Mergeland MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds) 3.21.0

Mergeland MOD APK – Drag n merge to build a home for the hungry elves to create a monster legend.

App NameMergeland
Publisher LiliJoy
MOD InfoUnlimited Diamonds
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About Mergeland

Start a magical journey in the magical world of Mergeland, a brand-new, free-join game that lets players use their imagination to change a frozen world. This piece details Mergeland, a game where players combine creatures, items, and magic with building a beautiful home and solving complex tasks.

A Look at the Curse

The game was once a thriving, beautiful place with many amazing magical creatures. But an evil witch used her sinister plans to destroy it. Because she was jealous, she cast a spell that froze the whole world, destroying the once-warm climate. As the main character, you are the chosen one who will save the magical animals and become their Sage. Your job is to help them build a beautiful new home and write a famous monster story.

Use magic to fix things

When players enter Mergeland, they see a cold, desolate ice-covered country. Join magic as your best friend to bring life back to the landing. Start by assembling three eggs to make cute fairy animals like elves, butterflies, ghosts, and unicorns. Many things can happen with more than 200 different kinds of creatures ready to be merged and born. As these magical helpers grow up from weak babies to strong adults, their ability to do complex jobs gets exponentially better.

Using Merge Magic to Build a House

With so many cute partners, it’s time to start working on the final goal: building a beautiful house. Merge magic doesn’t just work on animals but also all things in the elf world. Combine plants to get the healing sun, combine mining tools to get building materials, combine houses to make the elf home bigger, and combine treasures to get more magical creatures in exchange for money. Every object that is joined receives an upgrade, so the new things are worth more than the sum of the old ones. Use your knowledge to turn limited resources into value that has no end. The game lets you make more than 400 different kinds of things.

Puzzles and Adventure

In addition to building, Mergeland has a lot of problems for players to solve at each level. Go on exciting adventures worldwide by smartly combining animals and items. These puzzles are challenging, but they are also compelling. Each task is a fun way to test your skill and imagination and a great way to have a rewarding time.

Things about the Game

  • Use joint magic to make a lot of different things and animals.
  • You can combine, hatch, and collect more than 200 cool critters.
  • Take on more than 300 exciting puzzles at each level.
  • Combine more than 400 amazing things to bring out their full potential.
  • You can do 600 extra jobs that will test your skills.
  • Connect with your friends on Facebook and play games with them.

A Journey of New Life and Safety

Mergeland is a story about change and rebirth among the cute animals who live on a cloud island. As players go on a fascinating trip, they will learn fascinating stories about how strong dragons came back to life. Explore different places by putting together things and completing quests. By hatching eggs and making more dragons, players protect the island from the return of evil fairies, keeping it beautiful and peaceful.

Use magic to your advantage

Players must use the magic around this game to finish tasks and reach their full magical potential. Immerse yourself in the story of the island, figure out how to solve problems, and build buildings for each creature. When you settle these creatures, they give you perks that help you on your trip. Monitoring the island daily ensures no events or chances are missed. Combine over 200 animals because they look like chessboards to make new things and add to your collection. Watch for eggs with interesting patterns that might have something inside.

A world that needs to be fixed

Mergeland gives players a terrible situation that could happen on the island. The war’s leftovers must be cleared away to start a new life. There are more than 300 puzzles to solve, each with a valuable prize. The game’s layout shows task requests, so players can move forward at their own pace and not be limited by time. Players can get a fantastic collection of more than 400 things and creatures by solving puzzles and combining them. Each monster can be trained to make them better at fighting, strengthening your army. Gradually improve each of your animals to make a vigorous fight team and ensure the island is ready for future threats.

Making a beautiful paradise

The game is about bringing the island’s people back to life and solving tasks, but it also gives players the power to turn a frozen land into a beautiful paradise. With more than 600 quests, players will slowly fix up and bring life back to the island as they progress. Each job you finish is a big step toward getting the magical world back to life. The method makes it easy to keep track of tasks that have been completed, and daily activities require players to complete tasks within 24 hours. Move quickly between the arena, the study room, and the dragon island, where you’ll meet a lot of cute creatures. Customize and build your school to make the repair process more personal.

Accept a New Era

This game brings a new time for the people who live in the magical world. Players use their unique skills to help the island improve and strengthen. When you return from war, you must enhance the island’s defenders. Gathering dragon eggs or combining dragons with different skills makes creating new, powerful creatures possible. Make more dragon houses and play areas to accommodate the growing number of dragons. Unified games always give players new ways to improve themselves, while high-difficulty tasks provide them with many coins. The Mergeland team is still committed to improving the player experience by constantly adding new material and changes.

MOD APK version of Mergeland

MOD feature

  • Diamonds increase with spending!


In Mergeland, players are immersed in a world of joint magic, holding the key to turning a frozen realm into a lively paradise. By combining animals, items, and magic, players can fix up the land, solve complex tasks, and go on quests to protect and rebirth it. The game is a fun and memorable merge game because of how enjoyable the gameplay is, how extensive the collection of creatures and items is, and how you can build and create your campus. Take advantage of the power of joining magic, download Mergeland right now, and go on a magical journey like no other.

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