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Oxford Dictionary MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 15.1.943

Oxford Dictionary MOD APK – Improve your vocabulary and grammar with the 15 biggest Oxford Dictionaries.

App NameOxford Dictionary
Publisher MobiSystems
Size87 MB
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About Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford Dictionary MOD APK, developed by Oxford Languages and available for Android devices, is an unrivaled language study and reference resource. This revolutionary software brings together 15 of Oxford’s best dictionaries, each carefully crafted to improve your language skills, and is widely regarded as the gold standard in linguistics.

You can use any of these dictionaries

The app offers many exceptional dictionaries, each serving a distinct linguistic purpose. Every resource is meticulously curated to broaden your linguistic horizon, from the in-depth Oxford English Dictionary & Thesaurus to the specialized Oxford Japanese Mini Dictionary.

  • Oxford Dictionary of English & Thesaurus
  • New Oxford American Dictionary & Thesaurus
  • Oxford Hachette French Dictionary
  • Oxford German Dictionary
  • Oxford Spanish Dictionary
  • Oxford Russian Dictionary
  • Oxford Chinese Dictionary
  • Oxford Paravia Italian Dictionary
  • Oxford Hindi Dictionary
  • Oxford English Urdu Dictionary
  • Oxford Essential Portuguese Dictionary
  • Oxford Japanese Mini Dictionary
  • Oxford Greek Mini Dictionary
  • Oxford Softpress English Bulgarian Minidictionary
  • Concise Oxford-River Books English-Thai Dictionary

The Must-Have Resource for Language Lovers and Experts

Whether you’re a student preparing for the ACT, SAT, IELTS, or TOEFL or a working professional looking to improve your English, the Oxford Dictionary is an indispensable resource.

A Market Place for Quality Information

MakeUse Oxford Languages’ new 2022 word database includes more than a million words, phrases, and definitions. Thousands of synonyms and antonyms, idiomatic idioms, and subject-specific information make up a comprehensive learning environment. In addition, make use of the Word-of-the-day tool to expand your lexicon.

Access to Game-Changing Educational Resources

Need some help with the pronunciation or spelling of a word? Make use of the Oxford Dictionary’s wealth of cutting-edge educational resources:

  • Find a term even if you misspell it with the help of Fuzzy Search.
  • Use your voice to search the web and get instant results for word definitions.
  • Wild card search – Utilize ‘*’ or ‘?’ to replace a letter or entire word segments
  • Experience real-time predicted search results as you write
  • Searching for a Keyword: Digging into Multiple-Word Phrases
  • Use your camera as a search tool and skip the typing!
  • Favorites list – Create unique lexical collections
  • Choose to have any misspelled words as you type automatically corrected.
  • Recent list – Quickly look through previously searched terms
  • Select text in other applications to translate it with a tap

Modifiable, Friendly User Experience

Dark mode provides a more comfortable viewing experience, the Home page facilitates quick and easy navigation, and you can easily share meanings of words using the applications already on your smartphone.

Maximize Your Potential with the Paid Upgrade

You might consider upgrading to the premium membership to access limitless synonyms lookups, accurate audio pronunciation, an offline/fast mode, and ad-free learning.

Introducing the Mobile App – Daily English Learning Made Effortless

With the Oxford Dictionary MOD APK for Android, you can ditch those cumbersome paper dictionaries and have a portable language-learning resource always at hand. This extensive mobile dictionary, written by the prestigious University of Oxford, is an essential resource for any English language student.

All 15 Oxford Dictionaries in One Convenient App

Use the combined power of 15 different Oxford dictionaries to immerse yourself in every facet of the English language. An intuitive user interface will make your study sessions more productive and pleasurable. The program consolidates 15 different dictionaries into one app, making looking up words and phrases easy while you go about your day.

The Ultimate Dictionary

This program, created by Oxford Languages, is the gold standard among language dictionaries and encyclopedias. When you have it on your phone, you may look up any word in any of 15 different reputable Oxford dictionaries, each of which provides extensive information on the English language. The Oxford Dictionary has become a powerful resource for researching and learning English, from the meaning of obscure terms to the structure of the language.

Accurate and Recent Word Lists

The app has a massive lexicon from the most recent (2022) version of the Oxford English Dictionary word database. It’s an excellent resource for learning more about the English language because of its extensive lists of synonyms, antonyms, and sample sentences.

Acquiring a Larger Word Collection

The Oxford Dictionary is a goldmine for anyone learning English because of its extensive database. It’s a handy resource for language learning because of its flexible search options (which include fuzzy search, voice search, wildcard search, and camera search). You can use it to autocorrect your spelling, add terms to custom lists, and even search for definitions in your favorite apps.

Use the Premium Version to Its Full Potential as a Learning Tool

The app’s premium version provides users with no ads, unrestricted access to synonyms and antonyms, and the ability to hear words spoken correctly by native speakers.

MOD APK version of Oxford Dictionary

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked


The Oxford Dictionary MOD APK offers a systematic, all-encompassing, novel English learning method. If you own an Android device, use this app as a fun and valuable language-learning resource. So, there’s no need to hold off. Learn English quickly and easily with the help of the Oxford Dictionary MOD APK. Get it now and start your path to fluency in a new language!

Download Oxford Dictionary MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 15.1.943

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  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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