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Publisher Ndemic Creations
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Build your own empire in Rebel Inc. This game turns you into a leader who holds the destiny of the country in his hands to make important decisions. Are you ready to explore it?

About Rebel Inc.

Today, the state of war has ended. There is no denying that all wars are irrational in nature, and each of us is aware of it. However, in order for us to appreciate the peace we enjoy more, we should know the brutality of wars.

That’s why Rebel Inc was born. It is inspired by the complex developments and consequences of past uprisings. As a result, it gives you an engaging strategy experience. This game was developed by Ndemic Creations, a pretty popular developer on Google Play. Up to now, this attractive game has received more than one hundred million downloads on Google Play. One of its most significant advantages is simple gameplay. All you need to do is build a strong country and help people have a better life. Keep reading to know more.

Rebel Inc mod apk download


Rebel Inc is set in late 2002, the war is over. It is of course good news that peace has been re-established in your country. However, there are countless problems that you, the head of the country, are facing. The wars were devastating in every way. Millions of people are having problems with food, health care,… They need a talented leader to lead them to a brighter new future. You will become the holder of the destiny of this country. Your mission is to rebuild the country from the ruins after the war.

Rebel Inc: Attractive Gameplay

Your mission in the game is very clear. Rebuild a new base of operations from the post-war ashes. After controlling your area, you need to develop your military to expand into neighboring territories.

Specifically, the country was divided into different regions after the war, each ruled by a rebel. Basically, your mission is to build a new empire by choosing land and beginning to establish your control over that land.

Of course, at first, you won’t be trusted by the people. So, you will have to do a lot of things to win people’s trust, such as developing agriculture, building medical and educational facilities, or upgrading water sources.

Your stability will be indicated by the Stability bar which is located at the top of your screen. The number of people who trust you will be on the left while the number of people who do not will be on the right.

Let’s come up with a good strategy to ensure the stability and development of the country!

Rebel Inc gameplay

Talented Governor

Before starting your empire, it is essential to choose a governor of your own, who is important to your strategy. Here are the governors available to you:

  • The Civil Servant

This is the default governor who accompanies you at the beginning of the game. Of course, this governor does not come with special effects.

  • The Economist

Will be unlocked when you win a game with the Civil Servant. This allows you to receive your full budget every April.

The best thing is to invest in your bank and reduce inflation. The priority is to invest in the Government and the Army.

  • The General

You will unlock The General after winning with your The Economist. This allows you to have some army barracks from the start, which is useful in defending the territory from invasions by other countries and rebel rebels.

Advice is not to focus too much on Military issues. Instead, you also need to give a certain amount of attention to Civil matters.

  • The Banker

Your money will quickly increase if you have a lot of money idle.

  • The Smuggler

Get value-for-money anti-corruption solutions. However, you should not upgrade early, because you will get a certain amount from corruption.

Invest in the Military

Your biggest threat in the game is the rebels. So, destroying the camps and rebel groups before they can spread is paramount. Your reputation will be reduced if you let them destroy resources.

Rebel rebels are usually the ones who don’t trust you. They will constantly organize uprisings and attack buildings in your territory. Although violence is not the best way to solve problems. But in this case, be ready to use violence to suppress hostile forces.

Our advice: surround them and block their escape. Otherwise, they will soon return later with vengeance. Also, make sure you call in air support to get rid of remnants of rebel groups after defeating them in battle.

The battles will be easier if you spend a lot of money on heavy and modern weapons like drones and tanks. However, it always comes with risks. Military operations when activated with modern weapons have the risk of causing more casualties to residents. It will definitely reduce your reputation. Therefore, think before using them. Don’t forget that you are managing an entire country, finding ways to win bloody wars is not a good idea.

Rebel Inc features

Expand your Empire

Once you’ve finished building your empire in one area, it is time to unlock other regions. Currently, Rebel Inc offers you many areas, such as:

  • Saffron Fields
  • Mountain Pass
  • Pistachio Forest
  • Distant Steppe
  • Southern Desert

Each area has a unique topographical pattern. They will influence your decisions. Some buildings are only suitable on certain terrain. Besides, the terrain types also bring obstacles when you deploy military campaigns.

Some maps in the game are not available when you start the game. During your gameplay, you can unlock them by completing quests. However, there are some that are only unlocked if you pay real money. Don’t worry, with the Rebel Inc mod that APKmazon provides in this article, all maps have been unlocked for free. It means you don’t need to pay real money to open them anymore. Now you can easily choose whatever map you want to play.

Graphics: Simple but Not Sketchy

Rebel Inc has quite simple but exquisite 2D graphics. It will surely impress you at first sight without 3D graphics with too many effects. It is designed like a military map, helping you manyhave an overview and easily control the activities in your territory.

In addition, the sound of the game is also extremely attractive by the majestic background music. The music seems to be transformed according to the situation of the war, making the player feel much more attractive.

MOD APK of Rebel Inc.

It’s about time we talk about the mod version of this game.

About Premium version

Rebel Inc is basically a freemium game. The good thing is that you almost don’t see the ads that appear while playing. It certainly offers a pleasant playing experience. However, there are features in the game that have been limited. You need to pay to unlock them. Once you have paid to buy Premium, you will receive the following benefits:

  • You can hire new advisors. They will help you manage your empire more effectively.
  • Speed up the development of regions
  • Feel free to customize the names and flags of your empires. By default it is unchanged.
  • Show more useful information about your empire.

MOD features

  • Premium Unlocked: All the Premium features we listed above are now unlocked. You can access them for free.
  • Unlock other advanced features. It makes it easy to upgrade and expand your empire.

How to install?

There isn’t any difficulty to install it. Just download the APK file we provide below, open it and wait for the installation to complete.

Note: When there is a new update of the game, we will also immediately release a mod for that version. However, you will lose your save if you update the mod from another source. So, to make sure you don’t lose your save game when updating to a new version, always do it here.


Overall, Rebel Inc is a very unique and novel strategy simulation game.

It gives you a lot of great benefits. This includes knowledge of the history of the country you live in and other countries worldwide. In addition, you will experience wars to understand the fate of the country better when it is invaded. As a result, you will be trained to endure many challenges. So, why don’t you give it a try?

This game will help you to love your hometown and country more. We always wish to live in a world of peace without war, right? So let’s apply negotiation, no-fight strategies to protect your country.

Download Rebel Inc. MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.15.0

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