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Oddmar MOD APK – Action-adventure Platformer in Norse Mythology

App NameOddmar
Publisher Mobge Ltd.
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Unlocked All
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About Oddmar

Oddmar, a Viking having trouble finding his place in his town, is met with hostility and derision from his other warriors, and as a result, he is deemed unfit to join Valhalla. Oddmar is given a once-in-a-lifetime chance but does not come without strings attached. He is eager to make amends for past mistakes and demonstrates unrealized potential.

Unveiling an Immersive Viking Story through the Medium of Motion Comic

Oddmar welcomes you into its realm of opulent animation, where an epic tale of Vikings is being told right before your eyes. This exciting journey is brought to life as a motion comic, engaging players in a visually striking story that reveals the complexity of the game’s trials and victories.

Explore Carefully Crafted Levels Filled with Physics-Based Puzzles and Platforming Challenges

You are about to go on an exciting adventure through well-crafted levels featuring 24 breathtaking settings. Your agility and problem-solving abilities will be tested throughout each stage, as it features a seamless combination of platforming challenges and physics-based puzzles. You will meet friends and opponents as you go through snow-covered mountains, dangerous mines, and enchanted woods along the route.

Utilizing Enchanted Weapons and Shields, You Can Unleash Your True Power

Oddmar will teach you how to use magically endowed weapons and shields, allowing you to uncover his latent potential. During his travels, he must complete specific tasks or acquire unique artifacts to access his full potential and unleash his full might. The adorable attack tactics of this game may give the impression that they are harmless, but they have enormous capabilities that can be harnessed for various tasks. This enables you to explore the game environment and overcome its problems carefully. Because of your instruction, the game becomes a fearsome warrior on the verge of being the savior of his world.

Confront Fascinating Personalities and Fight Your Way Through Challenging Obstacles

Preparing to make new acquaintances and confront dangerous foes while navigating hazardous tunnels, icy hills, and gorgeous woodlands would be best. Participate in conversations with a colorful ensemble of sidekicks who will accompany Oddmar on his mission and, in equal parts, lend a hand and provide entertainment. These meetings offer priceless insight into the game’s personality and character, enhancing the game’s immersion. The emergence of these buddies turns into a joyful surprise with each new update and level, ensuring that players experience a dynamic and fascinating journey throughout the game.

Incredible Visuals That Help Bring the Ancient World of the Vikings to Life

The enthralling journey that may be experienced in this game is brought to life via magnificent hand-drawn visuals and animations that place players in a vibrant Viking universe. You will have a visually captivating experience for the entirety of the game thanks to the precisely constructed aesthetics and attention to detail, which will immerse you in a world filled with breathtaking scenery and characters with detailed designs.

Storytelling That Is Compelling And Helps Drive the Hero’s Quest

Join Oddmar on his quest to redeem himself and demonstrate that he is worthy of being a Viking warrior. Together, you will go on an adventure. The engaging narrative of the game acts as a driving force, pulling players forward to discover the complexities of the game’s character and the obstacles he must overcome. Get ready to be enthralled by a story that deftly weaves themes of atonement, self-discovery, and exciting new experiences.

The gameplay is challenging, and the boss fights are epic

The road to atonement for this game is a challenging one to travel. Prepare for challenging levels with tricky foes, obstacles, and brain-teasing riddles. You can only successfully negotiate the hazardous terrain and come out on top if you put your abilities to good use and take advantage of this game’s many power-ups. These power-ups include shields, double leaps, and a deadly dash attack. Get ready for some intense boss fights that will strain your skills to the limit and call for a strategic approach, pinpoint accuracy, and lightning-fast reactions from you.

Items to Collect, Rewards, and Several Different Outcomes

Coins and other precious goodies are strewn across the game, and you should be on the lookout for them as you begin the game’s treacherous voyage. The entire quality of your game experience will be improved by using these treasures to unlock additional levels, characters, and enhancements. Your progression will gain greater depth and satisfaction with each collectible achievement you win, encouraging you to investigate every nook and cranny of the game’s universe.

An intriguing aspect of Oddmar is that it can have numerous endings determined by the decisions you make while playing. Your choices will determine the result of the game’s journey, adding a layer of replayability and allowing you to experience various scenarios depending on your chosen actions. Because the story can take several different paths, each run through the game will feel different and provide challenges and rewards.

Experience Total Immersion Thanks to Support for Gamepads

The game supports gamepad controllers, engaging players in the spectacular Oddmar experience. Because of this feature, you will have a more tactile and engaging game experience because you can flawlessly manage the game’s movements, fighting abilities, and interactions. You will be able to experience every move and maneuver as if you were standing right next to this game, directing him through his quest, thanks to the inclusion of gamepad support.

MOD APK version of Oddmar

MOD feature

Unlimited Money, Unlocked All


Oddmar is an outstanding adventure game that allows players to accompany a kind Viking on a perilous journey toward redemption. This journey is packed with a variety of challenging puzzles and stunning settings. Oddmar provides a gaming experience that exceeds expectations through its magnificent visuals, compelling narrative, challenging gameplay, and exciting characters. As you embark on this illustrious Viking voyage, you can observe the game’s evolution from a social pariah to a renowned hero. Will you show him the way to the hallowed ground that is rightfully his?

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