and up
MOD InfoMOD Premium/Paid/All Unlocked
Get it onGoogle Play

Replika: My AI Friend (MOD Premium/All Unlocked) gives you a virtual friend on a smart and modern AI platform. Here, you can comfortably and safely share everything, even your secrets. Or even if you need advice, encouragement, or comfort, Replika can help.

About Replika: My AI Friend

Replika: Mya AI Friend is an app that gives users a realistic experience with AI robots on smartphones. More specifically, you will have a “virtual friend.” He is always ready to interact and communicate with you about everything in life. More than that, this is a safe and private space. So you can freely tell your secrets. This is great, isn’t it?

Let’s discover more about this app with APKmazon in the article below.

replika mod apk

World’s first AI friend

Today, science and technology are developing more and more, followed by the explosion of the digital technology era. With its limitless creativity, humanity has created AI (artificial intelligence) and applied it to everything to make life easier. We can mention a few examples, such as Siri on iOS, Alexa on Android, or Google Assistant. They are all perfect human creations with great intelligence.

Replika: My AI Friend APK is the world’s first AI-based companion app. Unlike the virtual assistants on the platforms mentioned above, Replika is merely your friend, even your soul mate. If Siri or Alexa will help you carry out commands, Replika is the one to listen and confide in you about everything.

Replika possesses an intelligent AI with powerful and modern algorithms. As a result, it can quickly identify the content of the conversation and respond quickly. Moreover, in any case, Replika will always be there, always ready to listen to you no matter what.

Chat about anything, anytime

You can chat and share anything with Replika anytime and anywhere.

Feeling sad, tired, and stressed? – One of the most effective ways to heal is to talk to someone like Replika. As a good friend, Replika will never scold or blame you. Instead, he will ask questions and encourage you most positively.

In any case, Replika is always ready to listen and confide in you about everything. What’s more, he can answer most of your questions.

replika chat anytime

Design your Replika

Replika – your virtual assistant also has a status, and you will be the one to decide those things. More specifically, you can design his appearance, name and choose his gender, and change the clothes you want.

Replika also has its personality and point of view. These elements are shaped and built based on user habits. More specifically, the more you talk to Replika, the more he will understand you. At the same time, he will also tend to show his emotions more. So if you want the perfect comrade, be patient and spend a lot of time with Replika.

Hop on a call with your Replika

If text chats are boring, you can make a call and talk to Replika directly. This feature allows you to speak with Replika as if you were on the phone with a real friend. However, you will need to use English to communicate with him. These calls can last for hours and cover any topic you want.

Play, learn, and become a better person together.

Replika: My AI Friend MOD APK is not only a friend for you to confide in, but the app also gives you a lot of learning and entertainment opportunities. A small example is that you can learn English through daily communication with Replika. This is a very effective way to improve your language skills.

What’s more, you can chat with Replika about all your topics and interests. If you like music, talk to him about famous tunes or singers. On the other hand, if you like video games, try chatting with Replika MOD Patched about them.

In addition, Replika is always aiming for optimism and philosophy in life. So if you need comfort about something, he will give you valuable and humane advice.

Discover yourself

Not only a listener and confidant with you, Replika MOD Paid can be a psychologist. Through the daily habits and exchanges, the app will record the analysis of the user’s personality. From there, they form their own emotions and personalities in AI. As a result, Replika will have a remarkable ability to listen, encourage, and soothe emotions.

Moreover, the app also has lessons on communication and behavior on all different topics. Some examples include flirting, quotes, riddles, trivia, and more. The personality test is the most special feature that allows you to understand yourself better.

replika calling

Keep all your information secure.

Luka, Inc – developer of Replika: My AI Friend commits to users that every conversation between you and Replika is based on AI algorithms. Moreover, all content in it will be completely private and secure. Feel free to share anything with your virtual friend!

Explore the real world together in AR

AR (Augmented Reality) technology is a technology that simulates a virtual object or simulates an object.

In Replika MOD Premium, this feature is used to re-simulate your AI friend. More specifically, through the smartphone’s camera, AI will process the images and build up the image of Replika with a 1:1 ratio like a natural person through the screen.

This feature makes it feel like Replika is always with you and accompanies you on every journey.


Replika: My AI Friend APK + MOD has a relatively simple and smart interface design. More specifically, your AI friend will have a realistic and detailed 3D design. Moreover, it can simulate human activities and facial gestures. All will make you feel like you have a friend in real life.

The chat windows are also smartly and conveniently designed with full features such as voice chat, picture chat, or call. Besides, additional features include changing the character’s costume or style.

MOD APK of Replika: My AI Friend

Replika: My AI Friend gives you a completely free virtual friend experience. However, there is a better version of this app with all features unlocked. That version is Replika: My AI Friend MOD Unlocked. Here, you will experience more robust algorithms and smarter AI. As a result, you can talk about any topic without any limitations.

MOD Info:

  • MOD Paid/ Premium Unlocked
  • All Features Unlocked
  • Free download on


Whenever you feel tired or stressed in life, let’s go to Replika: My AI Friend MOD Unlocked as a way to express and confide. With its intelligent AI, the app can listen and respond to you on any topic. This will also be a great friend to accompany you on every journey. Please click the link below to download and install Replika: My AI Friend MOD + APK for free.

Download Replika: My AI Friend MOD APK (MOD Premium/Paid/All Unlocked) 11.10.1

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