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About pixiv

Many great features and improvements have recently been added to the pixiv app. Recent updates have made the platform more accessible and user-friendly for all creative endeavors. This article will discuss the advantages and functions of the recently updated pixiv app.

A Single “Like” for Bookmarking and Starring

One of the significant improvements of pixiv app is the combination of Rating and Bookmarking features into a single function called “Like!” This new feature allows users to express appreciation for any works they find interesting or inspiring. Users can define their approval and add the item to their collection by clicking the “Like!” button.

The new Name for Bookmarks Is “Collection”

To improve the user’s ability to manage and organize their saved works, the pixiv app has renamed the Bookmark feature “Collection.” Users can now create collections based on their preferences, themes, and additional results. Thanks to this new addition, users can now more easily and quickly access their preferred works.

Start Page with Ratings and Suggestions

The pixiv app now has a Home page where users can find top ten lists and personalized recommendations based on their tastes in media. The “Recommended” tab displays works relevant to the user’s interests and is a source of creativity. Users can also check out the most-liked submissions from other people and broaden their horizons creatively.

Search Results in Order from Most Recent to Oldest, Wallpapers, and Feeds Have Been Removed

pixiv app has removed some less-used or redundant features. The Search Ordered by Oldest to Newest option has been removed, as users can already sort search results by relevance, views, and likes. The Set as Wallpaper feature is no longer available, as it was not a primary function of the app. The Feed feature has been replaced by the “Recommended” section, which offers a more personalized and dynamic feed based on the user’s preferences.

New Features: Recommended Works, Related Works, Recommended Users, Search Suggestions, Filtered Search

pixiv app has introduced several new features to enhance the user’s ability to discover, explore, and connect with other users and works. The Recommended Works feature suggests new jobs that match the user’s interests and preferences. The Related Works feature recommends it works similar to those being viewed, allowing users to discover contemporary artists and styles. The Recommended Users feature suggests users with similar interests and styles, fostering community and collaboration. The Search Suggestions feature offers instant and relevant suggestions based on the user’s search queries. The Filtered Search feature enables users to refine their search results by various criteria, such as genre, style, or rating.

Main Interface of pixiv App

Upon opening pixiv app, users are greeted with a simple and intuitive interface that includes a menu button on the left for accessing settings and a search bar on the right for entering keywords. The main screen consists of three tabs: Illustrations, Manga, and Novels. Each tab displays rankings and recommendations of the most famous works in each category, allowing users to discover new jobs quickly.

Creating a Post on pixiv App

To start creating new work on the pixiv app, users can register a new account or log in if they already have one. They can then click the menu button and select the Post button to create their work. Users can also manage their careers and requests, access their bookmarks and browsing history, and explore new jobs and ideas.

Consulting Creative Ideas and Works on pixiv App

pixiv app offers a vast collection of creative works, including images, content, and how-to guides, to inspire and guide users in their artistic pursuits. Users can browse various pieces and react to them by clicking the “Like!” button. The app also recommends similar results based on users’ interests, allowing them to discover new styles and techniques. The app’s novel section is also a rich source of inspiration and entertainment for users who enjoy reading and writing stories.

Other Extensions for Users

pixiv app offers additional features and functionalities to enhance the user’s experience and engagement. Users can be recommended other users who share similar interests and styles, allowing them to connect and collaborate with like-minded people. Users can also join groups catering to specific topics or genres, further expanding their creative horizons. The app allows users to name their bookmarks and merge them into collections, making it easier to manage and search for their saved works. The app also showcases events and official contests that users can participate in to showcase their talents and win prizes. Finally, the app offers various settings, such as choosing a dark theme or mute location, to further personalize the user’s experience.


pixiv app is a versatile and comprehensive platform for artistic creativity with many features and functionalities. The recent updates and improvements have made the app more user-friendly and efficient, providing users with a seamless experience for exploring, creating, and sharing their work. Whether you are a seasoned artist or a beginner, pixiv app is an excellent tool for discovering new styles, techniques, and inspirations and connecting with a community of passionate and talented users. With its vast collection of works, easy-to-use interface, and innovative features, pixiv app is a must-have for anyone interested in the world of creative arts.

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