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Opera Mini - fast web browser MOD APK (Many MOD) 72.0.2254.67831

App NameOpera Mini - fast web browser
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Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoMany MOD
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One of the leading names in web browsers today is Opera Mini with outstanding features. This web browser gives you speed, safety, and all-in-one browsing.

About Opera Mini App

Opera Mini, developed by Opera Software is a very high downloadable free mobile web browser. The developer constantly updates its features. They try to change the interface to bring a complete version to the smartphone today. The standout features that this tool offers are fast and private Internet browsing while keeping your device in a maximum data-saving state. In just one tool, it also integrates many useful functions. This tool meets most of the needs of updating the information of users every day.

Opera Mini features

Key features of Opera Mini

Opera Mini is rated as the fastest and best web browser on mobile. Using a lot of proprietary and innovative technology makes it even better. Join us to explore the great features of this application.

Browse the web quickly

This application is developed from Java-based versions with the ability to compress data when transmitted over the network. If you keep track of the current statistics, web browser rankings, Opera Mini is the fastest browser. According to statistics on mobile platforms, it browses the web 64% faster than UC Browser and 72% faster than Google Chrome. Users do not need to spend too much time waiting to update the latest news or do their job. Besides, its speed also corresponds to safety, so you can be completely assured.

Private Browser

Today, public Wifi is everywhere, and it is not difficult for you to connect to them. However, always be cautious about security concerns as these networks are often insecure. Public Wifi can become a good environment where hackers take advantage of hackers to attack your device to steal information, send spam messages, and malicious code … Usually, using a VPN service is the best solution to prevent these risks. However, sometimes VPNs are not available. You can turn on incognito mode in your browser as an alternative.

Opera Mini’s Private Browser mode is completely similar to that on UC Web and Chrome. When you surf the web in this mode, all browsing data is not recorded. You act as an anonymous user on the Internet without leaving any trace.

Data savings

Have you ever been in awe of not receiving the necessary information, the web downloading task has also consumed various data on your phone? This browser doesn’t let you down, thanks to its unique compression technology that saves users more data while keeping the speed fast. 90% is the number that this tool can help users save for an average of 1 month. As a result, you have plenty of time to watch videos, listen to music, or surf the web wherever you are. Your work will be handled quickly while saving a lot of money on your 4G data purchases.

You can immediately use this data saving feature by accessing the letter “O”, selecting Data saver, then selecting the desired saving mode. There are three modes to choose from including Off (Do not use data saving mode); Opera Mini (mode to maximize speed and save data); Opera Turbo (surf the web as usual but will save more data).

Effective ad blocking

Did you know that page load speed is also affected a lot by unwanted ads?  This browser provides effective adblocking to help users improve their web browsing experience, while not being bothered and wasted on ads. If you want to turn it on, just go to the letter “O”, choose to save data, and turn on adblocking. Once this feature is set up successfully, you will see a difference in the web loading speed and your internet data will be saved a lot.


Many users are uncomfortable with the default settings, so Opera Mini decides to let users change the basic structure to suit their needs. To change these settings, click on the O icon at the bottom of the screen and select Settings. The layout of the Phone helps maximize the content. Tablet to help switch tabs effectively. If you want to perform one-handed operations, click classic. Theme feature with many different colors, helping you to change the main color on the interface according to your preference. If you do not see the font sizes clearly and want to change them, select Page Layout and select Text Size to change. Finally, you can change your language without affecting the fixed languages ​​of the system.

Save for offline viewing

Many people often forget to link important documents after reading, making it harder than ever to find them when needed. This browser has a built-in page-saving feature for offline viewing to help users easily find documents or re-read opened web pages. The way to save the page is also very simple. When you have selected the page to read and download, you click on the + in the address bar. Then, click Save for offline viewing. To find saved web pages again, on the main screen, simply click Saved pages and click on the saved web page to view it.

Watch and download stable online video

Weak transmission often makes users feel uncomfortable especially when watching movies. This tool supports stable video streaming, helping users to enjoy their favorite videos more smoothly even in low transmission conditions. To enable this feature, go to the letter “O”, select “Data saver” and turn on the “Boost Video” feature. Besides, this web browser also allows you to download your favorite videos to your device stored on the memory card for later viewing.

Night mode

For those who do not like the screen too bright, it can be adjusted to night mode. In the settings, you will find the feature “Night mode”. It is extremely useful while you surf the web in low light. If you are worried about eye strain, let Opera Mini adjust the screen color for the best with the “Reduce eye strain” feature.

Opera Mini MOD-apk

APK MOD of Opera Mini

About Premium version

In the more advanced version, you will be blocked from all ads that annoy and cause data costs of the device. You are allowed to open more than one tab at the same time. It helps you to solve more tasks while the page load speed remains the same. Besides, the speed of data savings is also enhanced, allowing for maximum savings. You are also allowed to change the theme colors to your liking.

MOD features

  • Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English
  • Graphics optimization in PngQuant
  • Removed analytics / ads
  • Removed check for Android emulator
  • Removed dependency on Google play services
  • Removed autostart at boot
  • Debug info removed
  • Removed duplicate graphics
  • The sizes of the top / bottom are reduced. curbs
  • Reduced and transparent side slider for scrolling the page
  • Changed application icon
  • Disabled update
  • Compress application


Don’t miss a great web browser like Opera Mini to enjoy fast and safe internet surfing. Download it now and feel.

Download Opera Mini - fast web browser MOD APK (Many MOD) 72.0.2254.67831

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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