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Music app: Stream MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2.21.06

Floating pop-up music Player app: nonstop music listening

App NameMusic app: Stream
Publisher MWM - Music and creative apps for Android
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About Stream

People who want to listen to music videos on YouTube while doing other things can find a great option in the smartphone application known as Stream. The users of this application have access tolerant 100 million videos that do not contain any advertisements, and the canto plays the films in a floating popup window so that they may listen to music without any interruptions. This article will provide an in-depth discussion of Stream’s features and instructions on how users can make the most of those features to achieve the optimal music streaming experience.

The ability to listen to popular music of high quality

Users of this app can quickly locate the songs of their choosing by utilizing the search function or by perusing the top daily charts for their respective countries. The application gives users access to more than one hundred musical genres, such as electronic, soul, hip-hop, reggae, rhythm and blues, disco, jazz, and many more. Users can also discover unique radios that are catered to their particular requirements, such as those designed to help them sleep, party, focus, or work out. In addition, users can roam any video, allowing them to listen to free music for hours without having to download downloading.

You may now import playlists from YouTube as well as create your own.

Stream users can quickly make their playlists and reorder them using a function as easy as dragging and dropping. They also can share their playlists and the songs that are their favorites with their pals. Users can save their playlists and access them from any device once they have created a Stream account with either Facebook or Google. Additionally, users can import their YouTube playlists onto this app, making adding music to their endless listening queue simple.

Floating Popup Player Available Anywhere for Your Entertainment

The floating popup player is one of the distinctive characteristics of the app application. Users can watch their videos in full-screen mode or use the floating popup for multitasking while watching their films. The user can adjust the floating popup’s size to meet their requirements, and it may be positioned wherever on the screen for more convenient reading. Thanks to this capability, users can complete other chores, such as checking their newsfeed or responding to messages, while simultaneously listening to their preferred music.

Control Made Easier Through the Use of Widgets

Stream also offers widgets that may be added to the home screen to facilitate quick access to particular services. Users can select up to three devices corresponding to various application parts. Some examples of these widgets include a list of the top charts songs, a list of the most recently watched videos, and a list of the user’s favorite videos. Thanks to the widgets, users can gain instant access to their top charts and playlists without having to launch the application itself.

Content on the Radio That Offers a Variety of Listening Experiences

In addition to videos of musical performances, the app offers a diverse selection of radio broadcasts focused on a particular subject area. Users can access different content related to sleeping, concentrating, working out, and many other topics. Thanks to this function, users can enjoy a wide variety of music based on their preferences.

Modify the Flow of Activities Contained Within the Application

Stream allows customers to personalize their music streaming experience by selecting from various skins. The themes include dark and light (all free), gold, blue neon, and emojis world (all of which require in-app purchases). Additionally, users can save battery power by setting a sleep timer that will automatically turn off the music after a predetermined amount of time. Additionally, the application features a power saver option that, when activated, automatically lowers the smartphone’s brightness.


People who enjoy watching music videos on YouTube will find this app an exceptional smartphone application. It offers many helpful features that enable users to perform multiple tasks while listening to their preferred music simultaneously. Users can effortlessly complete various chores while still being able to listen to music thanks to the floating popup player. In addition, the widgets and radio material deliver an experience that is convenient and varied in terms of its musical offerings. Users of Stream have access to popular music of excellent quality and the ability to construct their own playlists and import playlists from YouTube. They can also alter the experience of using the application by personalizing the themes available to them and using the sleep timer and battery conservation settings. Stream is an excellent option for music enthusiasts looking for a convenient and fun experience when streaming music online.

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