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Net Blocker - Firewall per app MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.6.3

A simple tool to block the internet access per application.

App NameNet Blocker - Firewall per app
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About Net Blocker

Net Blocker is a novel program that enables users to prevent particular apps from accessing the internet without requiring root access. This feature is beneficial for maintaining confidentiality, controlling data use, and extending battery life. Some mobile applications and games are designed to exploit users’ trust by constantly connecting to the internet to flood them with advertisements or steal their private information. Background services may keep using the internet even after you’ve closed the program they’re associated with. Users may save on data costs, protect their privacy, and use their devices longer by implementing Net Blocker to control app internet access.

A Reliable App That Doesn’t Invade Your Space

The privacy of its users is never compromised when using this app, making it a safe and straightforward tool. It can function inside the user’s permissions framework without requiring root access. The program also doesn’t bug you for personal information by asking you to access your location, contacts, text messages, or storage. This conscientious method ensures that Net Blocker does not share private user data with third-party services. Its core feature is the ability to selectively restrict network traffic without compromising users’ privacy by setting up a local Virtual Private Network interface. The program ensures that user information is safe from prying eyes by preventing unauthorized parties from accessing it.

Limiting App Access Without Rooting

Rooting an Android smartphone is not for the faint of heart and might violate the warranty. The app is an easy option that lets people choose which apps may access the internet without rooting their smartphones. This removes the need for, and the security concerns associated with, making changes to the device’s entire operating system. The simplicity of the app’s implementation and its avoidance of potentially dangerous permissions make it a safe and effective method for limiting app access. Net Blocker restricts app network traffic efficiently by utilizing a local VPN interface, giving consumers a practical means of regulating app access to the internet without jeopardizing the security of their device.

Support for Numerous Electronics

The app’s adaptability comes from its support for all Android versions starting with 5.1. All users, regardless of their device’s age or make, can take advantage of app restrictions thanks to this widespread support. The program allows Android smartphone users, old or new, to limit internet access for specific applications, protecting their data, privacy, and battery life. Ads may still load from the device’s cache even if the app or game cannot access the internet. Therefore, deleting the store is necessary for hiding advertisements and protecting one’s anonymity.

The Conservation of Energy, Information, and Personal Privacy in a Trustworthy and Convenient Manner

Net Blocker is a trustworthy and straightforward method of blocking specific apps’ internet access unless root privileges are granted. It protects user information by not requiring unnecessary permissions, demonstrating its dedication to privacy. The app works with any Android smartphone running version 5.1 or later, expanding its potential user pool. This program allows its customers to significantly reduce their device’s energy consumption, data transfer, and vulnerability to hackers. However, it’s worth noting that owing to restrictions on Android, using Net Blocker in tandem with other VPN software may cause issues and higher battery drain.

MOD APK version of Net Blocker

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Premium Unlocked


Net Blocker provides a trustworthy and customer-focused answer for those who care deeply about protecting their privacy, limiting their data use, and maximizing their battery life. The app gives customers agency over their digital lives by giving them a simple, secure, and user-friendly way to limit which apps may access the internet. This program is a helpful tool in pursuing safer and more efficient mobile use because of its compatibility with a wide range of Android devices and dedication to user privacy. Net Blocker gives users the tools to fulfill their data-saving, privacy-preserving, and battery-extending aspirations.

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