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Poke Genie MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 8.7.0

Ultimate tool for Pokemon Go: Remote Raid, IV, PvP, Name Gen, Pokedex & more.

App NamePoke Genie
Publisher Poke Genie
Require7.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About Poke Genie

Keeping track of and arranging one’s Pokemon collection after playing Pokemon Go may be challenging for players. Players, however, may quickly organize their raids, manage their Pokemon, and enhance their skills with the assistance of the Poke Genie app. Poke Genie is the perfect companion software for users of Pokemon Go, and in this piece, we’ll take a look at its capabilities as well as the advantages it provides.

Organize and Manage Your Pokemon Collection with Poke Genie

Players of Pokemon Go can benefit from using the Poke Genie, a helpful tool that helps them discover and manage their Pokemon collections. The application offers specific information on each Pokemon, such as its name, the number of power-ups required, the consequences of purifying it, and more. In addition, Pokemon stardust and sweets may be purchased with IV (Individual Value). The Poke Genie can verify the results on a Pokemon website or the assessment screen for the team leader to provide players with further information and insights.

Plan and Participate in Raids Around the World with Poke Genie

Players readily participate in small raids taking the world, thanks to Poke Genie. Players instantly get Raid Boss trainers assigned to them through the app, enabling them to take on Raid Bosses originating from various places and legends. However, the PvP combat seen in the Great and Ultra Leagues may not be the ideal match for IV. Players should check their PvP IV before moving to establish the appropriate IV for each Pokemon to use in PvP encounters.

Improve Your Raiding and Gymming Skills with Poke Genie’s Battle Simulator

The fight simulator in Poke Genie is a great tool that assists players in improving their abilities to raid and compete in gyms. The simulator considers the player’s collection of Pokemon counters to determine which opponents the player would face, lowering the player’s need for potions and reviving. In addition, the Poke Genie suggests a speedy and uncomplicated method for forming raid teams, which makes the procedure easier for players. After completing a raid, players can let Poke Genie select their team for them, which will provide them with the necessary confidence to take on the Raid Boss.

Determine a Pokemon’s Weak Points, Resistance, or Effectiveness with Poke Genie’s Type Effectiveness Tool

The efficacy of typography cannot be acquired by memorization alone. Players can identify the weak spots, resistance, or effectiveness of a Pokemon using the Type Effectiveness tool that is e in Poke Genie. In addition, the findings of the scans performed by Poke Genie may be arranged and filtered in a dependable and uncomplicated manner. This makes it much easier for players to track and evaluate their Pokemon collection.

Avoid Wasting Resources on Ineffective Pokemon with Poke Genie’s Power-up/Evolution Simulator

Finding a Pokemon’s current Combat Power (CP) might be challenging after it has had a power-up, evolved, or been purified. The “Power-up/Evolution Simulator” feature of Poke Genie thankfully informs users of how many experience points, health points, dust, and candies each power-up and evolution will cost them and their Pokemon. Users can avoid spending dust and candies on unproductive Pokemon by determining values based on their IVs, which makes Poke Genie a handy resource.


In conclusion, Poke Genie is the best companion software for those who play Pokemon Go. Players can easily manage and organize their Pokemon collections, as well as plan and participate in raids around the world, improve their raiding and gymming skills, determine a Pokemon’s weak points, resistance, or effectiveness, and avoid wasting resources on ineffective Pokemon thanks to its many features and benefits. Players can also improve their raiding and gymming skills by enhancing their raiding and gymming skills. Poke Genie is an indispensable tool that, regardless of whether you play Pokemon Go for fun or serious competition, will assist you in reaching the next level of play in the game.

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