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Nextbot Chasing MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.2.1

App NameNextbot Chasing
Publisher Tomas games development
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Nextbot Chasing (MOD Unlimited Money) is a game about a dramatic chase between players and scary nextbots.

About Nextbot Chasing

“Nextbot” is probably a hot keyword in the gaming community recently. People know it through an action horror game called Nextbot Chasing. This game is developed by Tomas games development. Shortly after its release, Nextbot Chasing became popular for its quirky and fun gameplay. The game has been played and replayed many times on the channels of famous streamers. So what’s interesting about it? – Let’s find out now.

Nextbot Chasing mod apk download

Dramatic chase

Background Nextbot Chasing APK is a school campus. The time in the game is night, so everything around is dark and mysterious.

Your task is to run and collect ten coins scattered throughout the school campus. It is not an easy task because this is the home of many strange creatures. They are not creatures from this planet at all. The game calls them nextbots with weird and aggressive looks.

You need to run away from them if you don’t want to be attacked. Of course, nextbots will chase you, not one but several simultaneously.


The gameplay of Nextbot Chasing MOD is quite simple and easy to understand. Most of your activity in this game is running. Make sure you run fast enough to escape your pursuers. No one else who will chase you is the Nextbots; they are also ready to catch and attack you at any time.

A number representing your HP will be in the corner of the game screen. It will decrease each time you are attacked by the nextbot. If this stat returns to 0, you lose and start over.

To control the character, you can touch and drag anywhere on the left side of the screen. On the opposite side are action keys, including jumping or crouching. Next to it, you’ll see an upward arrow-shaped icon. That’s the acceleration button; holding on to it will allow you to accelerate for a short period. Finally, the flashlight icon is an essential item to help you find your way to escape in the dark.

Nextbot Chasing gameplay

Creepy faces

Nextbot Chasing MOD APK has creepy characters. They look monstrous and scary, even somewhat haunting. More than that, they were not ordinary creatures but just moving faces. If you are not a brave person, this game will probably make you feel scared. We recommend that you do not play alone at night. xD

Some of the chasers you will face are Obunga, Quandale Dinger, Ahenobarbus, Smiler, and more.


Besides running, you can also escape the pursuit of nextbots by hiding. You can find empty cabinets to hide in. It is a simple way for you to escape the hunt in a short time. However, this is not the way to win. You will still have to keep collecting enough items to finish the game.

Collect Coins

There are ten coins placed in random locations on Nextbot Chasing’s map. If you want to win, you will have to collect them all. But finding these coins in a large school is not easy. Moreover, you will be under pressure from the pursuit of Nextbots.
With so many tough challenges, can you win this game?


Nextbot Chasing APK MOD has a pretty realistic and eye-catching 3D graphics design. But the most memorable thing in the game is the creation of Nextbots. They convey the true meaning of creepy. Every detail in the game feels more mysterious than in other horror games I’ve played. From the first time I tried to play Nextbot APK, I was obsessed with its weird designs.

MOD APK of Nextbot Chasing

It will be a great pity if you do not try to play Nextbot Chasing. Now this game is quite famous. It is played by a lot of famous streamers on many platforms. If you think you are brave enough, try our blog’s Nextbot Chasing Unlimited experience.

Nextbot Chasing (Hack & Mod) is now available on APKmazon. Are you ready to experience it? – All the latest game versions with hot features will be updated regularly. So, please visit our website often so as not to miss the exciting things.

MOD Info:

  • MOD Unlimited Money
  • Immortal


Download Nextbot Chasing APK to participate in a runaway “learning session”. Here, you will be chased by many scary creatures, but can you become the winner? – Please click the link below to download Nextbot Chasing MOD APK for free.

Download Nextbot Chasing MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.2.1

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