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Photo Tools: compress, resize MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.5.8

The all-in-one tool app for your images. Compress, crop, resize, and much more.

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About Photo Tools

The importance of visual material in modern communication makes it imperative to have access to a powerful picture editing program. Suppose you’re looking for a practical and feature-rich program to edit your images; go beyond Photo Tools. The app provides its customers with various options for enhancing their pictures, allowing them to create stunning works of art from seemingly mundane snapshots. This piece digs into Photo Tools’ astonishing capabilities, demonstrating how it may completely alter how you approach picture editing.

Reduce File Sizes with This Powerful Compression Software

Large file sizes make it difficult to send high-resolution photographs to others or to include them in an email. Photo Tools’ compress tool saves the day by dramatically decreasing file sizes without sacrificing image quality. The app efficiently optimizes your photographs, whether you prefer percentage-based compression or defining a desired file size. We’ve placed the compressed photos in the storage/Pictures/Photo Tools/Compress folder to facilitate quick access and smooth incorporation.

Accessible Fine-Tuning with Crop and Resize Functions

In photo editing, the most important thing is to get the composition right. This app cropping and resizing tools give you granular control over your final product. Remove distractions by cropping, changing the image’s aspect ratio, or rotating it by 90 degrees in either direction. The resize function lets you modify the image’s dimensions and resolution while keeping the aspect ratio the same. Discover an infinite number of options for perfecting your photographs.

Tools for Converting Between Numerous Image Formats

Converting between picture formats might be a time-saving need. Photo Tools’ convert tool is a flexible resource that makes this much more accessible. Open up new avenues of collaboration and innovation by converting your photographs to widely used file types like JPG, PNG, or WEBP. Graphic designers may create stickers for messaging applications by converting photos to PNG format. You may save even more time and effort by converting data in bulk.

Square Photo Editor: Made for Instagram and Facebook

The square photo feature in the app is ideal for sharing on social networking sites like Instagram, which has been increasingly popular recently. Easy square cropping can make your photographs stand out in your stream. Use the blur, white, or black background options to take your visual narrative to the next level.

Tools for Selecting and Extracting Colors: A Key to Visual Expression

When it comes to aesthetics, color is king. Photo Tools provides a color picker and extractor tool, allowing you to precisely extract and apply colors from your photographs. The color picker removes paint from a picture and gives you the name and hex code so you may use it in your other projects without any hassle. The extract colors feature makes it simple to grab a wide range of colors from a picture and paste them onto the clipboard for further use.

The Power of Super-Zoom: Revealing the Finest Details

Sometimes you must look closely at a picture to see the beauty hiding in plain sight. You may use the super zoom feature of the app to examine minute details in your images. Find the jewels hiding in plain sight and gain insights you might have missed.

The App Special Features: Where Simplicity and Efficiency Meet

As a whole, Photo Tools is designed with the user’s convenience in mind. The app has both dark and bright aesthetics to suit your needs. Having everything in one spot is excellent, rather than switching between several programs. You may rest easy knowing that the integrity and authenticity of your original photographs have been maintained. The ability to save in batches allows you to work on several images simultaneously, increasing efficiency. The app makes sending your finished photos to family and friends quickly via email or social media.

MOD APK version of Photo Tools

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Photo Tools is the best picture editor since it provides everything you need to unleash your imagination. To share photographs more quickly and easily, optimize their composition by cropping and resizing, convert formats easily, make square images for social media, isolate and study colors, or zoom in on details, Photo Tools has you covered.

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