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Mergical-Fun Match Island Game MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.2.151

Mergical MOD APK – Dream Design&Build Home Town

App NameMergical-Fun Match Island Game
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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About Mergical

You have entered the magical realm of Mergical, home to wondrous landscapes and otherworldly attractions. Enter this alluring world and let your imagination run wild as you set out to create your very own island paradise. Be prepared to be mesmerized by a breathtaking fusion of merging and constructing games.

The Island of Mystical Power

The island of Mergical, once a bustling metropolis, is now in a deep slumber after being put to sleep by a potent spell cast by a shadowy wizard. A thick blanket of clouds now hides the once-prosperous area. But fate has led you here, via the enchantment of music, to this enchanted land. With your extraordinary ability to merge and solve puzzles, you are the only one capable of reawakening the island and returning it to its former splendor.

Find Long-Lost Gold and Silver

If you have the skills and determination to revitalize the island, you will be showered with tremendous riches. Unlock a wide range of creative structures, from cozy cottages to exciting theme parks and moving wonders, and delve through old books containing esoteric wisdom. You’ll also have access to exquisite musical instruments, complementing the island’s revival with melodic tones. But that’s not all: sleepy magical creatures like cute kittens wait patiently to be roused. If you can wake them up, they’ll be your most dependable allies in restoring the island.

Consolidate, expand, and thrive

Mergical’s unique features make for a fun and different way to play. You may combine and unlock up to 14 different character kinds, each with its distinct design and collection of characteristics that will bring your island to life and cause it to bloom with vivid colors and wealth.

You have access to nearly 600 different artifacts in your quest to awaken the island, many of which need interaction and merging to complete. When you put three of the same piece next to each other, incredible things start to happen. Collecting excellent, enigmatic musical notes will help you on your journey and restore the countryside. Repurpose the salvaged materials to give your aging structures a facelift and make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Infinite Discovery

The game provides various exciting tasks and gaming modes to keep you interested. Embellish your island with distinctive and luxurious structures to make it a visually stunning retreat. Explore the magnificent island of this game in any way you choose, thanks to the game’s entertaining and fascinating stages, which provide infinite opportunities for exploration and gaming.

Attempts of Any Size Are Welcome

Remember as you go on this incredible adventure that nothing is truly impossible in this mysterious land. This is the place where impossible fantasies come to life. Within the bounds of Mergical, you can construct your ideal house and explore a lost world. It’s a fantastic mix of matching and building activities that comes in a thrilling bundle that will keep you entertained for hours.

MOD APK version of Mergical

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


The results of your efforts will become apparent when the island’s secrets are revealed and the clouds part. Please don’t waste this chance; instead, let your creativity run wild as you give Mergical new life and make it into a paradisiacal haven that will be treasured by everyone who visits. Now is the time to take this incredible journey. Take advantage of Mergical’s magical fusions and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

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