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Manage personal finances simply and effectively with Money Lover. This app acts as a virtual assistant to help you control your spending, plan your personal finances, create savings accounts and much more.

About Money Lover – personal finance management app

Money Lover is an app that helps you manage your personal finances easily and effectively. With this app, you can easily track your cash flow. The application will help you manage your income, accumulate, invest or spend.

The app has over 10 million installs on the Play Store. It is also trusted by millions of users around the world. Money Lover is currently supported on both Android and IOS platforms. With the achievements of “Best Apps of 2016”, “Top 5 Best Apps for Android in 2017” voted by Google, you definitely cannot ignore this great personal finance management app!

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Smart design and easy to use

Money Lover has a minimalist and modern design. It works like an electronic wallet and ledger. The features are very clear and easy to use even if you do not have any personal financial management knowledge.

Publishers have built their product interface in the trend of “smart touch”, or we can understand as “less touch”. All core features including Income management, transactions, planning are integrated at the app home screen. With just a few simple touches, you can easily view and manage all your receipts and payments.

Manage your income

Have you encountered a situation that has not yet received your salary but there is no money left in your pocket? Let Money Lover help you. “Help” here doesn’t mean Money Lover will give you money (although I would like to).

This app will help you to control the cash flow to your personal account. You can easily know your monthly income. From there, you can track where these sources of income are coming from and develop a plan to manage them. You can also track it to see if you are earning a steady income.

Make a plan to save money – invest

It doesn’t matter how high or lows your income is, saving money is very important. Savings are always needed. You can save money for the future, in case of an emergency, buying items you like, etc. Money Lover will help you plan to start saving your money. You just need to update your income, set a goal of daily or monthly savings. Money Lover will remind you of this. Surely your thrift will be extremely effective.

Money Lover will also help you create an investment plan. You can create your own investment fund and manage it. I usually spend about 10% of my income on investments. I created a separate fund in Money Lover and named it “My Investment”.

Keeping track of balance movements in this fund helps me know when to continue investing and when to stop. Up to now, my fund’s ending balance has always been positive and I am very satisfied with this.

Building statistics and financial reports

Money Lover will be your “virtual accountant”. Even this app can outperform a real accountant. You may think I’m ridiculous to say that, but let me explain.

Money Lover uses the developer’s proprietary technologies to control parameters. Any fluctuations in your account balance are statistically specific, then they will be displayed accurately and scientifically. You can easily track the detailed numbers down to each unit. What’s more, the data will be stored in the app on your Android smartphone and there will be no errors. I don’t mean that secretaries are careless, but humans can make mistakes but machines can’t.

And if you want to export financial report files, Money Lover can completely meet this. It will send you detailed reports as Excel or CSV files for easy viewing and editing. All with just a few simple steps on Android smartphones. It can take an accountant several weeks to prepare a financial report, but with Money Lover, it takes only a few minutes. That’s because the app always keeps a close eye on changes to your spending account so it’s ready for reports.

The report export feature is currently only available in the Money Lover Premium version, which is now free on

Money Lover features

Money Lover’s Connectivity

Money Lover is a financial management application that is linked to several banks and PayPal. Thanks to this association, you can better control the cash flows in your personal account. If there is a change in the balance from the bank account, the app will automatically record and report the details to you. This will be very useful in cash flow management.

This application also allows backing up data on cloud services such as Dropbox, One Drive. It supports you to access reports up to 3 devices at the same time. You can control the cash flows for your entire family, or for your small business.

More than a personal finance management app

Not stopping at helping you manage your finances, Money Lover also has many other functions. These include: Find/convert exchange rates, find ATMs, link banks, etc.

I love the functionality that allows you to search and convert currencies. The exchange rate indicators are always updated regularly and accurately. This is handy if you are using more than one currency. Currently, Money Lover has helped me a lot in managing my 2 currencies, Dollars and Euros. I can also easily follow the movements of the world currency market with Money Lover right on my Android smartphone.

Another useful feature is to set reminders of your personal income and expenditure. You can set reminders with recurring expenses like electricity, rent, water, etc. Similar to other incomes such as salary, bank interest. This will help you not to miss any money.

Impressive security

Security is something that a lot of people care about on applications, especially financial applications. You can rest assured of this with Money Lover. It meets all the necessary security requirements of a financial application. All user data is end-to-end encrypted and no one has access, not even the developer.

Already more than 10 million users trust and use it every day. So far, there has been no confirmation of data leakage on this application.

Support multiple platforms

Money Lover supports various platforms, including Android, iOS, and desktop web browsers. It means that you can easily log in and synchronize your application’s personal data across all the platforms that the service currently supports.

The experiences are generally identical. It allows you to quickly log in with an email or Facebook account. Once logged in, you can easily work with the tools. All changes made on one platform will be applied to all other platforms, as long as you are logging them in with the same account.

MOD APK of Money Lover

Premium Money Lover

Money Lover is not completely free. There are features that users need to pay to be able to use. An option to upgrade to the Premium version is available for $17.99. You only need to pay once and get Premium benefits forever. Here are the features available only in the Premium version:

  • Add Unlimited Number of cash wallets (Standard version allows only one)
  • Add Unlimited Number of budgets, savings, events, recurring and bills (Standard version only allows one)
  • Ad-free: All ads have been removed. You have the best user experience on Money Lover
  • Access to web app
  • Export CSV: If you want to store or share your personal financial plans, you can export them to a CSV file. Besides, the application also allows you to export any custom report.
  • Attach picture to the transaction: After making a transaction, you can take a screenshot of the result and add it to the note.
  • Stronger synchronization: You can sync your personal data across all devices without any limitation.

MOD info

Premium Unlocked: You can access and use all Money Lover Premium features for free


With all the convenience that Money Lover brings, have you been conquered by it? Download and install Money Lover MOD APK now to master your personal finance.

Download Money Lover MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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