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Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro MOD APK (PAID/Patched) 2023.01.21

Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro MOD APK – Record, display, and export data from your smartphone’s internal sensors.

App NamePhysics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro
Publisher Vieyra Software
MOD InfoPAID/Patched
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About Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro

Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro is a state-of-the-art program that gathers, views, records, and exports.csv data files from your smartphone’s internal sensors. This app’s wide variety of sensors, generators, and data analysis tools makes it ideal for scientists, engineers, and mathematicians (STEM) professionals and hobbyists, especially those working in the subject of physics. This program provides an extensive suite of instruments to investigate and evaluate the real world, making it useful for academic study and classroom instruction.

Exploring the World of Sensors

The software uses the many sensors on the user’s smartphone to provide accurate readings. Among these sensors are:

  • The G-Force Meter, Linear Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Inclinometer, and Protractor are all valuable instruments for determining linear and angular velocities and accelerations in kinematics.
  • In acoustics, instruments like the Sound Meter, Tone Detector, Tone Generator, Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, and Spectrogram can be used to examine sound levels, frequencies, and musical tones.
  • Light: Light Meter, Color Detector, Color Generator, Proximeter, Stroboscope (beta), and Wi-Fi Signal Strength may measure light intensity, detect colors using a camera, create unique colors, and analyze periodic motion.
  • Magnetism: Use the compass, magnetometer, and Magna-AR to investigate magnetic fields, directions, and intensities in augmented reality.
  • Use the barometer, ruler, global positioning system (GPS), and system temperature sensors to get readings on air pressure; distance traveled, speed, and battery temperature, respectively.

Combinatorial and Analytical Powerhouses

Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro provides several permutations and analytical tools to collect better and display data:

  • Select numerous recorders to gather information from various angles and in real-time.
  • Show simultaneous data from two sensors on a single graph for instant analysis and insight.
  • The exhilarating dynamics of roller coasters may be simulated and analyzed with a G-Force Meter, Linear Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and Barometer.

Elements of Plot and Play

Users may manually input data to create individualized graphs with the Manual Data Plot option, giving them greater control over the analytical process. Meanwhile, The Play section presents players with fascinating tasks in which they may test and expand their knowledge.

Simple Documentation and Transfer

The intuitive design of the software makes data collection a breeze. To begin capturing data, users need to click the red floating action button, and the information can be easily stored and retrieved by clicking the folder symbol. It’s easy to export data from the app and send it through email or save it in a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox. The folder icon makes sending and receiving files from your local computer simple.

Data Collection and Personalization through Sensors

Users may read in-depth descriptions of their functions by selecting the “i” symbol next to each sensor. This reveals helpful information about the sensor, such as its brand, manufacturer, data collecting frequency, and data type. The app also provides access to supplementary materials for anyone interested in learning more. Data may be shown graphically, digitally, or in vector form; graph settings can be modified; axes for multidimensional data can be selected; and line widths can be adjusted for improved readability. Some sensors can even be calibrated by the user for better precision.

Putting the App to Work

Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro is a flexible tool that may facilitate accurate sensor readings in many settings. It has a user-friendly interface that allows sophisticated measurements, data recording, and analysis to be performed. The software compares and explores scientific topics by giving reliable and recorded facts. Furthermore, it provides several capabilities, such as state-of-the-art sound measuring and advanced light metering, allowing users to dig into the nuances of frequency and light intensity.

Advanced Techniques for Measuring Sound

Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro is an advanced and excellent instrument for acoustic investigation because of its innovative sound-measuring function. The app provides accurate readings regardless of whether you’re trying to measure sound frequency or intensity. Users may be sure they always use the most cutting-edge technology available since the app’s creators constantly introduce new features to increase its capacity for measuring sound.

An Up-to-Date Light Meter

The software also has a novel light measurement capability, expanding its usefulness in several ways. Users may now take precise readings of light levels, facilitating in-depth comparisons and analyses. The software also provides many light measurement modes, allowing the user to collect more comprehensive information to conclusions.

Taking in New Information

Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro is great for gathering targeted information for in-depth studies. Users may compile large datasets and quickly produce analysis tables for comparison and interpretation using the app’s recording feature. Your data is safely stored in files you may access directly from the program. Users are freed from the distraction of data organization and may instead focus on their research goals with this simplified approach to data management.

Detailed Reporting and Evaluation Mechanisms

The software alerts users when critical data has been measured, making the data and its interpretation easily accessible. The app’s analytical systems spotlight frequencies, helping users pick up on the finer points of frequency analysis. The app also includes a wave detector so that users may examine the amplitudes and shapes of waves as they travel and learn more about these phenomena.

Important Characteristics

Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro provides a wide variety of options to satisfy the requirements of its many customers:

  • Users are given access to helpful frequency characteristics within the software, allowing them to zero down on specific frequencies for their studies. Because of its adaptability, many occurrences and scientific questions may be investigated thoroughly.
  • The ability to perform in-depth studies relies on having access to accurate and well-documented data. Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro guarantees that consumers can access accurate information, allowing for more meaningful comparisons and tracking trends over time.
  • Measuring various data types, including cutting-edge measurements of sound and light frequency, is possible with this app. This all-encompassing method allows users to explore multiple scientific and technical inquiry fields, opening up exciting new vistas and perspectives.
  • Connecting Theory and Practice: The software gives examples of applicable physics concepts to aid comprehension and contextualize the data. Users may better understand the material and make more tangible connections between theoretical concepts and real-world observations by linking the data to known rules and theories.

MOD APK version of Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro

MOD feature



Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro is a vast improvement compared to previous sensor measurement technologies. Researchers, educators, and amateurs in physics and beyond will find its robust features, reliable measurements, and complete analytical tools vital. The app’s accessible design and regular updates allow users to probe the realm of sensors, unearth previously unknown information, and push the bounds of scientific inquiry.

Download Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro MOD APK (PAID/Patched) 2023.01.21

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