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Merge Tales MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) 2.5.0

Merge Tales MOD APK – Merge 3, evolve dragon, heal the land, restore the ruins and dress up the garden

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About Merge Tales

For eons, the Secret Garden was a mysterious place that was only accessible to a limited number of people. Enigmatic elves flourished inside the charmed expanse of the Magic Wood, and the existence of these elves was hinted at by the lilting voices of far-off mermaids who lived in the ocean.

However, the calm was disrupted when a malicious dragon emerged and threw a shadow over the previously serene area. This cast a gloomy shadow over the formerly peaceful land. The existence of this evil entity drew the notice of solid magical creatures nearby. These creatures banded together, drawing strength from the variety of their respective magical skills, to defend the Secret Garden and lift the curses placed upon it.

We are pleased to introduce Merge Tales, an astonishing journey in which players will combine, evolve, and heal to reclaim the garden’s previous splendor. The fairy garden is shrouded in a dense mist that is impossible to see through, but if players evolve the dragon and master the magic power, they can clear away the fog and restore the area. Get ready to go on an adventure that will take you through a world filled to the brim with enchantment and puzzles, and combining things will lead to higher levels and more incredible wonders.

Homegarden Structure: Confronting the Malevolent Mist

The pernicious mist has enveloped the home garden, suffocating it and turning it uninhabitable. It is up to the players to clear away the fog and bring the land back to health to allow the elves to regain their beloved homes. Unlock various things, then combine them to increase their effectiveness and create more powerful artifacts. In addition, you should gather the eggs of elves, incubate them within the primary garden, and then use the strength of the elves to ward off the invading evil fog.

Awakening the Guardians with Their Wonderful Elf Help

Awaken the slumbering elves within the garden by hatching their eggs and fusing them to release their latent capacity for evolutionary advancement. After being awoken, these hardworking animals painstakingly tend to the park, working with the dragon’s magical abilities to bring life to every nook and cranny.

Unlocking Treasures is one of several Missions & Activities Available

Participate in daily quests to collect gold coins and other resources, which may be used to unlock the elf garden and raise the young elves. Players receive stars as a reward for completing tasks. These stars may be used to open treasure chests, which contain increasingly valuable loot as the bins progress in their contents.

The Mind Put to the Test with Challenging Levels

When the elves are sleeping, players have the opportunity to take on challenging levels that put their intelligence and talent to the test. Within each group, you must repair the mermaid sculptures to collect precious building resources. After overcoming the more difficult stages’ additional cerebral and reaction obstacles, players are rewarded with the option to earn super gift boxes.

Baby Raising: Nurturing Bonds

As you progress, collect stars and then use those stars to buy toys for the cute infant so that you may connect with her. After completing each stage, players can piece together priceless photographs, allowing them to relive the special moments they experienced with the infant. Amplify the adorable quality of the baby by dressing it in one of the most beautiful available outfits.

Unleashing the Power of Dragons

Eggs may be merged inside the domain of Merge Tales to release stronger and more fearsome dragons capable of vanquishing opponents. Rapid action must be taken to assemble a squad of dragon fighters since there is a risk that the Secret Garden may be compromised by nefarious plots that the adversary has hatched. The barrier posed by the fog must be removed as quickly as possible to save the future of humans and the environment. There is a call to explore uncharted places, which may lead to discovering previously unknown marvels.

Combine to produce better dragons and continue the journey of evolution

Every level in the game confronts its players with a new set of difficulties, all of which revolve around the protection of humanity. Players cancan harness their powers and achieve their goals if they have access to the magic pervasive throughout the realm. Find goblin eggs, then incubate and raise the young before fusing them with other magical creatures to create a mighty army capable of driving off the dangerous fog. Be there to witness the steady growth of these animals as they go through several cycles of combining to become formidable dragon warriors, ready to retake the garden and restore it to the splendor it once had.

The players of Merge Tales are all working toward the same objective: to quickly triumph over evil forces. The lifting of the curses afflicting the country causes the natural world to once again become a source of joy and amazement for those who observe it. The process of merging is sped up, and its success depends on the skill and inventiveness of the participants. After three cycles, the creatures rise to power and become powerful enough to mount a counterattack against the adversary. The combining synergies create hope and optimism in the garden, while the cloak of fog that has been blanketing the realm for a time now begins to disappear gradually. The garden’s liveliness increases as its harmony is returned to its former state, and many new residents enter the space.

Discover the Mysteries of the Enchanted Land as You Travel Through It

In the middle of all the mayhem, keep sight of the importance of discovering the wondrous beauty of the world around you. The chance to take in the garden’s beauty for themselves is a source of great excitement for the dragon fighters. Increasing the size of your territory makes it more likely that your dragons will be secure and encourages the growth of a flourishing natural habitat. To eliminate the risk of contamination, it is necessary to complete several tasks before setting out on mining trips. When you go to unfamiliar regions, caution is advised since the unknown sometimes conceal unpleasant surprises. Increase your chances of discovering unknown territory by amassing expensive rewards. Completing many missions will further hone your ability to survive in harsh environments and strengthen your position as the rightful owner of the land.

Change Characters According to Preference: Nurturing Allies

The gentlest of reawakening methods is required for the Merge Tales elves. Brilliant and colorful eggs should be incubated since this will lead to the birth of gorgeous angels. Having been through a protracted and complex evolutionary change, the dragons now possess magical abilities that have brought life to an otherwise lifeless forest. When you have an enormous army of creatures under your command, acquiring things that increase your capacity for merging is much simpler. Even as the elves go about their work in the garden, you should be constantly working to improve their skills and providing them with deadly weapons so that they are prepared for any conflict that may arise in the future. If you can motivate them, they will respond with everlasting devotion and dedication to anything you ask.

Uncovering the Secrets of the Forest is a Challenging Game with a Diverse Level System

The game delivers a wide variety of challenging activities waiting to be completed. Begin a trip to unexplored regions while simultaneously repairing locations that were destroyed in the past along the way. Although the tasks on each level are the same, collecting elves and completing the classes, each includes their distinctive challenges. The challenges become more demanding as you progress through the ranks, putting your intelligence and ability to strategize to the test. After successfully navigating these encounters, many things that can assist you in the following tests will become accessible. As you go through the game stages, secret clues will become visible, allowing you to solve the mystery surrounding the forest. Because every move you make is painstakingly recorded, you can always look back on your trip and see how much love and attention you have showered onto your cherished garden.

MOD APK version of Merge Tales

MOD feature

1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Diamonds
3. Unlimited Resources
spend as you want even don’t have enough


Merge Tales is a fascinating and enchanted journey that transports players into the wondrous world of the Secret Garden. Players must combine creatures, advance dragons, and clear away oppressive fog to bring peace and revitalize the land. This is necessary since the land is under attack from evil powers. Merge Tales delivers an intriguing experience that will keep players involved as they learn the secrets of this magical world thanks to its compelling gameplay, different obstacles, and nurturing of friends. This enthralling experience can be found here. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime as you set off on this remarkable trip and get swept up in the spellbinding confluence of magic, merging, and the revitalization of the Secret Garden.

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