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Moj MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2023.16.8

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Download Moj (MOD unlimited likes/follows) to join this fun short video-sharing social network right now. You have the opportunity to become a famous content creator with millions of fans around the world!

About Moj

The growth of the internet has made video social networks more and more popular. Tiktok is the leading name in the race, with billions of global users. In India, though, the app isn’t number one. Embargo policies from the government have kicked Tiktok and all its related products out of the country. If you are an Indian looking for an alternative to Tiktok, then Moj is a perfect choice. It is a dynamic social network that allows users to create and share short videos. The app also integrates advanced editing functions that will enable users to be creative with their videos.

Moj is a local social network. It focuses on Indian users. Here you can enjoy short videos with trending music, connect with others, share your work with the community, and much more.

The application has a user interface quite similar to Tiktok. There’s the main page that shows popular videos from top users and a page for content from the accounts you’re following.

The unique feature of Moj comes from the built-in video creation tool in the application. It’s simple yet powerful, with all the necessary tools for users to create their videos. Functions are also built toward content creation on the platform. It comes with unique video templates, trendy music, and eye-catching filters and effects that you can quickly apply to your videos with just one step.

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Getting Started with Moj

Moj is a video-sharing social network for Indian users. However, even if you are not in this region, you can still join it. The application has a simple, flexible, and easy-to-use interface.

To get started, download and install the Moj MOD APK we provide. Then you need to create an account. It has a quick login option with Facebook or Gmail. Don’t forget to complete your profile with basic information, including name, username, birthday, profile picture, etc. You will be redirected to the homepage after successful login. Here you can browse featured short videos. Moj analyzes your video viewing habits to recommend recommended content and channels. The more time you spend on the newsfeed, the closer the recommendations will be to your interests.

It is straightforward to create a new video with Moj, tap the plus icon to get started. You have most of the tools you need to work with your videos here. You can crop, rotate, adjust the video’s brightness, or make advanced edits like filters, chroma key, add transitions, and more.

Note that videos on Moj are limited in length. It ranges from 15 seconds to 1 minute. So make sure you edit everything succinctly and precisely. After finishing editing the video, you can publish it immediately. It will appear on your profile, your friends’ feeds, and in public with the community. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, Moj identifies videos that interest the community; they will then be pushed to Top Trending.

The popularity of a video is assessed based on parameters, including views, likes, comments, and shares. If you want your video to go viral, make sure it meets these standards. First, make sure your video has unique and engaging content. You can boost engagement by sharing it with friends and the community.

Advanced video editing tools

Moj’s selling point comes from its built-in video editing tools. If Tiktok releases a standalone application (Capcut) for users who want to create content, Moj does not need to do that. Everything is already integrated into the application. It focuses on special functions for you to easily create a unique video. Specifically:

  • Add transitions: Transitions make your videos look more professional. Moj has many unique effects available that you can apply.
  • Crop and rotate videos: Video length on Moj must be less than 1 minute, so if your original video is longer, you need to trim it. You can easily crop or rotate the video on the toolbar with just one tap.
  • Apply unique filters. Want your video to look unique instantly? try applying a filter. A filter of various tweaks, so your video will look a lot more attractive. Moj has a built-in filter collection with more than 100 on multiple topics.
  • Add text. Short videos are often more difficult to convey messages. You can add text to your video. It is useful when you want to create subtitles or convey a message. Please ensure that the text is clear and readable. Moj allows you to customize text parameters such as font, size, and color.
  • Add music. You must add the appropriate background music to your videos before exporting them. It is seen as a mandatory standard for short videos on Moj. The music collection on the application is very diverse. It provides music that matches any user-produced content. All music is copyrighted and updated every day.
  • Change video speed. Moj limits the length of the videos. You can customize the video speed when you have a long video but don’t want to cut out important parts. This is useful if you want to create slow-motion or fast-paced videos. All video content has been retained while its length still meets the standard.

Enjoy short videos from the community.

Moj is a social network for sharing short videos. If you don’t want to share your content, you can watch videos from other users. The application allows users to share short videos of any content, as long as it complies with community policies.

The content on Moj is very diverse. You can find videos on every topic, such as humor, photography, travel, lifestyle, technology, cinema, etc. For the first time logging in, you can select topics that interest you. The app will then suggest suitable videos based on the selections. Moj also tracks your video viewing habits to adjust the feed. For example, if you spend a lot of time watching technology videos, content on this topic will show more.

Make money on Moj

More than just a free social network, Moj creates monetization opportunities for users. You can get credits through the referral program, virtual gifts, and daily challenges. The referral program allows you to earn money by inviting others to use the app. Each account on Moj has a referral code. When someone uses this referral code to register an account on Moj, both will earn points. The app allows users to use these points to exchange for real money.

In September 2021, Moj introduced a new feature in an update. It allows viewers to give virtual gifts to content creators. Users can use the virtual currency in the app to buy gifts and then give them to others. These gifts can be accumulated, which the user can then exchange for real money.

Finally, you can earn money by completing daily challenges. Every day, the application updates different tasks. For completing a challenge, you earn points. The challenges are pretty simple to complete. For example, you need to watch and share a specific video, send a message to your friends, create a new one, etc. Points after being accumulated can be exchanged for virtual gifts.

Besides, there are a few other ways you can make money on Moj. Detail:

  • Advertising for affiliate products is also a way for you to make money on this platform. On your videos, you can place affiliate links to related products. You will receive a commission when someone visits the link and makes a purchase.
  • Get ads for brands: If you have an account with many followers, it’s an excellent opportunity to make money by marketing products from brands.
  • Donate from fans: Are you a great creator on Moj? If yes, you have many fans on the platform. They are the people who follow and love your videos. Some generous people want to donate to support your work, don’t refuse it.
  • Create your community: You can build and make money from it.

Connect with like-minded people

Moj is a great social network where you can connect with like-minded people. Each account has a personal page where short videos can be shared. When you follow other users, their new content will appear on your feed. On exciting videos, you can interact with creators by liking, commenting, or sharing their videos.

Moj creates a fair social network where every account is ranked based on its contribution. When you share a unique video and get massive engagement from the community, your video has a better chance of appearing in more people’s feeds.

It is easy to connect with someone on Moj. You can send messages to your friends or anyone on the platform. The app comes with a lightweight messenger that allows you to send messages, emojis, pictures, and videos with your friends.

Moj is not only famous in India; it has been installed on millions of Android devices in many Asian countries. The app is available in various languages, including English, Malayalam, Gujarati, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, Urdu, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Odia, Haryanvi, and Rajasthani. Now you can easily connect with users outside the border. It is a great way to find new friends, learn a new culture, or learn a new language.

Simple and easy-to-use interface

Moj’s user interface is quite similar to Tiktok. It’s simple and easy to use. The functions have been optimized for easy access. You can swipe up or down to skip the video, touch to stop/resume the video, or double tap to like the video.

MOD APK of Moj

Are you looking for the latest Moj mod? You’ve come to the right place. We present to you the latest Moj MOD APK 2022 with unique functions. It offers a better experience on this exciting social network. The app has also been optimized for a smoother user experience on Android devices. Besides, the mod brings special benefits to make you more comfortable editing videos. Here are the mod features:

  • Moj MOD người theo dõi không giới hạn. Với mod này, bạn có rất nhiều người theo dõi. Nó chắc chắn khiến tài khoản của bạn uy tín hơn.
  • Moj MOD APK unlimited likes. When this mod feature is enabled, you get a lot of likes for your videos. As we mentioned, videos with good engagement will rank higher. They will appear on the popularity feed.
  • Moj MOD APK No watermark. Like many other video editing apps, there is a watermark on videos exported by Moj. This MOD completely remove the watermark on your video. It will make your video look clean and professional.
  • No ads. Ads will ruin your video viewing experience on Moj. Don’t worry; all of them have been removed.

Important Note: After the latest version was released, Moj MOD APK stopped working. We will update it when a newer mod is available.


Moj is a friendly and fun social network where we can enjoy short videos from the world’s top content creators. Here, you have the opportunity to make new friends, earn money, promote your brand, and much more.

Download Moj MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2023.16.8

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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