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Mining Heroes MOD APK (Attack Multiplier, God Mode) 1.1.0

Mining Heroes MOD APK – Join beautiful heroes in a futuristic world and wield the power of the crystals.

App NameMining Heroes
Publisher 株式会社リテラシーズ
MOD InfoAttack Multiplier, God Mode
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About Mining Heroes

Mining Heroes is a ground-breaking new game that mashes up many genres to create an engaging and novel experience for players. These genres include Zuma, Card RPG, Puzzle Exploration, and Monster Battle. This game’s accessible controls and immersive setting make it a joy to play for countless hours but a challenge to master.

Put Together a Powerful Group

Monsters, Dragons, Elves, Dwarves, Knights, and Gods are some of the collectibles on Mining Heroes. These fantastic creatures may be raised and trained to utilize various resources, allowing players to assemble powerful squads. Assigning these individuals to specific duties will enable players to strengthen their team’s overall capabilities and prepare them to take on any threat.

Start an Amazing Journey

When everyone is ready, you may begin your exciting journey. The store is where players may stock up on supplies before setting off on a trek into undiscovered regions. Matching more Zuma Orbs is the key to victory since this will allow you to deal more damage in fights against powerful enemies.

Improvements that Make the Whole Thing Better

The game’s many impressive features take the gaming experience to new heights:

  1. Numerous Playable Heroes: Pick your playable hero’s race, faction, and playstyle for a genuinely unique gameplay experience.
  2. Exquisite Abilities: Use your AOE (Area of Effect) capabilities to create aesthetically gorgeous and tactically tricky conflicts and unleash various potent powers.
  3. Battle on dynamic battlefields that come to life in beautiful 3D, giving a truly immersive and aesthetically compelling experience.
  4. Mining Heroes focuses on the game itself, so players may lose themselves in its fascinating universe without worrying about anything else.
  5. Help from Friends in Society: Team up with other members of your social group before venturing into the dungeon, and use your combined might to triumph over the many perils that await you.

Crystal Musicians Gaining Momentum

The game’s plot involves the arrival on Earth of enormous spheres called Crystal Stars, which brought hitherto undiscovered materials and energy. The five most potent crystal energies—water, fire, wind, light, and dark—were stored in these Crystal Stars, making them an essential resource for civilization. The human race harnessed these energies and employed them to create cutting-edge technology, ushering in a golden age where magic and science worked hand in hand.

Mining activities were crucial to the economy and government as demand for crystal energy skyrocketed. But as more and more groups struggled for power in the mines, tensions rose, and rivalries flared.

The Adventure Will Grow With Future Systems

Mining Heroes is constantly developing new and exciting features to improve the gameplay:

  1. Players will be able to construct and operate a variety of in-game buildings, including Mine factories, Exp factories, and material factories. These constructions will let players gather the necessary materials to advance in the game.
  2. Experience the rich ACG culture in the game’s universe with 3D online shows and concerts. Join thousands of other players in massive concerts and performances for a fun and exciting social experience.
  3. Engage in exciting clan wars and compete against gamers worldwide to broaden your horizons. Spread your domination and power throughout the virtual cosmos.

MOD APK version of Mining Heroes

MOD feature

1. Menu
2. Attack Multiplier
3. God Mode


Mining Heroes provides a new spin on the match-three RPG genre, providing a fun and addicting experience for gamers. The game will keep players engaged for countless hours because of its vast hero pool, fascinating abilities, stunning 3D settings, and helpful societal allies. The gameplay is familiar and excitingly new thanks to the combination of Zuma, Card RPG, Puzzle Exploration, and Monster Battle.

Download Mining Heroes MOD APK (Attack Multiplier, God Mode) 1.1.0

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