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NetMan: Network Tools & Utils MOD APK (Full Paid) 20.7.0-PRO

All in one professional network tools for analysis diagnosing and scanning

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About NetMan

When it comes to Android network management, NetMan is your one-stop shop. Its array of tools is built for speed, precision, and convenience. NetMan stands out among Android network administration apps due to its comprehensive set of functionality.

A Comprehensive Set of Resources for Managing Networks

The app incorporates several forms of real-time monitoring, such as those for telephones, networks, and wireless networks. Various other helpful tools include a web crawler, a universal scanner, a speed test, a traceroute, a WhoIs inquiry, an FTP server and client, a WiFi scanner and analyzer, a Nmap scanner, and an SQLmap scanner, are also included. These options are only the tip of the iceberg for what this program can do.

Continuous Analysis and Reporting

NetMan offers graphs that show people how their telephony is doing in real time. The more you know about the people who utilize your network, the more you can exploit that knowledge. WiFi signal strength and reliability may be tracked in real-time thanks to the built-in monitoring graph.

Numerous Resources for Working with Networks

This app has various helpful network tools and applications, including primary and complex settings. The universal scanner, status tracer, network change tracer, speed test, native speed test via Python, ping, multi-ping, geo-ping, traceroute, progressive traceroute, native (UDP) traceroute with MPLS detection, MTR scanner (root required), ports scanner, Whois query, LAN scanner, telnet client, SSH (Secure Shell), FTP client, and FTP server are just some of the valuable tools available to users.

Superior Network Understanding

NetMan provides features that are not available in other network management software. Network Mapper v7.70 allows users to scan using Nmap, execute Bonjour (Zeroconf) scans, check with SQLMap, use Nping to generate network packets, and capture packets with tcpdump v4.9.2 (root required). The software’s capacity for managing networks is bolstered by including tools like Netcat, iPerf 2, iPerf 3, and a network stress tester.

Flexible Capabilities for Total Network Administration

This program lets users add gadgets and organize them into distinct groups. Devices may be classified, and users can enter details. The gadget area may be password protected in the app for added safety.

Client VPN and Domain Name System Administration

The Virtual Private Network client feature allows users to securely connect to their office or home network and devices from any location with an internet connection. NetMan also provides a DNS resolver for streamlined DNS administration that can switch between hosts and DNSMasq.

Take Charge of Your App Addiction

The app helps people understand how they utilize their mobile devices. The program generates comprehensive graphs and statistics about overall and app-specific screen usage. Users can see how much time they spend on various mobile applications and games, giving them more control over their schedules. If users know how they spend their downtime, they may make better decisions about which productivity-boosting apps to use and which ones to skip.

Analyzing Internet Use With Efficiency

NetMan not only monitors mobile devices in real-time but also delivers an analysis of how much time each app spends on the network. Additionally, customers may evaluate the signal strength of nearby WiFi networks and select the one that provides the best overall online experience by scanning the accessible systems.

Faster capturing for more fluid operation

The app is always looking for ways to improve its service. Users may now see how quickly their media downloads and uploads in real-time. Users can accurately gauge the performance of their network connection thanks to this function, which displays accurate data transmission speeds. To top it all off, this app enhances the network’s performance for gaming to guarantee lag-free action and a more immersive experience. The days of frustrating delays and dropped connections during games are over.

It’s Simple to Retrieve Forgotten WiFi Passwords

NetMan’s capacity to retrieve WiFi passwords is a notable feature. The app is there for you to track your WiFi password. Users with root access can easily reset or recover their WiFi passwords without additional assistance from service providers. If you routinely need help with your password, this function will greatly help.

Improved Safety Measures for Greater Security

The app places a premium on user privacy and provides valuable tools for protecting sensitive data. Users worried about prying eyes into their most personal apps may rest easy knowing that the app supports application-level passwords. Critical data will still be safe if a mobile device is lost or stolen because of this extra safeguard. Fingerprint passwords, if supported by the user’s device, also offer a simple and secure way of authentication.

Essential Functions for Effective Network Administration

NetMan provides several tools meant to aid in the management of computer networks:

  • Gain command over how long you spend in various apps, allowing you to better allocate your time between work and play.
  • Improved Web Performance Maximize download times and improve video streaming quality.
  • WiFi analysis entails locating nearby WiFi hotspots, comparing their respective signal strengths, and selecting the one with the best overall performance.
  • Features only available with root access include resetting forgotten WiFi passwords and restoring service quickly.

MOD APK version of NetMan

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If you’re in the market for a robust, reliable, and straightforward tool for managing your network, go no further than NetMan. Thanks to its dedication to performance optimization, the app provides its users with various network monitoring, analysis, and improvement functions. NetMan delivers unrivaled capability and eases for anybody interested in or responsible for effective network administration. Unlock your system’s total capacity by using your mind’s power.

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