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Necrophonic APK: A Comprehensive Guide to Spirit Communication and EVP Research

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About Necrophonic

Necrophonic is a strong ITC (instrumental trans-communication) program that can help with the investigation of ghost communication and EVP (electronic voice phenomenon). It includes eight sound banks, each meticulously constructed to bring out specific sound qualities that can aid in contact with the spirit realm.

Sound Libraries

Necrophonic’s sound banks were meticulously built using Pro Tools software to boost high, mid, and low frequency ranges. Phonemes, incomplete words, reverse sounds, other languages, and other aspects of speech are included in the program to assist spirits in communicating. While the sound banks include no actual words or sentences, they have been developed to create an environment conducive to spirit communication.

The software has eight active sound banks, each of which functions similarly to the Spirius Ghost Box app. These sound libraries may be stacked and edited to provide a rich audio environment for communicating with spirits.

White Noise Sound Bank

Necrophonic additionally contains an optional 9th sound bank called “White noise.” This sound bank can be utilized independently or in conjunction with the other eight sound banks, for a total of nine sound banks to work with. This sound bank contains recordings from the internal noises of the DR60 recorder, renowned as the “Holy Grail” of EVP recorders. This is not a white noise generator, but rather a standard sound bank including white noise from the DR60.

Audio Enhancements

Necrophonic offers the audio effects Echo and Reverb, which have been shown to be the most effective in ITC sessions. The Echo effect can generate sounds that can be edited within the echo. It can also aid in live, real-time communication by repeating the audio and helping you to hear what is being transmitted more clearly. The Reverb effect on audio may be used to create a spacious acoustic environment that improves audio manipulation.

How to Use Necrophonic for Spirit Communication and EVP Research

To properly utilize Necrophonic, you must first grasp its qualities and how they may be used to enhance communication with ghosts. Here are some pointers for using the app:

Create a peaceful and pleasant environment.

To guarantee that no external distractions might interfere with your conversation with spirits, create a peaceful and comfortable setting.

Select the necessary sound banks.

Depending on the nature of your contact, it is critical to select the suitable sound banks to aid in communicating with spirits. For example, if you are connecting with a deceased loved one, you may wish to use a sound bank that has phonemes or partial words linked with them.

Make use of the audio effects.

The audio effects of Echo and Reverb can create an auditory atmosphere suitable for communicating with ghosts. Experiment with these effects to find the optimal mix for you.

Be persistent and patient.

Spirit contact takes time and may need persistence. It is critical to be patient and to keep trying even if you do not see immediate results.


Necrophonic is an effective ITC software for ghost communication and EVP investigation. Its meticulously produced sound libraries and audio effects make it a flexible instrument for communicating with the spirit realm. You can increase your chances of communicating with spirits by learning its characteristics and how to use them successfully.

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