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Matching Story MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.06.01

Matching Story MOD APK – Come quick! A fantastic journey on the mysterious Dream Garden Island awaits you

App NameMatching Story
Publisher JoyCastle
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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About Matching Story

Matching Story is a thrilling mobile game that immerses you in a spectacular voyage on the mysterious island of Dream Garden. We are pleased to have you join us here at Matching Story. In this fantastic fairytale journey, you will get to put your match-3 abilities to the test and create a wide array of magical things. You can expect a delightful experience while doing so.

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Island of the Dream Garden

A patch of uninhabited land may be found tucked away on an unexplored island; it impatiently awaits your touch to transform into a brilliant display of light. Within this otherworldly domain, what marvels and enigmas will you be able to solve? The game challenges you to solve engrossing match-3 puzzles that will allow you to gain fantastic rewards, bring your island to life, and discover the mysteries in wait around every corner.

Build and Furnish Your Own Personal Island Paradise

You will explore a world overflowing with lovely and exotic flora, delectable treats, and lovable pets. These beautiful components may be utilized in the planning and design of your garden as well as the decoration of your island, so changing them into a vivid and enchanted haven. The ability to create your fictitious island is suitable for your fingers when you use Matching Story.

An Amazingly Enchanting Gaming Experience

In this game, you aim to assist Alice, the main character, in performing her spells by matching charming puzzle pieces. Play the block puzzle game and make whatever changes to your island you feel are necessary to make it more to your liking. Get yourself in riveting tales as you uncover a plethora of hidden personalities. Immerse yourself in the action. Put your skills to the test in deep and engaging levels, rewarding you with unique boosters and powerful new combos. Explore the main tale and unearth the mysteries buried across this fascinating island. And the most exciting thing is… You may continue to enjoy this game even when you are not connected to the internet, allowing you to bring your little dream island anywhere.

Playing the Match-3 Block Game will Allow You to Unravel the Puzzle Journey

Matching Story is not your typical match-three puzzle game; instead, it provides a mesmerizing look into fairy tales’ enchanted realm, which overcomes traditional match-three games’ limitations. First, you have to rearrange and move the pieces to start the puzzle trip ahead of you. Each level will provide you with enchanting blocks that are decorated with recognizable objects from various fairy tales. Line up three identical blocks in a row, vertical or horizontal, to create enchanted combinations. Keep an eye out for the possibility of constructing more than three similar blocks since doing so will provide you with one-of-a-kind things that cannot be purchased from the shop. It would be best to waste no time destroying all the icy blocks in your play area.

Transform the Rewards You Receive into Stunning Decorations for the Fairyland

Do you need help with what to do with the trophies and other prizes you get after finishing each challenging puzzle game? You should put everything you obtain to good use to create the most beautiful environment possible on your lush land. Upgrade each object you find on your exciting voyage to have a new appearance. This will allow you to speed up your island’s development and unlock its full potential. Consolidate many goods into one, or trade them in for items of greater worth you do not already possess. The speed with which you do activities will determine the percentage rise in prizes you receive. You could increase the number of fruit trees in your yard to see more exciting animals.

Discover the Secrets of Fairy Characters Who Possess Magical Abilities

Matching Story provides various fairy characters, each boasting different skills. Those enthralled by the charming kingdom of fairies will find this enchanted world the ideal playground. You’ll be in the company of wonders while you’re there, what with being accompanied by princesses, lovely fairies, and companions who are giraffes. With these fairy figures’ consistent support and aid, you may unleash the full power of all the magical artifacts within the castle. They not only make your island more exciting and unique, but you’ll also discover that they come in handy while working on various jobs in the yard, the kitchen, and the living room. Make your home even more stunning and dazzling by embellishing it with a design scheme of your choice.

Become the Hero of Enchanting Fairy Tales by Taking on the Protagonist Role

You will be whisked away to a magical land replete with enthralling fairy tales, and you will play the part of the story’s main protagonist. You will find yourself transported into a fanciful world while you play, one in which the progression of the plot resembles the enchantment of a real-life fairy tale. In this frivolous domain, you transform into an angel and live a life intricately woven together with the fascinating aspects of the fairy world.

MOD APK version of Matching Story

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Matching Story invites its gamers to set off on an exciting adventure over the fascinating terrain of Dream Garden Island. The game provides a unique and immersive experience through compelling match-3 puzzles and the chance to create magical things. Discover the mysteries on the island, the enthralling stories concealed here, and unearth the secrets waiting to be found. You may turn your island into a beautiful paradise by renovating and decorating it in a way that fully expresses your creative potential. Players are captivated and eager for the next adventure in Matching Story because of the game’s diverse cast of lovable characters and exciting stages.

Download Matching Story MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.06.01

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