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Mimicry MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit, Money) 1.3.3 (80)

App NameMimicry
Version1.3.3 (80)
Publisher Euphoria Horror Games
Size365 MB
Require5.1 and up
MOD InfoGod Mode, One Hit, Money
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About Mimicry

The Mimicry MOD APK promises a terrifying take on the classic battle royale genre. This online horror action game pits you against a horrific thing as you take control of one of eight desperate survivors. Get ready for matches you can’t foresee, interesting character customization options, seamless in-game conversation, terrifying environments, and terrifying creatures. Look no farther than Mimicry if you want a tense and exciting horror experience.

The Exhilaration of Lying and Staying Alive

Do you feel up to facing the might of a terrifying beast? In Mimicry, you’ll be able to fool trusting survivors into thinking you’re one of them, protecting your anonymity in the process. Your final objective is to wipe off your whole armed support group and leave them all in the lurch. Every encounter will be a nail-biting struggle for survival, where honesty is a luxury and everybody might be a potential adversary. Always be one step ahead of your prey, learn from your environment, and then unleash dread on your victims.

Interactive Fun with Pals

In Mimicry MOD APK, you and up to eight of your pals may form a squad and take on the enemy together. You’ll be put to the ultimate survival test as a team against the terrifying creature. Someone you know will become infected by an alien organism and mutate into a dangerous beast. This infected player may now assume the form of any human, monster, or dead teammate. Dark secrets about your squad and the monster thing within it will be revealed to you as the game progresses.

Euphoria Horror Games Presents a Chilling History

Euphoria Horror Games, a Russian independent studio, created Mimicry: Online Horror Action. The Death Park: Scary Clown Survival Horror Game series has made Euphoria Horror Games a household name in the horror gaming community. They’ve continued their heritage with Mimicry, an engaging take on the horror genre for the web. Get ready to explore the dark corners of this universe and see how well you can handle the challenge of facing the unknown.

Compete with Your Pals and Let Your Strategy Loose

When you band together with your pals, you greatly increase your chances of survival. One player assumes the role of the monster, while the other nine try to outwit and exterminate it in the asymmetric survival horror gameplay of Mimicry. Use a live audio chat to coordinate your efforts in real time. Play a spooky game of hide-and-seek, look for supplies to help your teammates, or go on the search for the monstrosity armed to the teeth. It’s up to you, but remember that working together strategically is essential to your team’s survival.

Let Your Inner Monster Out

Take on the role of a monstrous villain and enjoy the thrill of seeing people run in terror from you. As the monster, you may change your look to fool other players into thinking you’re one of them. Keep your distance, instill terror, and rain destruction down on them. If you can stay out of the path of the flames, no amount of gunfire will hurt you. In the shadowy, perilous world of Mimicry, you may experience the excitement of being the hunter as you track down your unsuspecting target.

Make Yourself Unique, and Love It

The art of mimicry recognizes the value of individuality. Personalize your virtual self with a wide variety of facial, hair, clothing, and accessory options. You may go for a silly, charming, trendy, or horrifying look; the option is yours. Create an identity that represents who you are as you explore the depths of this terrifying virtual world.

Expose the Secrets of the Creepy Ambience

You’ll get chills down your spine from the creepy atmosphere in Mimicry MOD APK. You’ll feel right at home in the game’s eerie settings, which span three distinct areas (a Polar Base, a School, and a Space Station), all of which exude an air of darkness and mystery. As you venture into these foreboding locales, you’ll have to face the horrors that lurk there.

MOD APK of Mimicry

MOD info

God Mode

Unlimited Money


Can you handle the horrors that lie in wait? Don’t miss out on the thrilling adventure that is Mimicry MOD APK—download it now! This one-of-a-kind online horror game sets a new standard in terms of thrills, suspense, and strategy. Outwit the beast and make it through the night’s terrors to become the last man standing. Get ready for a terrifying journey unlike any other!

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