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Modern Age 2 – President Simulator MOD APK (Ad-free/ Unlimited Money) 1.0.54

App NameModern Age 2 – President Simulator
Publisher Oxiwyle
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoAd-free/ Unlimited Money

Becoming a president is probably everyone’s dream. Now you can experience this in the game MA 2 – President Simulator (MOD Unlimited Money/Coins). Use your power to build the country.

About Modern Age 2 – President Simulator

MA 2 – President Simulator also has a complete name: Modern Age 2 – President Simulator. This is a game published by Oxiwyle. This is a beautiful geopolitical game on Android. In this game, you will be playing the role of a president and running a country. There are many ways to develop the gameplay in Modern Age MOD APK. Will you want to be a respectable president or a dictator? – Let’s discover more about this game with APKmazon in this article.

Modern Age 2 mod apk download

Become the president of a country

In MA 2 – President Simulator APK, you will be playing the role of a president of any country. It is entirely up to you to become the leader of any country. More specifically, you can choose which country to rule and run. At the same time, you will have to deal with many work and duties as a president. Can you lead your country to develop?

In MA 2 – President Simulator MOD APK, there are many different countries that you can choose from, such as the USA, France, India, China, Mexico, and more.

Run a country

Running a country in Modern Age 2 MOD APK is quite complicated. However, there is a way to make it simpler, and that is to build sets. More specifically, you can create the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Tourism, and more. Thanks to that, you can efficiently run and maintain the order of the country. Each Department has different functions and tasks.

Besides, you also need to invest in developing infrastructure, culture, or even sports activities. As a result, the life of citizens in the country will improve. At the same time, your country will become the most livable place in the world!

Territorial expansion

As a president in MA 2 – President Simulator MOD, you can ultimately launch conquests to expand the country’s territory. You will have to develop your military mindset to lead the warring nations. In addition, the expansion of the territory will partly involve war, so you will need to invest a lot in the military field. On the other hand, these wars are sometimes irrational and useless because they will consume a lot of resources. But are you a dictator?

Religion and the legal system

Each country needs a strict and reasonable legal system for stability and development. No one rather than you is the one who will make decisions about this legal system. More specifically, you can enact laws according to your growth and civilizational ways. Besides, you can control religion in areas of your country such as states, states, or small regions.

Moreover, you can impose your religion and legal system on the areas you occupy. But sometimes, it can backfire and cause riots.

Economic management

Economic management sounds complicated, but everything is much easier in MA 2 – President MOD. This game is probably also suitable for those who want to study economics because it includes many economic tools.

The first is about tax rates. More specifically, you can issue ordinances about increasing/decreasing tax rates in the country. Next is the bank’s interest rate. Loans will create conditions to grow and boost your economy if it has attractive interest rates. Finally, there is the international trade and the import/export of goods with other countries.

You will need a specific and effective strategy to run and develop the economy. Therefore, explore things slowly and learn from them.

Modern Age 2 features

Trade and diplomacy

In President Simulator MOD APK, there is an important task that you need to do is to perform diplomacy with other countries. They can be countries near you or anywhere on earth. Keeping good diplomatic relations will open up many opportunities for you to develop the country, such as import and export. On the other hand, you will be able to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

In addition, you can also build embassies in different countries to research and gather information about them.

Solve the evil elements

As the head of a country, you must take action to ensure discipline and peace in the world.

The bad guys are everywhere. They commit unforgivable crimes such as robbery and terrorism. So you will need to deal with these issues. You are the head of a country and possess a lot of power in your hands, so your every action has a significant influence.

Ensure the safety of the people

Sometimes, unexpected events, such as natural disasters, epidemics, or protests, will appear. But they are only part of the challenge for you. As a president, you must be consistent and smart enough to confront them. Your ultimate goal is to ensure security and protect your people. Make your country a happy one!

MOD APK of Modern Age 2 – President Simulator

In MA 2 – President Simulator, there are two currencies: Coins and Ruby. They are what you need to invest in, build and develop your country. In other words, they are the budget and represent the economic potential of your country.

With MA 2 – President Simulator APK + MOD Unlimited Coins/Ruby, you can freely explore all features and exciting elements in the game. Moreover, it allows you to experience many different aspects of leadership style. Do you want to be a pacifist or a dictator? – Experience it by downloading this game now for free from APKmazon.

MOD Info:

  • MOD Unlocked
  • Unlimited Coins/Ruby
  • Free download on APKmazon


MA 2 – President Simulator allows you to become the president of any country worldwide. As a result, you can freely run and develop the country according to your own will. You can enact laws, conduct diplomacy, build regulatory systems, and do hundreds of other exciting things. Please click the link below to download and install MA 2 – President Simulator MOD APK for free.

Download Modern Age 2 – President Simulator MOD APK (Ad-free/ Unlimited Money) 1.0.54

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