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Quest Hunter MOD APK (Full Version Unlocked) 1.1.7

App NameQuest Hunter
Publisher 2 Zombie Games
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Require7.2 and up
MOD InfoFull Version Unlocked
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About Quest Hunter

Are you up for a thrilling expedition that will put your talents to the test and reveal a fascinating plot? Quest Hunter is an excellent isometric action RPG that will keep you entertained for hours. Quest Hunter is the best Android game for people looking for a fantastic gaming experience because of its compelling story, enticing puzzles, and magnificent combat. Team up with companions or strike off alone as you seek wealth, battle dangerous foes, and investigate mysterious locales. Prepare to get your imagination captured by this incredible journey and to realize your inner hero.

Dive Into a Fascinating Narrative

In this game, your decisions significantly influence the narrative, allowing you to change the flow of events and uncover mysteries. Take part in conversation-based encounters to discover your adversaries’ hidden motives. As you go, you’ll embark on a quest to save humanity from the shadows of death. Every choice has real-world repercussions, so make them carefully and brace yourself. In this epic narrative, you will find mystery, intrigue, and unexpected turns at every turn.

Participate with Others Online or in Your Neighborhood in Cooperative Mode

When you have friends at your side, there’s no reason to strike off on a trip alone. Quest Hunter supports up to four people in its cooperative modes, whether you play it online or on your sofa. Band up, face more significant adversaries, or storm the opposing stronghold and dig up a mass grave. You get to decide, and the options are limitless. Take advantage of the fun of teamwork and create ties that can’t be broken!

Explore Generically Generated Mazes

Get ready to be captivated by the dynamic world of the game. Every dungeon you explore is procedurally created, so you’ll always face new dangers. Is there a straightforward way out, or must you navigate a maze of dangerous passageways? You should be ready for anything as you go down treacherous corridors searching for the treasures buried deep inside these underground caverns.

Defeat Obstacles and Figure Out Mysteries

You may put your mind to the test with various tasks and riddles strewn across the game. Move things about, flip switches, turn on lights, dig for treasure, and do much more. Find treasure maps and explore exciting treasure hunts to become the country’s wealthiest and most admired explorer. Get lost in the Quest Hunter universe, where your every adventure is a step toward glory.

Acquire Expertise and Unleash Incredible Powers

A hero is a hero with a complete set of abilities. Improve your player’s stats and learn new skills to become an unstoppable killing machine. Assume the guise of an unstoppable killing machine and reduce your foes to ash. As you level up, you’ll get access to ever-more-powerful abilities that will make short work of even the most formidable opponents. Dominate the field of battle by honing your abilities and fighting skills.

Gather your arsenal and supplies

If you want to increase your odds of survival, arm yourself with lethal weapons, full armor, and as many other tools as possible. You can find, make, and improve your equipment to fit your play style. Do you like the bulky armor of a warrior or the fast blades of a rogue? You get to decide, and the options are limitless. Put together the ideal arsenal, and you’ll be ready for anything!

Take on Terrible Bosses and Terrible Beasts

Get ready for massive confrontations against scary monsters. Shine your flashlight ahead and watch the strange animals escape the light. Fight against clever bandits in bloody battles and figure out how to stay alive. However, intelligent managers are waiting to see how resourceful and competent you are. Use your array of weapons, your enhanced powers, and the cunning strategies you’ve developed to defeat these formidable foes. You’ll earn respect as a genuine hunter of the night with every success you have.

Locate Gold and Reward Medals

Treasure hunting is an essential part of any exciting journey. Gather as much loot as possible as you defeat foes and explore the underworld. Gather spoils from your enemies’ demise and find all their secret hiding spots and caches. Those fearless enough to take them will reap the benefits of Quest Hunter. Do you want to become a legendary treasure seeker?

The Game Epic Adventure, Now Playing


The light abruptly vanishes, plunging an already chaotic region deeper into darkness. You, a daring explorer, have just crashed your hot air balloon into this mysterious world in the middle of all this upheaval. You set out on an extraordinary journey, determined to learn the truth about the stolen sun and the plots of those responsible.


You’ll feel like you’ve entered a traditional RPG dungeon in Quest Hunter. It has a heavy focus on exciting missions and completing them. Using a massive, linked map, you’ll venture into various locales, each rife with hidden treasures, deadly traps, and powerful foes. Explore the maze of interconnected regions and routes to get your desired answers. Keep in mind that people are ruthless adversaries, but use candles to indicate your progress and scare away specific sorts of beasts.

You’ll unlock various weapons and protective gear as you enter the game. Use multiple weapons and protection, including swords, shields, greatswords, axes, and maces. Increase your hero’s potential by leveling up their equipment.

In addition to your fighting prowess, the game also has a skill system. Acquiring active abilities like fire, ice, and lightning can significantly increase your combat effectiveness. Furthermore, passive talents grant significant enhancements to functional skills. Assign these abilities to keyboard shortcuts and be ready for anything. Create an unstoppable champion by strengthening your hero’s stats via battle and completing tasks.

After completing challenging objectives, you’ll meet helpful NPCs throughout your path. Create bonds with like-minded people, determine what unites them, and enlist their help in your cause.

Images and Music:

Quest Hunter creates a visually arresting universe by combining dark tones with bright, cartoon-style images. The game distinguishes between overly complicated and lacking content by providing various enemies, tools, and locales to explore. Take part in battle animations that bring the action to life, and enjoy the music and sound effects that draw inspiration from mythology.

MOD APK version of Quest Hunter

MOD feature

Full Version Unlocked


Take advantage of the chance to enjoy Quest Hunter’s intriguing stories, exciting gameplay, and stunning visuals. Plunge headfirst into an adventure that blends serious tasks with hilarious side quests for a ride you will remember.

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